Joy Ride

My work often takes me on the road. Now and again, my wife joins me and the trip will become a real joy ride. One such journey was a long distance drive. We’d be driving from early morning until evening approached.

Midway through the journey, my wife uttered in a husky voice, “I feel like it.”

I knew what that meant! In the middle of nowhere, I pulled the vehicle to the side of the road. I barely got stopped before she had my trousers unzipped. Her mouth engulfed my cock, and she sucked with much delight. Then she stopped and looked up at me with that sex-glazed look in her eyes. She reclined her seat and ripped off her panties.

I jumped at the implied offer. Burrowing my mouth into my wife’s juicy cunt, I sucked her in perfect ecstasy. But it didn’t satisfy her for long.

“I am ready,” is all she said.

With my pants now pushed down, I moved awkwardly over to the passenger seat with her. I lifted her dress further and got her to open her legs wider. Then I drove my hard cock right into her gaping hole. It was the pump of a lifetime! She pushed up, and I pushed down with all the force we could manage.

Just as I was about to explode, she screamed, “NOW!”

With one final thrust into her pussy, I offloaded. She wriggled and shook from side to side as I pumped my hot seed into her. Her moans filled the truck as she came in a powerful orgasm.

We held tight until we slowly started relaxing and released one another. Then my wife used her panties to clean herself off. Whatever remained on my limp cock she licked and sucked clean.
“Thank you,” she said. “You were wonderful.” Then she helped me pull my pants up so we could continue our ride with joy in our hearts for the blessing of each other.

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