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We love sex. We love the gratification we feel afterwards. We love the ability to embrace one another and just fondle the night (mostly) away. Many people talk about doing the 69 position. So do we. Most people, however, use it only as a stimulation for other things to come. My wife and I are quite different.

We enjoy a wide variety of sexual activities with each other. We do straight sex in several positions with ejaculation in her vagina or on her breasts. We also do oral sex on one then the other, or as just a treat for one of us. We even like very occasional anal sex. But the one we always enjoy the most is 69. In this position we are both quite clear that our goal is to mutually and simultaneously reach orgasm.

The trick we employ is simple. It does require much penile control on my part, and an open mouth to accommodate each other. From my wife’s perspective, it’s on her to keep her whole pussy covering my mouth area.

We have learned to time ourselves to orgasm. When one is not ready, we slow down and work it in such a way that we cum at the same time. This takes a lot of experience. Once we mastered it, though, we often do this in place of straight sex. My wife has learned to engulf my cock with expertise. And I know the signals that she’s reached the point of no return. We enjoy this very much. Cleanup is easy too. My semen goes straight into her mouth like a vagina and her wetness is easily wiped off my face with some tissues.

A lot of 69 takes place in our marriage. Many times, we are totally satisfied as we reach orgasm simultaneously and enjoy each other’s taste tremendously.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Mmmmm! 69 is such a wonderful erotic number and sex position. It ranks highly on our favorite sex position list. My husband Ben loves eating my pussy and I love sucking his dick. Doing 69 let's us enjoy both. Thanks for posting and stay horny my friend.

  2. Penny4URthoughts says:

    We enjoy 69 a great deal too. My only issue is as I get close to orgasm it’s difficult to keep going on his cock. He usually inserts a finger in my pussy and or ass which makes it even better. I push a finger or small dildo in his ass when I want him to cum.

  3. LilaY69 says:

    Mmmm! I LOVE the number 69. Arguably the greatest sex position, at least as far as oral.

    I love being on top, as well as on the bottom.

    I love having my pussy and/or ass eaten out in a 69. Each of my glory holes will take their turns in having attention from his tongue as he eats me out in a wonderful 69.

    I also absolutely love it when he fingers my pussy or asshole while licking and eating out either of my sweet beauty holes. Don't even get me started when he inserts a buttplug into my asshole in a 69, and then slowly moves it out and back into my ass.

  4. AlwaysReady says:

    I LOVE 69. My wife is so-so about it. She says she "gets too distracted and can't multi-task". I take that as a testament to my skills! It's still on the top of my list.

    • Tulsa says:

      My wife and I both totally understand, but we go at 69 from time to time anyway. It's difficult to stay focused when you get close to orgasm, that's for sure. One of us 'wins', and when too distracted, whichever one of us it is, we just enjoy the ride till orgasm. And of course, one good orgasm deserves another, so the winner can do it to the loser! Kind of a win-win really! 😉

      There have been many times that the heat of the moment and thrill of her cumming on my face has caused me, with no touching or anything, to blow my load all over her tits! That is the only way we have actually cum together doing 69, and there is sure nothing wrong with that!

    • PatientPassion says:

      Wow Tulsa, that sounds hot! I think it would be so fascinating and fun (for both spouses!) to have the husband so mentally stimulated by his wife having an orgasm on his face that he reaches his own orgasm without any further physical stimulation.

      I've actually wondered if this phenomenon might come up during my future wedding night and honeymoon because everything is so new and visually and mentally stimulating. I think there's a real possibility I might orgasm before she even touches me! Haha!

    • Tulsa says:

      My wife always finds it a thrill Patient, but more so after I learned to keep on going at her, and make sure she got off too.
      Quite important. If you are a one and done type, as we both were when we first married, it can be a major obstacle. Being someone who travels a lot, and is away for extended periods of time, getting over stimulated and losing it is all too easy when we get back together.
      So, if she reaches to steal a feel, and you cum uncorked and untouched or barely touched, don’t stop. She’s not done yet!!

  5. Johny123 says:

    My wife and I occasionally do 69, though our favourite non-penis insertion sex is hand jobbing. When we do 69 she is invariably on top and uses her mouth and fingers to bring me to orgasm, usually in her mouth but sometimes taking me through to orgasm by hand. It is a very sensuous and erotic way to enjoy a partner’s body, especially the intense contact between her genital area and my face, her breasts and my front, and my penis and her mouth. Usually after she’s brought me to orgasm she masturbates astride me, but I use my hands and lips to increase her pleasure. Between man and wife, I think there’s nothing wrong in it.

  6. hotleggyamy says:

    We love to 69!! We get rolling around on our king-size bed, sometimes I'm on top, sometimes hubby is. When we get really heated up, I'll try deep-throating him. Usually makes me gag, but he really loves the feeling of my spit and drool running down over his shaved cock and balls. It's also a wonderful time for anal play. We both love a tongue in our bum, although we always use lots of lube for finger penetration. Sometimes we manage to get exactly the same rhythm of fingers going in and out of our bums and that usually results in spectacular fireworks cums! On occasion, I've even been known to let a little pee dribble out and hubby drinks it up while lashing my swollen clitty. At the end, we never use wipes–we just swing round and french kiss like teenagers! I love tasting my pussy juice on his face and he loves sucking the remains of his cum from my mouth (if I haven't swallowed it all, tee-hee!). Actually, even when we don't 69 and he splashes his cum on my face and tits, he usually dives down and licks it all up to feed to me. Mmmmmm-good!

  7. Sweetpee says:

    Oh hotleggyamy, I’m thrilled to read you and hubby are into some level of pee play! As my moniker suggests, my hubby and I are, too. We have a waterproof mattress cover so that when we want to, we can spontaneously have a lovely wet time in bed. I find it thrilling just to hold his cock when he pees. And when I’m feeling naughty, I sometimes turn it on me—clothed or naked.
    We also love drinking pee cocktails—there are quite a few recipes online. In fact, I think I’m getting thirsty! Lol.

  8. Jennyxx617 says:

    George and Myself are also 69 lovers. We find it mutually stimulating and true, it does take much experience to get the simultaneous orgasm. I love semen and many times, even if I don’t reach orgasm, I still will suck it all out.

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