🔊 In the Back Seat (L)

We had been married for a couple of months and had experimented with oral sex. We were really hot for each other’s bodies!

We were out for a drive one night and had stopped at a scenic overlook spot. As we chatted, my wife’s hand went into mine. She started saying how nice it would be to have sex now, as it’s quite adventurous to do it in a car. She reminded me of how we used to make out in our car before we were married, although we refrained from having sex. Now we had a licence to do it. I wasn’t sure, because there were cars parked next to us. We could be spotted and reported for having sex in a public place.

But to our surprise both the cars left and right had couples making ardent love. One could be spotted with her bra off. In the other car, the woman was giving a blowjob to her guy. We could see her head that kept on coming up and then going back down.

After that, my wife wasted no time. “If they can do it, so can we,” she said.

She removed her panties and put them aside. She grabbed my hand and guided my two fingers into her pussy, which was already soaking wet. Next, she unzipped my pants. My huge cock protruded out as she started a hand job. As she applied pressure, precum started oozing.

Making sure I carried on fingering her, she went down onto my cock, licking off as much precum as possible. She moved a little closer so that my two fingers could be inserted deeper. I started finger fucking her. My cock started to ooze more precum. She noticed it and immediately started sucking it out.

She then gave me a deep kiss. Her mouth tasted salty, and her lips had turned cold. When that happens, I know she is at the point of cumming. I increased my finger movement, inserting three in her pussy.

I started softly tickling her clit, and that drove her wild. She immediately screamed, “Stop! Please fuck me now on the back seat! I am ready for anything!”

The couples next to us were still getting it on. Since they were occupied, my wife took advantage of the opportunity. She opened her door and jumped onto the back seat. I quickly hid my bulge under the zipper, then opened the door and jumped on the other side of the back seat.

Once in, I pulled my pants down to my ankles and off while she lifted and tied her dress below her bra. We switched positions, with her on the bottom and me on top. She rested her one leg on the console between the front seat, totally exposing her pussy.

“Fuck me now!” she shouted.

I had no choice but to remove my pants completely. I positioned myself the best I could. Coming down on her, I sank my cock into her open hole. We wriggled and fucked hard. As she moved, her ass pushed my cock into her in all directions.

It wasn’t long before she shouted, “Now,” and I knew I had to shoot. With tremendous force, I shot a huge load as she wiggled about. I filled most of her cunt, but there was so much it was dripping on her ass as well. I pulled out and rested my flaccid dick on her stomach.

As we straightened up, she put her hands where the excess cum had puddled. She scooped up all she could, then did the trick she likes best. She licked her fingers and swallowed all the cum she had accumulated.

She untied and straightened her dress before opening the door to jump back in front. I only managed to get my underpants back on. Thankfully, the two cars parked on either side had moved on. My wife used her panty to clean herself. Then off we went for coffee.

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6 replies
  1. possibility says:

    A great story which aroused me to a full hard on with pre cum staining my pants!
    The urgency you both felt to have sex came through loud and clear. How exciting to know couples in the cars either side of you were also expressing themselves sexually by what you could see.

    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      Art, I love your comments, you kill me man. Always look forward to them.

      To snagd, gotta love the backseat. We've enjoyed back seat sex in 5 different SUV's and one car that we've owned over the years. SUV's are better, more room and the windows are usually tinted.

    • Cuddles says:

      Art, just like HeSaid – SheSaid said (pun intended 😄), your comments are GOLD. I too so look forward to them!

      And when you went missing it saddened me.

      It's so nice to have you back with your new name 👑

      @snagd I always enjoy your and Bjlove's stories. So sexy, scorching hot, and always describing every detail (I love that).

      I haven't got to read all of them yet. More enjoyment to look forward to!

      Oh, I have memories of both front and back seats. One car had the front seat doctored to fully recline. That was fun!

      Cuddles xxxx

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