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The Purchase

We were hurtling down the highway in our SUV. It was late August; the sky was clear, temps were warm, and the road delightfully quiet of traffic. My wife was in the passenger seat and, between us, our new purchase from the adult sex shop we had just visited, a *Lelo Sona Cruise, charged via […]


MH does not believe this discussion post is meant as “wife-bashing,” but as a sincere plea for advice on how to deal with the author’s personal feelings.  Please take it as such. So, I am a boob man. I sure hope I don’t sound shallow in what I’m about to say; I’m just stating my […]

Pregnant and Horny in the Park

A recent story by Southernheat called “Playful Sex in the Park” reminded me of a story of our own. It happened one evening many years ago when my wife was pregnant and feeling horny. We decided to drive down to our local park. It’s not very far from us, and we have visited at night […]