Getting Squeaky Clean (A)

This last Father’s Day weekend, my wife arranged for us to house sit. The house owners were going away for a few days and wanted someone to feed their pet and sleep in the house at night. My wife and I house sat for them in the past, so they were more than happy to have us over again.

Truth be told, I wasn’t there much at all this time around. Really, my wife was looking for a way to get away from the kids for a few day for a much needed rest, and I decided to give her the space to relax and unwind. Since the house sit was only a few minutes drive away from our own house, I didn’t mind hanging out at home and making sure the kids behaved while I worked on a few projects.

My wife was kind enough however to invite me over for dinner and an evening together with some nooky-time. I arrived at supper time and we enjoyed a nice meal together. We sat on a private patio that looked out at nature. No kids and no distractions except for the neighbor who decided to fire up the lawnmower for a few minutes, lol.

After dinner, my wife gave me an early Father’s Day present. She handed me a memory card that contained a pile of pictures of herself. I popped the card into our laptop. A few days earlier in the week, she had arranged for a friend of hers to take photos of my wife out in nature. Without going into much detail, let’s just say these photos were boudoir in content, with my wife wearing various pieces of lingerie and sometimes not wearing anything at all. I have to admire my wife’s bravery for doing this. I recognized the location as being remote yet on public land. There was a chance they could’ve gotten caught doing the photoshoot. I must say, the photos turned out pretty good. My wife is getting pretty good at giving me presents I really enjoy!

After perusing the pictures and relaxing for a while, we decided to retire to the guest bedroom for some sexy time. However, the day had been long and hot, so we cleaned up first by showering together. I wasn’t expecting much out of the shower experience because it was just a normal bathtub with a showerhead. Not much room, right? I thought we would just jump in, get clean, tease each other a bit, and relax in the hot shower stream before heading to the bedroom to scale up the fun. Boy, was I wrong.

We undressed in the bedroom and headed for the bathroom. My wife pulled back the curtain and I was surprised to see that the shower had not one, but TWO showerheads. The first head was your typical fixed mount type that was hanging high on the wall. The second head was hung below the first head, but this one had a detachable wand with a long hose. Hmmm? I also noticed the shower heads had adjustable settings. The first head was set on a nice broad rain shower setting that served to wet both of us down despite the somewhat confined space.

We got in the tub and starting washing ourselves and each other down. We didn’t rush and just enjoyed touching for a bit. My wife stood near the front under the main head, so I decided to take the second head and rinse myself off while standing further back. I started to play with the adjustable settings on the detachable wand. I found one setting that directed three powerful and pulsating streams of water from the center of the head. Hmmmmm?

My wife was thoroughly enjoying the scorching hot water and was moving slightly as if dancing while the water cascaded down her front. She really loves super hot water. I came up behind and massaged her shoulder with one hand. Meanwhile, the other hand reached around and directed the pulsating streams from the detachable wand towards her pussy. At first, she jumped because the force of the water was too much, so I held the wand further away. After 20 seconds or so, I noticed she had stopped moving and had a look of growing bliss on her face. The pulsating streams of water were starting to work some magic on her pussy.

I asked her if it felt good enough to keep spraying her with the wand and if it was possible it could get her off? She replied that it was and by the look in her eye I could tell it was working faster than I anticipated. However, I felt unsure if I was consistently aiming the wand at all the right places. Without much feedback, I feared that I might misdirect the water at exactly the wrong times, and I told her so. Much to my surprise, she took the wand from me and said something about trying it herself and giving me a show to boot.

With the wand in hand, she headed for the back of the tub and leaned against the back wall of the tub surround. She then directed the streams of pulsating water toward her pussy again. It didn’t take long for her to learn to aim the wand, and she closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensations. I stood back and watched, taking in the sight of my wife pleasuring herself with the water. And what a sight it was! I looked down at her pussy lips and noticed they were changing colors rapidly. Her outer lips were swelling and turned a dark red. Her inner lips were also swelling, but they turned more of a bright pink, brighter than with normal arousal. I think the heat of the water caused it.

My wife opened her eyes and said, “Do you plan on just watching? You could come over here and help to further get me going.” She didn’t have to ask me twice. I dropped to one knee and began to fondle and kiss her breasts and nipples. I also reached around and grabbed her ass, kneading her cheeks deeply like so much firm bread dough. Little moans, whimpers, and gasps of breath escaped her lips. I trailed my kisses from her boobs up to her neckline, then kissing her shoulders, her neck, her ear lobes, across her face, and finally landing on her lips. Her breathing got deeper as our tongues’ tips danced together. Then I made my way back down to her breasts and repeated the process.

After several minutes, I could tell she was getting very close to orgasm. I was thoroughly enjoying the show, not just being an observer but a participant as well. Not sure if she would actually fall over the edge of orgasm or not, I decided to do something to help her out, something we don’t do very often. I reached my left hand down between her ass cheeks and began to finger her rosebud, teasing it gently and applying a bit of pressure to it. That did the trick. Her body became more relaxed despite having to hold herself up against the back wall.

Not being much of a vocal girl during sex, I was pleased to hear some new sounds come from her mouth that I hadn’t quite heard before. Because there was no chance of being heard by anyone, she decided to let herself go a bit and become more audible. Her moans/gasps got a bit louder and seemed to pulsate, just like the streaming water from the showerhead.

I held her tight as she gave in to a beautiful yet powerful orgasm. I felt her rosebud pulse against my finger and her body convulse slightly with each orgasmic contraction. They seemed to go on longer than normal. Finally, she let out a quick “whew!” and began to compose herself. I was elated too as I had only dreamed about watching my wife masturbate with a shower wand, and now it had just happened rather unexpectedly.

We turned off the shower and got out. We took several minutes to dry off and apply deodorant and such then made our way back to the bedroom. The bed was queen-sized with a sturdy headboard and a mattress-height footboard. Still standing, I leaned back against the footboard and grabbed hold of my wife. We embraced and kissed for a bit while I fingered her pussy. She was remarkably wet still. We have been trying to learn how to get her to a second orgasm but have had little success. While she enjoyed me fondling her, she wasn’t quite getting there. So I turned my attention to enjoying her body for my own pleasure.

Not changing our position much, I slipped my shaft into her wetness. I grabbed onto her hips and thrust her onto me. Her pussy lips enveloped me as I sank deep into her. Her body looked amazing as she had been getting a rather nice tan lately. The heat was building inside of me. Yet, I desired a different position. But what should I do? Lay her down on the bed in good ole missionary? Have her up on all fours and do her doggy style?

Instead, I grabbed her and swung her around, lifting her up and placing her butt on top of the footboard. She spread her legs wide as I stood there and pounded into her with abandon. Our bodies made a slapping noise as we collided together. It didn’t take long for me to go over the edge, and I shot my load deep inside of her.

After taking a few minutes to come down, I put my clothes back on. I gave my wife a goodnight kiss and drove home, leaving her to sleep in well-deserved peace. I would have stayed with her, but I was looking forward to an early-morning Father’s Day excursion with my own father and need to be able to sleep in my own comfortable bed to have a good night’s rest. I am unable to sleep well in a strange bed.

Anyway, the next morning arrived and I went out to spend time with Dad. Sometime later, my phone alerted me to a message from my wife. I looked at the screen and a picture popped up. It was a selfie of her back in the same bathroom. All I could see was the showerhead behind her, and her face in the foreground, head titled back with eyes closed and mouth open with a look of enjoyment. Her text below the picture said, “Even better today!” accompanied by a winking emoji. Wow! My wife had jilled herself off again this morning using the showerhead. I responded, “I guess we need to go shopping for a new detachable shower head for our own bathroom now, huh?”

I’m hoping she’s hooked!

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  1. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    I can't remember if it was Sept/Oct of last year or the year before, but someone posted a similar story where they visited with friends at their cabin and had a private shower in their room. That shower supposedly had a prototype shower head, and they both enjoyed terrific orgasms with it. They were hoping to find out if the shower head made it to production and available for sale and were perhaps going to let the MH community know about it. I wonder what ever came of that?

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Great story-telling! Wonderful tryst! Loved the cerebral dilemma of sexual position contemplations! So, many ways to enjoy her with so little time! Awesome choice of positions! Have used a similar position that facilitated deep penetration. My babe loves the deep penetration when my cock is quivering/pulsating. She says it is like an electric shock. I like the deep penetration hug Mr. Happy gets, the feeling of her hot wetness against my boys and, of course, the eruption while getting the aforementioned blissful sensations! Thanks for sharing your adventures and rekindling some great memories!

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