Oral Sex Fun

More often than not, I just feel like oral sex. I love to receive it and my wife knows it.

It starts like this: First, I catch her hands and tickle her palms. That is our sign that I want to be sucked.
Her hands instantly move towards my pants, and in no time, slip them off. This could happen anywhere, not in the bed only. We do however make sure that we have at least a semblance of privacy and cleanliness.

Next, her head moves towards my cock with her mouth wide open. I rise in only minutes, and she starts to engulf my head, pulling a bit before taking the whole shaft. She then proceeds to lick my balls and my perineum area.

Then she gives me a handjob, pressing hard to extract precum. She uses the precum to lube the shaft even more.

Now the serious sucking starts and I hold her head, sometimes using force to help her deepthroat me.
A few more push-and-pulls and I tell her I am ready. “Shoot” is always the answer, and holding her head tight, I ejaculate my semen in her mouth.

By the time I’ve had a few ejaculations, she releases my now flaccid cock and licks off any traces of semen.
She pulls up my pants, and we go around as if nothing has happened. Sometimes some semen does show on the sides of her lips, and with a smile, I remind here to wipe it off.

Having a woman drink your semen is one of the most satisfying things for a man. It releases most of the stress of sexual frustration as well as making him feel adored. Of course, we should always be ready and willing to return the favor!

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10 replies
  1. Ben G. says:

    I so agree, brother! Great story. My Gina gives excellent blowjobs and loves swallowing. Unfortunately, she is in the hospital at the present time with walking pneumonia and an intestinal virus. Fortunately she is starting to get better and hopefully gets to come home in another day or two. We love your stories by the way. Keep writing and God bless!

    • HappyGoBlessed says:

      Oh, no! Praying for Gina, Ben. Let her know we love her! So glad she's on the mend already.

    • Southernheat says:

      Aw, I’m so sorry to hear sweet Gina is still not feeling well. I knew she hasn’t been commenting on the site lately so I had been wondering about her. Tell her my hubby and I will be praying for her quick recovery.
      Blessing to you both🙏

  2. Cuddles says:

    I love your stories Snagd and Bjlove. I'm making my way through your archives and enjoying them immensely.
    It's part of my belated but timely love/sex education and I'm not too far off seventy haha! And boy do I learn heaps! You two are very explicit and it's great! 🔥 So are some others too.
    Keep it up all of you!
    Extravagant and abundant blessings on you both and all the MH community 😊


  3. ATrain says:

    I feel compelled to say, especially to men reading this who are not yet married, or whose wives are more limited in their oral experience: please DO NOT assume that women are cool with the “hold her head, using force to help her deepthroat” move described in this story.
    I assume snagd’s wife is fine with this, but many women HATE having their head grabbed, pushed or forced during oral. At best it can feel disrespectful or self-serving, but also often painful and for some it can even be traumatic, like a sexual assault. I would just be really, really sure she is fine with this before you incorporate that move into your oral “repertoire.”

    • Southernheat says:

      It all comes down to trust and communication. I don’t think most women would want their head held like that every time, however sometimes when the mood is right we might not mind it being a little more rough. We like variety; I know I do. Sometimes slow and romantic sometimes hot and wild. Must be mutual consent.

  4. snagd says:

    I can appreciate it can be discerning to some woman, but by the same token my wife loves giving a blowjob or suckoff anytime when I want it. We do take precautions at time , but on the whole she enjoys it tremendously and make magic of finishing me off within two minutes.

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