Office Building: Sex Outside the Home Series

Hello everyone. While officially this is my third story posted to MH, it's really my first. The other two started as comments I made on other people's stories. MH commandeered them and turned them into posted stories, which didn't bother me in the least. But before I get into this first story, I want to give y'all a quick bio.

My wife and I have been married for over 25 years. Our marriage has had its highs and lows. The last two or three years have been especially difficult between the two of us. But praise God, since last summer, things have been turning around. We are communicating better than ever and looking beyond our own selfishness. Now we want to bring joy and happiness and sexual pleasure to each other.

I discovered MH around the late spring or early summer of 2017. Of course, I found the stories erotic and stimulating. But I also found myself blessed by the statements of faith and encouragement. Something told me this was a safe and good site to visit.

However, I was scared to tell my wife about MH. She has been fairly conservative (yet adventurous) when it comes to sex. I wasn't sure how she would react. After a year, I finally told her about MH. I showed her the site and read her a few stories.

To my pleasant surprise, she wasn't turned off by the site but rather turned on. It got her horny, YES!!!. She doesn't have any issues with MH in principle. But, some of the antics shared in some stories do challenge her comfort level. Even so, she is warming up to MH more and more. She says she doesn't visit the site on her own, but she is very willing to listen to me read her some stories. They help get the juices flowing when we are about to get frisky. So thank you to the contributors and admins of MH. You've been a blessing to our marriage and sex life!

Now, about that sex life. My wife has permitted me to write stories about our sexual adventures. While we have had low spots in our marriage, we have also had some steamy interludes. We would like to share some of those with you. I've decided that the first number of posts we make will be part of a theme and series.

My second post, the one MH turned into a story and posted on Feb 6, 2019, is an introduction of sorts to this series. I didn't go into too much detail in that post, because it was meant to be a comment. But I will try my best in these stories to be more detailed and erotic.

I guess I've always known about my wife's kinky side. But I really didn't clue in to or take advantage of it. I never figured that it would involve having sex outside of the home. She gets turned on by the possibility of getting caught. Maybe the reason I didn't clue in is that I'm more fearful than her in those situations. But those are things that get her motor running. And, of course, seeing her get turned on gets me hornier too.

So, without further ado and in no particular order, here is my first real story submission. I hope you like it and find it a blessing.

The Office Building

Many years ago our church purchased a second property. This property is about two to three acres in size and has a nice green space. There is plenty of space for parking and a two-story office building. The plan was to relocate to this new property and expand the building that was already there. We needed to make a modern worship and program space for our church family. However, finances and other issues never allowed that to happen. Instead, groups now use the building for youth and various ministry functions and storage. Some of the space has been rented out too.

So this one time, my wife and I were feeling adventurous and wanted to get out of the house for some sexy time. I think I was the one who suggested we visit the office building. After all, I was on the deacons committee. That meant I was responsible for looking into the physical needs and condition of the building. Plus, I had a key and knew the alarm code! Since it was after 10:30 pm on the weekend, we knew no one would be around. What a great time to inspect the building (and my wife) thoroughly! It seemed very unlikely we would be bothered.

When we arrived, there were no cars in the parking lot. Perfect! We parked in a darkened section so as not to draw attention from any passers-by. We didn't want anyone to recognize our vehicle. After we entered through the front doors, I quickly locked them again before disarming the alarm system. Then I turned to my wife with a smirk on my face.

“So, where do you want to go?” I asked her.

“Upstairs,” she replied. “Let's try one of the rooms up there.” We ascended the stairs in the front entrance and proceeded down the upper hallway. When we reached the first door on our right my wife said, “Here, let's go in here.”

I unlocked the door, and we entered. It was a large corner room and empty except for two long tables and some chairs. Since this was an office building, the exterior walls have large windows every few feet. This corner room had at least five of these windows which allowed plenty of light to enter. The blinds were open, letting in the soft glow of street lamps from down the block. We didn't need to turn on any lights inside the room to see what we were about to do.

At first, I didn't like the room because it was the most visible room from the street. But for the same reason, my wife loved it. I quickly locked the door behind us, just in case.

The far corner of the room coincided with that of the exterior of the building. It had an indent that formed an alcove of sorts. Therein, a built-in padded bench seat provided a comfortable seating area. Additionally, there were no windows in the alcove. That offered some extra privacy while still being risque enough for our adventure.

My wife and I had both dressed casually in shorts and t-shirts. But underneath her clothes, she had chosen to wear a sexy bra and panty. Our loose fitting clothes provide easy access to each other, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her.

We both sat down on the bench and started to kiss and make out. I can always tell when my wife is getting turned on. Her kisses become deeper and more sensuous. I moved one hand up her shirt and under her bra, fondling her breasts and nipples. My other one reached down the back of her shorts and into her panties to squeeze her ass. Meanwhile, she caressed my back with one hand, and the other went to my crotch, feeling the lump that had grown there.

“Someone is excited tonight,” she said with a grin and seduction in her voice.

That's when I reached around the inside front of her shorts and fingered her crevice. She was already engorged, and her panties were becoming moist.

“That makes two of us!” I said back to her.

Then she said, “We don't need these silly shirts and shorts on anymore. They're just in the way. Why don't you remove them.” It was more of a statement than a question, and she didn't need to tell me twice.

I ditched my clothes and underwear. Boy, it felt weird--yet so exciting--to stand in this room naked. I'd only experienced church and ministry functions there before.

Next, I relieved my wife of her shirt and shorts. Then I reached around her back and unclasped her bra. Her wonderful breasts were set free. The panties stayed on--for now. She enjoys caresses through and around the fabric.

I sat next to her again on her right side, and we resumed making out. She leaned back on the bench, opening her legs to allow exposure to her sweet privates. I kissed her mouth and her cheek then nibbled on her ear. I trailed kisses down her neckline until I reached her breasts. There, I suckled each in its turn, teasing her nipples with my tongue. She started to utter quiet moans. Whenever I came in contact with one of the “good” spots, she would gasp in pleasure.

In the meantime, my right hand made itself busy down below. My fingers traced the outlines and hem of her panties, massaging her pussy lips. Yep, she was definitely getting wetter by the minute! Her hand reached for my cock. It was aching for her touch. She gently stroked its length. The tip was leaking precum. She took those super slippery excretions and redistributed them around my shaft.

My fingers pulled aside the wet fabric of her panties, exposing her wondrous pussy. Oh, how I love the outside of her pussy and clit! I can never get enough of it: looking at it, touching it, licking and sucking it, dicking it, taking pictures of it (hee hee). There it was now, glistening in the dim light of our hijacked love chamber. We locked lips again as I gently caressed her clit and very moist pussy. I drew a finger inside momentarily to extract even more natural lubrication. More groans escaped her throat. Soon, her lips pressed hard against mine as her body convulsed with an orgasm. Though my hand was on the outside of her pussy, I could feel the contractions that came from within.

My wife is pretty much a one-and-done kind of woman when it comes to orgasms. We are working on changing that, but this was the way things were back then. After she came down from her orgasm, she said, “Now it's your turn. But won't you be uncomfortable if you try to enter me here? And this bench is too narrow to lie down on.”

Most of my previous fears were now long gone, and I was feeling uninhibited. I grabbed my wife by the hand and brought her over to one of the tables. It sat in front of a window, but not too close. I leaned back on one end and drew her to me. I entered her easily. We were in something like a standing reverse missionary position. That put her in control with her legs straddling mine. She started bucking into me. I had to slow her down or I would have exploded in seconds. I wanted to relish this experience.

We stood for several minutes making slow hip thrusts as we caressed each other's bodies. Our mouths and tongues danced together. Soon, I was ready to cum inside her. I had a new idea brewing, though. It was something daring. I withdrew from her pussy and turned her towards the window. Her eyes widened, and she smiled as she figured out what I had in mind. I placed her right in the window, facing out. Then I spread her legs and arms out like an X and positioned her palms on the glass as she leaned forward.

Finally, I slid my cock into her pussy from behind. I grabbed onto her hips and began thrusting with conviction. Very few things in our life up to this point had been this erotic. And here we were, on display for anyone who might happen by to see. The essence of the situation overtook me, and I came hard. My cock jerked wildly inside her as my hot cum poured out.

We stood still for several seconds while I enjoyed my afterglow. Soon thereafter, I slipped out of her, and we cleaned up and put our clothes back on. As we left the room, I made sure to relock it. Then we made our way to the staircase.

That's when it happened! I had warned my wife about it earlier, but both of us forgot in the heat of our interlude. You see, after 11:00 pm, the building's alarm system automatically re-arms itself. As we started down the stairs, we tripped a motion sensor, and the internal siren started blaring. We nearly jumped out of our skin! I never moved so fast to silence an alarm before. Unless turned off right away, it alerts the monitoring company. Then they contact someone within the church and the police. The last thing I wanted to explain to the cops and anyone from our church was why my wife and I were visiting the office building at such a late hour. Especially not when our faces had a sex flush going on!

I re-armed the alarm manually, and we quickly left. We decided that since we had soooo much fun, we must return sometime for a second round. And that my friends, will be the subject of my next story. Stay tuned!!!!!!

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  1. seXysquaw says:

    Great story! I often think about getting more adventurous like this with my husband. I really want to have hot passionate sex in his office but it’s on a military installment so it makes things a little more challenging. We also have keys to our church...thanks for the idea! I can’t wait to read your next story.

    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      Lol, I've been suggesting to my wife we visit the Church itself late one night, I'm surprised she hasn't jumped at the idea. One time we were at an adults only Christmas banquet at the church. We had another couple that we invited sitting at our table with us. During the short after dinner program my wife slips me a piece of paper that read something like this, "Meet me in 2 mins in room "x", wink wink". I'm embarrassed to say I couldn't go through with it, and I regret not doing it to this day, lol.

  2. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Thanks folks! I've got at least 4 or 5 more stories on this theme cumming, I just gotta get busy writing them. The sequel to this story is already submitted awaiting approval.

  3. NewBride says:

    Hubs and I had sex in my office once! What a naughty, exhilarating experience. Best part? He sat in my boss’s chair before I sat on his dick! Our dirty little secret!

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