She Desired It (L/A)

We have sex regularly, be it vaginal, oral, or anal. Anal is fun, but we restrict ourselves because we feel it might carry a risk. So, we usually leave it for times we feel that deep penetration is required for orgasm. Sometimes, she just wants her backdoor pounded and she enjoys the thrusting. Lately, however, it’s become more of a lively feature in our lovemaking. Many times we both agree, “let’s do ass fucking.”

On this particular day, I came home and found my wife very scantily dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. She had with no bra or panties on. After dinner, we sat down to watch some TV and later we decided to retire to bed. She was first in while I was in the shower. When I came out, I slipped on some shorts and tucked myself in.

I switched off the bedside lamp, not noticing anything unusual. It’s her habit to sleep with her back facing me. If I want sex I would place my cock towards her asshole, shifting her panties a bit. If she’s naked I place my cock towards her vagina to get some precum going before I start serious oral or vaginal sex.

This night as I was feeling around for sex, I noticed she was completely bare at the bottom. My cock picked up a very slippery feeling. I didn’t understand it, so I asked her, “What’s up?”

“Tonight, I want you to fuck my ass really deep and hard. Nothing else. I have lubed myself thoroughly.”

“What about condoms?” I asked.

She was adamant. “I want your cock without anything on and I want to have an ass full of semen. We haven’t done it for ages, so get ready to fill me up!”

I moved into a better position. She lifted her legs up to her chest. As I lifted the blanket, there was her asshole in a perfect position.

I brought my penis closer to her asshole. Gently I penetrated her as the head of my cock slipped in. She let out a little moan. Next, I pushed in another few inches and I could feel her shuddering.

I was about halfway in, but she wanted more. She wanted all of me in her ass!

Because of the tightness, my penis wanted to explode. I decided to go all the way in with utmost force. I warned her and she agreed. She relaxed her ass a bit and lifted her legs a little more.

I pumped as hard as I could and started a fuck that drove her mad. My cock was embedded deep inside. I thrust in and out of her ass for about five minutes. Her orgasm built, and she screamed in pleasure as she came!

Her asshole clenched around my cock, and I shot my load. I blasted her insides in all directions and could feel my cum flowing back over my cock and out her ass. She shuddered, begging me to leave my cock inside her until all my semen had rolled out. I did just that!

The next morning we woke to find my sperm all over. But we both had an awesome feeling of satisfaction feeling. As we cleaned up, she thanked me for fucking her ass. It was just what she needed!

We do more and more anal now that her asshole has been stretched and opened up.

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6 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    I can’t wait for this day!! I am waiting patiently for my wife to open up to anal sex. She has come a long way in the last 2 years. More and more anal play. Some anal fingering. Lots of anal humping… just a tiny bit of penetration. But your story is something I fantasize about — almost to a T. Loved it!!

    • Milklover1960 says:

      Get her a vibrating anal dildo. Start small. My husband continues to use ours on me and I love it. My next step is to feel his hot cock rammed in my tiny ass until he fills me full of his creamy cum. 💕

    • PacMan says:

      Good idea! I’m not sure my wife is into any penetration at this point, but an anal dildo (if small) might work. Her main vibrator is a Lelo Liv, which isn’t very thick, but she has never inserted it anally (I have tried it on myself though). But we haven’t tried anything specifically designed for anal play. Have you been just prepping your ass, and for how long? You say next step is to be filled with your DH’s cock and creamy cum. So has this not happened yet? And you seem to really desire it… not sure my wife has that desire. Did your desire for anal grow after using the anal dildo? Or have you had the desire for a while?

    • Milklover1960 says:

      Sorry I am just now seeing this. Be sure to buy a vibrating butt plug or vibrating dildo. I have always been intrigued with anal but never really tried it. We have been using the vibrator for about 6 month on and off. I really desire it however we have not done it so far.

  2. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Oh how I wish this story was longer. I can only imagine what fucking my wife's virgin ass would be like. I have tongued It at times and she has allowed a little bit of a finger at times,but not full penetration with any body parts. And for your wife to ask for it,and to prepare herself for it . NICE!!#!$ . I love married sex . ToHimbetheglory

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