Solo Morning

Some mornings are lonely.  Brian had to leave early for work.  When the alarm went off, we cuddled for a bit before he had to get up.  I so love feeling his hard cock – he has “morning wood” virtually every morning – pressed against my ass when we cuddle in a spooning position.

Soon he got out of bed, still naked as was I from sex last night, and walked into the bathroom to shave.  I had a perfect view from the bed.  He looked incredibly hot, his hard cock with its slight upward curve pointing toward the ceiling.  I could clearly see the ridge of the big head at the end of his beautiful, veiny thick shaft and his glorious balls below.

It’s such a “manly” sight: Brian applying shaving cream and taking it off with each stroke of his razor while he and his cock stand so erect!  It was incredibly easy to let the picture in my mind develop to the image of that beautiful cock filling me so deeply.  Looking at him, I realized that we truly are made to fit together!!!

I soon found that my left hand was playing with my nipples and my right had drifted to my pussy, fingers starting to explore my folds and find my clit.

Well, Brain finished shaving — still rock hard — and headed to the shower.  My hands got even busier!  I came before he finished showering!!!  I enjoyed the blissful afterglow as I watched him dry off, his cock no longer hard but still amazingly beautiful and swaying as he dried off.

I sure wished he didn’t have an early and very important meeting.  I would have loved to have him slide into me.  Oh well, he will be home tonight!!!  Maybe I’ll text him and let him know that “I’m his tonight!”

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13 replies
  1. ILoveMarriage says:

    Very hot, New Wife! If Brian knew what you were doing, I'm sure he would have been home for lunch :-).

    "Looking at him, I realized that we truly are made to fit together!!!" I believe that God brings couples together based on a lot of things, including how well the parts fit.

    Looking forward to more posts from you.

  2. Southernheat says:

    Enjoyed your story. Love your passion for that husband of yours! May you have many many years of hot sex, happy times and a joyful marriage!

  3. Beachlover Guy says:

    What a wonderful way to wake up; naked and still a little horny from the night before. I love how you described how you watched your husband and then enjoyed stimulating your nipples while you masturbated. Very arousing! I usually start the day with a masturbation session too now that I'm semi-retired and my wife is off to work early. My cock appreciates the relief!

  4. NewBride says:

    Great job, New Wife! I’ve been “NewBride” over 3 years now… perhaps I should change it? Hehe. I love rubbing my pussy while watching or thinking of my hubby too!

    • New Wife says:

      Thanks for your comments. I just read your latest story. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! I'll be sure to follow you.

    • NewBride says:

      I guess that would depend on when the term “new” expires.. lol! Coming up on anniversary number 4!

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