A New Experience! (L)

My dear hubby, Brian, reminded me that May is National Masturbation Month. He said that he thought we should celebrate all month long, and he had some special ideas. Sure enough, on the first of May, Brian asked me to masturbate for him.

It started simply enough. He helped me undress and get very comfortable in bed with pillows behind my back and under my knees. Then Brian took a seat in the overstuffed chair at the corner of our bed, his usual spot for comfort and a good view. He told me to start playing with my breasts and relay to him what I liked and what I was feeling. It only took a few minutes before my fingers began circling my areola, and my nipples started to get hard. A few brushes across my nipples with my fingers, followed by some soft rolls and gentle tugs, and my nipples were fully erect, much darker, and completely hard.

Brian then told me to touch my pussy. I glided both hands down my stomach to caress that sensitive valley between my lips and my thighs. I could feel the warmth building as my fingertips lightly grazed my bare, puffy lips, and my legs spread a little wider still.

“You are so beautiful Dez,” Brian said. “I love the way your pussy opens when you touch yourself.”

My lips were getting more swollen, and my first touch to my vestibule confirmed that I was already wet. I so enjoyed lightly stroking my inner lips and the crevice between, occasionally rimming my entrance and even dipping a fingertip inside. My moisture allowed my fingers to slide so smoothly as they explored each ridge and valley seeking more pleasure spots.

Then Brain got up from his chair – I was hoping that he was coming to lend a hand or mouth – but instead, he handed me a well-lubricated vibrator already on its lowest setting. As he returned to his chair, I touched the tool to my pussy, circling my clit several times before I approached it more directly. It took me a moment, but soon, I found a perfect spot for the vibrations to work their magic.

I guess my body language conveyed the pleasure I was enjoying. Brian asked simply, “Good?”

“Yes,” was my short response. I’m glad I only needed one word!

“Dez, are you getting close?”

“Yes,” I replied. Again, happy that a one-word response was enough.

Brian then directed me, “Tell me when you’re going to cum.”

A few more minutes and the buildup continued unabated. I was extremely close when I blurted out, “I’m gonna cum!”

With that, Brian said, “STOP!” in a voice that didn’t give me an option.

I pulled the vibrator away. Oh my god, I was right there! Why didn’t he let me cum?

My body was quivering. Every nerve seemed to be on edge, and every muscle was poised to tighten. I couldn’t tell how much time had passed when Brian said, “OK, Dez. Start again.” When I put the vibrator back to the spot that was working so well, the buildup started again. In another minute or so, I uttered simple sentences. “Oh my god, I’m close. I’m gonna cum.”

Brian knows me so very well. Just a second before the first contraction of my pending orgasm, Brian firmly told me again, “STOP!”

Holy shit! Please let me cum!

While I lingered in that suspended state, so on edge, so anxious, so tense, so much enjoying the pleasure of the moment but wanting more, Brian came to the bed. This time he held our seven-inch internal vibrator, also well lubricated and on a low setting. I easily slipped it in all the way, relishing the sensation of being stretched a little and filled so completely. Brian instructed me once more, “OK, Dez. Start again!” as he stood next to me.

The buildup returned. Brian told me to turn up the vibrator on my clit. I’m so very familiar with this toy that I knew just where to press. The vibrations increased, and so did my pleasure. My stomach and leg muscles began to tighten. I knew that it was going to happen soon. Then Brian pulled the vibrator away from my clit!

I hung there, suspended — no closer to cumming but no further away either. Then he let go, and the vibrator returned to that wonderful spot. A few seconds passed, and again, he pulled it away. Oh my god, I couldn’t stay like this, could I?

When he let go of the vibrator this time, he told me that I couldn’t cum until he said I could. I heard him say a single word.


After a very long pause, “Nine.”

Oh, he’s got to count faster!


I’m really close. I don’t think I can hold off.


Please hurry Brian. I want to cum!


Oh my god. I don’t know if I can hold it back.


I think I’m feeling contractions starting. Please let me cum, Brian!


Hurry Brian. I’m trying so hard not to cum yet!


Oh my god! Oh my god!


“Please, Brian. I’ve got to cum now!!”

“One. Cum for me, Dez!”

The contractions started immediately, and in another second, my whole body was in tremors. Pleasure instantly reached every nerve of my body radiating spontaneously from my pussy to the tip of my curled toes and the top of my head. Everything went dark as I screamed out in pure ecstasy. Every cell was touched by the waves of warmth washing me.

I’m not sure how long my orgasm continued before the contractions gradually subsided and I relaxed in the comfort of the afterglow. I felt my hand covering my pussy as if to hold in the sensations. The second vibrator inside me was still filling me so wonderfully, having given my contractions delightful resistance. I slowly let it slip out as I gripped my pussy even tighter.

Then I heard Brian’s voice. “Was it good, Dez?”

I wanted to say, “Fuck, yes!” That it was probably the best masturbation orgasm that I’d ever had. I had never felt such an intense release. But I could only get out one word. “Amazing!”

I so wanted Brian’s cock to fill the void left by the vibrator. But as I reached for his cock, he back away, just out of my reach. “You’re not done yet, Dez.” He told me. “I want to see you cum again.”

My arms and hands were a bit rubbery, but I found the vibrator next to me and returned it to my pussy, avoiding my clit for the moment. Soon the rumblings were working their magic, and my anticipation of another orgasm began to build. My clit was still very sensitive, but the head of the other vibrator resting on my hood felt wonderful. Just the slightest movement of the slippery device across the shaft of my clit was building my pleasure so. After a few minutes, I guess my body language was enough to let Brian know that another orgasm wasn’t far away.

“Is it good, Dez? Are you close?” I heard him ask.

“Yes.” was my one-word answer to both questions.

“Dez, don’t cum ’til I say!” he instructed me again.

The tension and heat were building in my pussy. My second orgasms usually don’t take long, and this time wasn’t any different. Soon I heard Brain say, “Five.”

Oh, thank God he didn’t start at ten! But the pause was excruciatingly long before I heard:


He’s got to start counting faster. I really needed to cum now. “I’m trying, Brian,” I pleaded. He had to know how hard this was.

“Not yet, Dez,” he told me, followed by another long pause.  “Three.”

Oh my god. Please let me cum.


Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!

“One. Cum for me, Dez!”

I screamed as the release, the joy, the ecstasy of another orgasm consumed my body. My clit was on fire, and it throbbed and pulsed with each spasm. Soon tremors shook my legs as my orgasm continued to rock my entire being. The only sensation was an unbelievable pleasure that enveloped me! There was no other world!

“Dez, you are so beautiful when you cum. I love you so,” were the first words I heard when the intensity began to lessen.

This time, I didn’t need to reach for Brian. I was delighted when he joined me in bed. His cock slid into me so naturally, so effortlessly. It’s such a fantastic feeling when he enters me slowly and deeply, filling me so thoroughly. He held my legs back a little further and started thrusting methodically, long and deep, each stroke withdrawing until just the tip was in and penetrating until his balls were tight against me. Each time, he pressed against my swollen clit, making me shudder just a bit. I could sense his urgency building as the pace of his lunges increased.

Now it was my turn to talk. “Cum in me, Brain. Fill me with your cum!” After a few more deep thrusts, he stopped, entirely buried in me. I so loved watching his face as I felt his cock throbbing and getting even harder just before it began to jerk and pump cum through his shaft. He grunted loudly with each spurt. How amazing to know he was in bliss inside me. I even had another “mini-orgasm” when I felt his warm cum so deep inside. Soon he collapsed, and I was comforted to feel the weight and warmth of his body on mine.

Each day this month, Brian has asked me to masturbate for him. Each time was similar to the first but with different toys, different positions, and different ways he’s finished in me. But each time, he’s not let me orgasm until he counts down to “One” and tells me to cum. The last few times, after I masturbated, Brian was inside me and, as I was about to cum again, he started counting, not letting me cum until he said so. I didn’t think it was possible, but it seems that my orgasms have risen to a new level! Amazing!! I’m loving it!!

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17 replies
  1. Horny_boy says:

    Today is my birthday. I don't know if it's a little weird to start off the day jacking off but, I just had 2 orgasms while reading this 💦💦🔥🔥🔥 In my second one, I spilled like 2 gallons of semen!! I guess that's my first gift for the day. Thanks! And please, keep writing more, new wife❤️🙌

  2. PacMan says:

    My wife masturbating is about the sexiest thing in the world to me. She only rarely has a PIV orgasm, so masturbation is an important (and essential) part of our lovemaking. We’re always having threesomes…. if you count the vibrator (LOL)! I’m SO happy that I have a masturbation partner for the rest of our lives. 😁

    And happy birthday, Horny_boy! Jacking off is a fantastic way to celebrate. I usually can’t cum twice in a short time, but when I do, my second jizz is usually a much smaller amount. Kudos to you on being a cum master!! 😆

    • Horny_boy says:

      Thank you, Pacman! I actually use a technique in order to have multiple orgasms just like women do! I usually don't shoot my load in the first orgasm, I save it! And then, I shoot my cum about the fourth orgasm. It took me a little while to achieve this technique and be able to have multiples!

  3. hornyGG says:

    What a wonderfully hot and horny story! I enjoy teasing myself and edging whenever I masturbate. My orgasms are always so delicious. Masturbating almost to the point of orgasm, then having my husband Ben slip his dick into me makes it extra pleasurable. Like your husband, my husband Ben loves watching me cum.
    I do enjoy pleasing my husband and giving him a good show. Thanks for sharing, darlin'! Stay horny
    😘 GG

    Oh Horny Boy,
    Absolutely nothing weird about starting your day with a good jack-off session. An orgasm or two is a great way to start the day. Enjoy, no matter the time! God bless and stay horny.

    • Horny_boy says:

      Thank you hornyGG !! You are really a blessing for me and for MH family!! I remember when I was 13 that my mom caught me stroking my cock and she used to judge me for doing that and threaten me that God would send me to hell for doing that, and your story about your masturbation journey really helped me overcome that fear! I even jacked off to that ( I hope you don't mind🔥😇) I just turned 21 and I don't know why but for some reason I'm hornier now than in my teenage years. But anyway, thank you so much!

    • Horny_boy says:

      Just out of curiosity hornyGG , have you ever prayed to God and gave Him thanks for the gift of masturbation?😱😉😶

  4. MaxLoving says:

    I do like to masturbate as well. I've yet to talk my wife into watching her, but it would be really hot to do so. A mutual session would be cool, and it is helpful to "see" it in action. Thank you for the hot story!

  5. ArtRutherford says:

    Nice story. I love to masturbate. (I do usually twice a day. – High Sex drive) Wife loves it too. I love to watch her orgasm and she loves to watch me masturbate and shoot cum. Yes, May was national masturbation month.

  6. ILoveMarriage says:

    4.89 rating? How could anyone give this less than 5.0? 😆 That is fantastic that you and your husband know your body so well.

    Every day…. Aren't we glad that Natl. Masturbation Month comes in a month with 31 days?!

  7. hornyGG says:

    Horny Boy,
    You are so very welcome darlin, and no I do not mind at all. It saddens me that a lot of parents put such shame and guilt on their children when it comes to masturbation. I think masturbation is a normal healthy part of a person's sexual growth.
    When my husband Ben was a teenager, an aunt of his caught him jacking off and pretty much told him the same thing your mother told you. It took him a little while to get over the guilt after that, but he continued to masturbate.
    Ben and I want our children to feel free to masturbate if they so desire, without guilt. I mean how can we shame our children for doing something that we enjoy as well.
    You asked in a comment how I felt about my kids reading and masturbating to the stories here on MH. The answer to that is, I would much rather them masturbate to stories on MH than worldly pornography. Especially since I introduced them to MH.
    My daughter Alicia is the only one of my children who is still a member of MH. My son Randy is no longer an active member. My daughter Kristie never expressed any interest in joining MH.

  8. hornyGG says:

    Horny Boy,
    To answer your question. I pray and give thanks to the Lord for all my blessings every day.
    Stay horny always darlin and God bless you!
    😘 GG

    • Horny_boy says:

      Wow HornyGG ,I just love the way you talk about masturbation.
      you really are a great mom, wife and daughter of God ❤️!
      I love to masturbate to these stories […] But anyway I really love my MH family, this is a great place to learn about sex and how sex should be!!

      [Please re-read the guidelines in the top or hamburger menu.]

  9. New Wife says:

    Thank you all for reading my story. I am so grateful to MarriageHeat for providing the venue to share some of the wonderful experiences that Brian and I have enjoyed. Thank you all for the encouraging comments and kind words.

    Brian and I are also glad that our story has elicited some interesting discussions too.

  10. PatientPassion says:

    This kind of "orgasm control" or edging play, instructing your spouse wait and relentlessly teasing them, is one of the things I've fantasized about doing with my future wife. Something about it is just so hot! Maybe it's because the pleasure becomes so strong you can barely resist it, and at some point you CAN'T resist it any more! I think it's also partly the fact that one spouse puts themselves at the mercy of the other, and that just makes it even more intimate. Just the thought of it is seriously erotic, and as you would know, the actual experience must be even more intense!

    Thank you for sharing, New Wife! May God continue to bless your marriage with this kind of amazing intimacy!

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