Risky Business

About fifteen years ago my husband and I left the corporate world and opened a storefront business. The front of the store had several small tables and chairs. There was a long counter too where customers could sit and enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack. My husband and I worked side by side, welcoming and visiting with our customers and preparing their food. We stayed pretty busy and made a lot of friends among our regulars. Toward the back, we had a small office with a computer desk for recordkeeping and such. There was also a couch where I could read between the busy times. We put a jingle bell on the front door so that we would hear if someone came in when we were in the back or the restroom.

One afternoon I was feeling frisky. My husband had gone to the office to do some paperwork. I came up behind him, nibbling his ear and giving him a back rub. He turned his chair around, and we began to kiss. I moved to the couch, and he stood up in front of me. Then I pulled his pants down and started playing with his cock. My mouth went to it, and I sucked and licked his hardness. He was enjoying it so much. Suddenly, I heard the bell on the front door. A customer!

I said, “You wait here; I’ll be back.” I rushed to the front, washed my hands, and greeted the customer. After I fixed the order, they paid and took it with them. Then I went back to continue what I had started.

My husband had lost his erection by that time, but all he needed was my big breasts in his face. I took off my blouse and my bra and let him kiss and suck my nipples. Then we kissed before I sucked his cock a little more. I said, “Give me all you’ve got, big guy,” and took off my pants.

He said, “I have to taste you first.” Then he knelt down and went to work, lapping up my juices with his tongue.

But I was impatient. “I need you inside me so much,” I said, “and we have to hurry. I want to sit on that cock now.”

Standing, I pushed him onto the couch then sat myself down on that big, hard, wonderful cock. It sank deep into me. Sticking my tits in his face, I began to bounce up and down hard on him. I was panting with desire, trying not to be too loud so I could hear the door if someone came in. The danger of getting caught was so intoxicating that we both came at the same time. The spontaneity made the orgasms so much more intense as I felt him shoot his cream so hard in my wanting pussy.

“Oh, baby,” he said, “that was totally hot! Wow!”

We were still catching our breath and had not moved out of that position when we heard the door again! I jumped up, grabbing a nearby towel to catch the juices.

He hollered, “I’ll be right with you!” He pulled his pants up and went to the front to wash his hands and greet the customer. Meanwhile, I rushed to finish getting myself put together. I’m sure I looked a bit flushed when I came out of the back. I smiled at the customer and gave my sweetheart a wink.

This scenario happened on several occasions during the several years we had that business. It was an adventure in so many ways. Just being married to my man has been an adventure; one that keeps getting better! Gotta keep it spicy!

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8 replies
  1. New Wife says:

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome story. We've had office sex but with a locked door so not as risky as yours but still very exciting.

    BTW, I liked that you each still remembered to wash your hands before greeting the customers!

    • Southernheat says:

      I thought I better be sure to put that in the story I’m sure people would have wondered about that.

  2. PacMan says:

    This was 🔥🔥! I think the first customer would kill the mood and ambition of the whole thing. But NOOOO! You stripped off even more clothes, got more risky… and high risk equals high reward! And my wife and I ❤️ having simultaneous orgasms… very special thing!!

  3. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Very nice! The wife taking on the initiative, and being risky as well in a public place. LOVE It all. That is 🔥. I'm happy to see that you both realized you needed time together at what ever the cost. To Him be the glory.

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