Parking Lot Sex

It was a sunny Sunday. We had been so busy that week, we hadn’t even managed to go grocery shopping, much less spend time taking care of each other. And the upcoming week didn’t bode well either! So we dropped all six kids off at our church for their morning classes and fled to a “mini-date” to pick up some groceries – and ended up having a little fun on the side.  🙂

I surprised my husband with my suggestion that we “do it” in the busy parking lot, but over on the far side where no one was parking so far. He seemed a little reluctant at first, but we parked where there were only a few spots: between two snowbanks looking over the hillside with houses below and the lake in the distance. No problem, we thought!

I had on my daughter’s shiny, heeled, knee-length boots. When I removed my clothes and underwear, I only had on the boots and a bright pink bra.

We jumped into the backseat, and I said, “Take off your pants after those people head out to shop.”

You see, two more cars had come and parked right beside us, of all places! Up until then, we thought it was pretty secure. We have slightly tinted rear windows, but they weren’t dark enough; we’d need to sit very still if someone walked by or we’d be seen for sure!

The occupants of the neighboring car left, and I hopped on and rode him hard and fast. We could hear many cars driving by behind us, passing by to leave the lot. With all the excitement, it didn’t take him long to finish, and then it was my turn!

I had brought along my new toy, The Satisfyer, and put it in place as I attempted to surrender to my desires. I spread out from the back seat to the middle seating area of the Yukon, where we’d flipped one seat down. I could hear the cars passing the whole time, but trusted his eyes were open and on alert.

I finally climaxed and then he told me a police car had passed by, as well as many people. No one had been any the wiser. I chuckled with him until a man with a dog walked out in front of the Yukon onto the tall snow pile in front of us.

As he let his dog do his business, I thought, “Yikes, if he turns to face us, he can see directly into the whole vehicle.” And there I sat, stock still but right in the line of sight, wearing only a bra. I did manage to loosely cover part of myself with my shirt, but any more movement might draw attention, I feared. Could he please hurry and leave already, and maybe NOT walk down beside our car?

Whew! When he finally left, we quickly dressed before the people from the neighboring cars came back with their groceries. Then we hurried into the store, slightly red-faced, and went to the bathrooms before quickly grabbing what we needed and heading back to church.

Risky fun for us, for sure!  🙂  Yet we felt that taking those few minutes for each other was the loving and right thing to do.


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5 replies
  1. Stephen Lynn says:

    We have enjoyed parking lot sex on numerous occasions. It is always a special thrill! We have done it in a van, a pickup truck, and even a small sports car with a convertible top!

    • Hott4you says:

      It's the risk of not being caught or being caught. We had sex out on the back porch at night fences. If someone decided to step out…whoa! It was night. Stars. So amazing

  2. PacMan says:

    Sometimes the church building isn’t the most spiritual place to be. An urgent fuck in the Yukon — love it. And… you brought your Satisfyer with you, eh?! What a naughty wife! 😉

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