The Workout: Sex Outside the Home Series

If you missed “The Office Building”, you can find it here. I recommend you read it in order to get specific details. That way this story will make more sense.

So my wife and I enjoy having sex outside of the home once in a while. Sometimes we make a purposeful outing that is strictly for getting it on somewhere. We will also incorporate sex with another activity (like a shopping trip to a larger town). After experiencing “The Office Building,” we decided to try it again several months later. We made plans for a specific visit back to the building for some hot horny fun.

Like the first time, we visited late at night to avoid any “company” in the building. We liked the idea of being on the second floor again, so that’s where we headed when we got there. As we passed the room where our first adventure took place we both felt a kind of “been there done that” mentality. Window sex was fun and all, but that was now old hat. We were keen to look for new excitement, so we carried on to find a new make-out spot.

I opened up a few more doors and we checked out the various rooms on the floor. There was one room I had personally spent a lot of time in that was appealing. I had taken some classes in it years before. My wife, though, was kind of “meh” about it. We carried on viewing several rooms but nothing grabbed our attention. They were either empty or boring and didn’t provide a situation for excitement. I guess we were looking for something to grab our attention and kick our libidos up a notch–or ten!

When we got to the last room at the back of the building, I was expecting much of the same we had already seen. But instead of viewing an empty room, we instead saw a very full room. This room was full of moving boxes, furniture, and household items. We were puzzled at first. But then I started to recognize some of the stuff as belonging to a family in the church we were friends with. I knew they were busy building a new house. They were currently living out of their camper, as they had already sold their old house. They were using this room as a storage locker for their stuff in the interim.

I suggested to my wife that we check out the bottom floor of the building. But she shook her head and said, “No, we will stay right here. This is a good place”.

“Here???? Amongst all this stuff???” I asked. “What’s so great about it?”.

“I’ll show you” she replied. Obviously, she saw something I didn’t.

She started taking off her clothes and was soon stark naked. Then she walked to the middle of the room. There in the center of the room was a fully assembled home weight/exercise gym. You know the kind. There were several stations for exercising and weight training. It was all built into one big contraption. One station, in particular, consisted of a narrow bench that had a short level section at one end. The rest of the bench inclined up with a headrest at the end. The idea was to sit on the short level section then lay back on the inclined part. There were pulleys and a bar above. Those served to give the arms, shoulders, and upper body a workout.

My wife sat her naked ass on the bench, legs spread wide on either side. Her sweet pussy was exposed, ready and inviting. She leaned back on the bench, raised her arms, and grabbed hold of the weight bar handles behind her. That caused her breasts to perk outward. My jaw dropped to the floor. She looked so hot sitting there. Since she is short in stature, she couldn’t lay her feet flat on the floor. Instead, she had to extend her toes down in tippy toe fashion. But that only served to make her look even hotter.

As I don’t visit gyms, I can only imagine what some women look like when they are at the gym, dressed in tight workout clothing and sitting in provocative positions on the equipment. How “hard” it must be for some guys not to sneak a peek. But here was my wife, completely nude and leaving nothing to my imagination. She was ready for the “workout” of her life. All coherent thought left my brain and I started thinking with my cock head only. I was now on autopilot.

I shed my own clothes and knelt down in front of her womanhood. I began to caress, kiss, lick, suck and tease her clit and pussy. My tongue and lips searched her folds and feasted on the goodness found there. I inserted a finger or two and gently massaged her insides. My other hand reached up to fondle her breasts and roll and pinch her nipples. My head was swimming with the eroticism and naughtiness of the moment. Here we were in a church-owned building, naked, having sex on someone’s exercise equipment. How much better can it get?

I was in heaven and didn’t want it to end. Apparently so was my wife. When she is extremely turned on she loves to look down at what I am doing to her pussy. I looked up and found her staring down, eyes dark with desire. Her mouth gaped open and her breasts heaved with each breath. Quiet “Ohhhs” and “Ahhs” escaped her lips. I continued to work my magic down below as she bit her lower lip. Soon she couldn’t take it anymore. She closed her eyes and threw her head back. Her body tensed and her legs convulsed as they hugged my shoulders. A great orgasm rolled over her as I lapped up her juices that flowed.

She took a few moments to come down from her climax. Then she looked me square in the eyes and said, “Enter me. NOW!”. She stayed in her position on the bench as I assessed how best to position myself and penetrate her. This was not going to be easy because of the heights and angles of her body.

She was soaking wet and I entered her with ease. However, I was half crouched and could not maintain that stance. I did not want to get cramps in my legs. I tried to lean over on top of her, but I quickly realized most of my weight centered on her chest and I was crushing her. I had to find a way to hold myself up with my arms, but there was nothing to hold onto. My knees no longer reached the floor. My feet could not get much traction on the somewhat slippery Berber carpet. Oh no, trouble! Totally sexy situation and position, but no way of pulling it off without suffocating my wife. What could I do?

Finally, I found that if I reached over or under her arms (I can’t remember which it was), I could grasp the end of the bench up past her head with my hands. It would take a little effort, but I could lift myself enough to not crush her. But how was I going to thrust? Each time I tried my feet would slip out. That’s when she suggested that I put my legs up over her thighs. Basically, I positioned the bottoms of my thighs on top of hers. Her toes still had enough grounding to support the extra weight. So by pulling up with my arms and rolling/rocking my legs on hers, I could get a pretty good thrust going.

We proceeded slowly and sensuously, in and out, in and out, in and out. Our tongues danced as we kissed each other deeply. We were now one and riding waves of pleasure to new heights. The extra effort on my part and her already flushed body, plus the general stuffiness of the room, caused us both to sweat heavily. We could feel our torsos begin to get slick as we slid our fronts together. That only served to make the adventure even wilder. Our foreheads were wet and our hair was beginning to stick. I could feel sweat trickle down my back.

The only thing that would enhance this situation is if we had rubbed some oil or lotion on our chests and bellies. We have done that before while embraced. Oiled up (or soaped up in the shower) torsos feel amazing as we slip and slide our fronts together. The feeling of her pert breasts and taught nipples sliding against my own chest is amazing. This situation was no different. The closeness, the heat, her kisses and undulating body, all came together and pushed me over the edge. My cock exploded, spewing my seed DEEP inside of her. A terrific orgasm tingled from the depths of my prostate and radiated up my spine. Whew!!

Now that was a “workout” if I ever heard of one! We took a few moments to catch our breath and calm down. I peeled myself off of her and then gave her a hand to sit and then stand up. Now, I know it is bad etiquette to not towel off a piece of exercise equipment after using it. And this particular exercise bench most certainly needed a wipe down after we were done. But not just from sweat!

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  1. Dean316 says:

    Wow great story! I really liked the first one! Both that and this story made my cock very aroused. It’s great you and your gorgeous wife are adventurous and looking to have sex and lovingly pleasure each other outside the house. Really liked you guys making out with deep kisses while you're thrusting into her.

    Can’t wait for more of these. Neither can my cock, if you don’t mind me saying.

    Stay sexy and nude!

    God bless,

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