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I have a fantasy I’ve never discussed with my wife. It’s one that involves her taking sexual control and treating me submissively. This topic has never come up in 23+ years of marriage. But I can see an easy path (through communication) towards something that goes a little like this. I’ve written it in the third person and added commentary in italics at different parts of the story.

Taking Charge

Mel came home from work. She noticed for the fifth week in a row that Donnie hadn’t fixed the door to the outside shed. Cats had gotten into the building! It raised an ire towards him that started in her gut. She stewed about it as she changed into her workout clothes. But then she remembered a recent conversation with Donnie and online resources they had looked at together. She has passed up a couple of opportunities to use feelings like this since then. But now, it was time she took control.

While running her three miles on the treadmill, she planned it out. Recalling suggestions from the websites, she thought of a couple “special” personal things. These could be added into the little game they were about to play. The excitement of the events she was planning pushed her to a quicker pace than normal on the exercise machine.

Donnie worked later than she did, so he was just getting to the gym as she left. She mustered up an authentic scowl, one from the days when she used to really get angry with him and his irresponsibility. He had had a particularly good day, so the look and her silence didn’t throw him back much. He went to do his weights and then a slow jog.

When Mel got home, she stayed in her workout clothes and gathered things for her ideas. Mel swiftly found all sorts of items and, most importantly, kept the angst over the broken door in her gut. This was something she thought was vital. She stayed upset so she could pull this off. Soon she was ready. She moved downstairs to sit in the living room and wait.

I see it as an important part of this scenario that it takes place in the routine of the day. It needs to have both some real anger and real stakes involved in the setup.

“See you at the course tomorrow morning,” Donnie said, waving at his golf partner. They had a best-ball tournament early the next morning and they’d been playing so well. He skipped off to his car and headed home. He only remembered the look Mel shot at him earlier just before heading up the driveway.

“Can you explain something to me?” Mel asked as he walked in the door. Her tone was somewhat familiar but more intense than he’d heard in a while. “Why can’t you fix that flippin’ garage? There’re only a few things that bother me more than cat and squirrel shit everywhere.”

His good mood buffered the gut response that would have started a fight. It got Donnie thinking about those “other” conversations they’d finally had. Maybe this was part of what they had talked about. At the same time, he had screwed this up pretty good so her tone was warranted.

Mel got up and walked toward Donnie as he stood somewhat dumbfounded as to what to do. Behind her piercing eyes, she contemplated her next move. Her first statement she’d calculated and rehearsed. The rest after that had no rules for engagement.

“You’re mine,” she whispered coldly into his ear. She was holding onto her anger. They had agreed they’d say this when one wanted to take control. In their talk, Donnie had imagined himself getting aroused at this statement. But in this moment of true anger he felt from her, he didn’t immediately get aroused.

So, my wife and I need to talk about each other’s needs more. We’re both satisfied with our sex life. But we need to build more play into it, especially since we’ll be empty-nesters next year. I see us having a conversation or two, setting some rules, and then having fun springing things on each other.

Mel reached around and grabbed his hand. She yanked it behind him and up his back. Her other hand was on his shoulder as she marched him to the stairs and up. She was pulling and pushing just enough to establish her intent and her dominance. Directing him into their room, she ordered him to shut the door. When he had, she commanded him to sit on the bed.

Now Donnie started getting aroused. His penis pressed upwards and he wiggled for comfort. That motion set Mel into action. She leaped at him. With moderate force, her hands landed on his chest and pushed him backward. His torso bounced on the bed as she scaled his body quickly. In only a moment, her hips were on his chest, her knees on his arms.

He knew he could bounce her off and have it the opposite way in a second. But she was forceful and he liked it. He struggled some, though not enough to get free. She kept her purchase and began to pull her shirt up over her head then flung it onto the floor. She posed over Donnie, chest out and high. Her breasts were pushed up by her bra. His hands wanted to reach up, but Mel’s weight was planted on his wrists.

Mel felt an arm start to slide to the side. He was trying to use the softness of the mattress to get his right hand free and reach up. She reached down, stopped it cold, and pushed it back under her knees. “No touching until I say so.”

She bounced up and posed again, regaining her dominance. Her hands were cupping the underside of her sports bra and sliding it off her breasts. Off it went, went over her head and onto the pile in the floor.

Devilishly, she smiled and rolled her nipples in her fingers. Mel was enjoying her body and all Donnie could do was watch. She slid forward and pressed her crotch to his face. The workout scent of her body filled the air. The yoga pant material was all that separated his mouth from her area.

She ground hard, her ankles still pressing his hands. Donnie struggled for air at times. He had to move his face to find pockets of air between her thighs. Mel took full advantage of the power exchange. She forced his chin, mouth, and nose to burrow into her warmth and stimulate her. She moaned, her hands still playing with her exposed breasts. This went on longer than when naked together. It seemed she was losing track of Donnie a little in her self-pleasure.

It’s been a while since my wife took control of sex. I generally have the lead, which I enjoy. But I also enjoy it when she’s more aggressive. I can even envision her pushing the limits, something I would really like.

Suddenly, she freed Donnie’s hands. Almost in reflex, he grabbed her ass and squeezed tight. Mel hopped off the bed.

“Stay there!” she commanded, as he began to sit up. “You’re mine, remember?”

Keeping his gaze, she pointed for him to lay down. She reached blindly, fumbling over the pile of things she had found. Soon, her fingers felt the softness of one of his ties and then another. She sidled over to him, and his face turned to watch her wrap the tie around his wrist three times. Then, lacing the ends through the headboard, she made the knot on the other side. Soon, his arms were restricted over his head.

The wetness from Donnie’s erect cock was visible through his shorts. Mel hopped back onto the bed and hovered over his legs. She reached up to the elastic and scraped it down over his hardness. His cock sprang forward, sending a droplet of clear fluid onto his thigh.

She moved over him, dropping the shorts. Then she very delicately extended her tongue, collecting his fluid. She barely touched his skin. She repeated this action to get it all as he sighed deeply. Then she pressed her lips together and to her tongue, glossing them with the clear liquid.

Mel ran her breasts over his bare legs, her face even with his erect shaft. She gently began to blow air under his cock and balls from about two inches away. He squirmed and tried to wrap his legs around her head to pull her towards him. Her cheek pressed against his hard member. Now she got really angry.

She got out of his legs, threw them to the side, and jumped off the bed. She grabbed a sweatshirt left lying around from the day before and slipped it on. Then she raced downstairs.

We’ve never restrained each other, but I think both of us would enjoy this type of play. I don’t see us ever going 50 Shades with toys and ties, but some household items can be fun, I bet.

He waited a few minutes before he began to call her name. When she finally came upstairs, Donnie had one hand free and was working on the other.

“Lay back down. You’re mine,” Mel said coldly and they resumed.

Laying It Down

Mel tied Donnie’s free hand back to the headboard.  He had gotten it free in only 15 minutes, but she had a backup plan. Even though they didn’t have real handcuffs, she’d found a chain and an old bike lock.  She left no slack as she locked him in, but the smooth metal didn’t dig. After locking him in, she placing the key on the bedside table.

“If you take control again, you’re like this all night and you may have to miss you best ball tomorrow,” she said with a smug smile.  “But maybe you would like that.”

Donnie nodded, his deflated cock now becoming erect again as she slid off her sweatshirt, leaving them both half-naked again (she upper, he lower).  Then Mel stood at the end of the bed contemplating her next move, Donnie’s eyes glued on her awaiting her next action.  She looked at the pile of things she’d gathered earlier and reached for the scissors.

“You’d better be good,” she giggled and crawled up his body. Her breasts tracing against his legs brought a shudder from him. They dangled over and around his cock, her warm flesh pressing on him before she rose up over him. She used the scissors to cut the running shirt from his torso and arms, leaving his skin now totally exposed.

Since I’ve always been the lead actor in the bedroom, this whole scene would be extreme, relative to the current reality.  It could be the gateway to more dominating BDSM activities.

Still in her yoga pants, she pressed down on top of his cock, The move pushed it forward uncomfortably but gave maximum pressure to her special spot still bound by fabric.  Mel closed her eyes. Again she rode him with her chest held high, bouncing on his stimulation, finding her spot.

“Ohhhh,” they both breathed out, one a sigh of pleasure, the other a groan laced by a touch of pain.  The pants kept their flesh separate but the push against her clit as she expertly ground her hips back and forth was an amazing sensation for her.  She leaned over to dangle her breasts down, teasing his face and mouth while she rode him.

Donnie gasped as she released his cock and sprang away. Then she turned and bent over, shimmying her yoga pants down. She stepped out of them keeping her hands low and remaining bent over. Scooting over to the bedside, she rested her ass on the edge.  He turned to it, hoping to taste her but being sure not to appear too eager.

“Good man,” she said, sensing his restraint.  “You’ll get it in due time.”

I like the thought of being uncomfortable while she’s getting off.  I’ve experienced this with her clothes on but not for an extended time.  Being restrained and having her push onto and then into my face is such an erotic thought.

Mel climbed up into a 69 position. Donnie’s hands remained bound to the headboard as her face hovered around his pulsating cock. His hips strained upwards a little, but she kept a good six inches away.  She stretched out along his right leg, her arms reaching out past his feet, his thigh and side getting to feel her breasts and body pressed tight. His face was just an inch away, and after a minute or so he extended his tongue which brushed the outer part of her.

She flattened herself against him so that her lips pressed his. His tongue started to penetrate and stroke her tender flesh, prompting sighs and small gasps from her.  She rested her hand and just watched the blood pump into his cock. It pulsed back and forth, wanting.

Mel pressed back and began to fuck his face.  She found whatever she wanted at the moment – his lips, nose, chin, mouth – pushing back and maneuvering her hips for her maximum pleasure.  Her audible reactions sounded as if she had him buried deep inside her. He felt the desire to cum rise and fall within him.  She must have orgasmed, Donnie thought, as she relaxed and collapsed forward and to the side, his cock pressed between her shoulder and neck.

I considered writing that, having satisfied herself, she left him there again, maybe even for an hour. But I thought advancing the play would be more fun.

She backed away from him and crawled off the bed again.  His face showed his want, the sense of deprivation, and a need to be satisfied.  Mel caught his eyes with hers and smiled. Then she moved to his ear and leaned over, her body so close but out of his reach.

“You gonna get that door fixed?” she whispered and stared at him sternly.  “I can get mine… but you look like you need help.”

Donnie saw the power she wielded now in the simple act of withholding and being so close.  His body ached for her, actually ached, from deep in the pit of his stomach out to all of his limbs and shooting through the pulse of his erect flesh.

She hovered over him now, on all fours but not touching him. The warmth of her skin radiated to his. Donnie wriggled, lifting his hips up, straining. But she just rose up with him, keeping what he wanted far enough away, giggling and teasing.

“Hold still,” she commanded.  “You’ll get it, you’ll get it… soon enough.”

He lowered himself and waited, seeing her eyes fill with desire mixed with power.  Keeping them locked with his, she slowly lowered. His head pressed against her flesh and found a path into her warmth, sliding in just an inch.  She pulled up, giggled, and lowered again.  This dance continued, but Donnie loved the warmth, the play, the near fulfillment.

“Oh, baby,” he groaned.  “Please, I want you so much.”

“Say it again,” she demanded.

“Please, baby, please. I need you now,” he begged, finally just whispering over and over.  “Please… please…”

Teasing would seem to be the ultimate weapon.  She makes him beg… then gives it up.

She began to let him slip further inside, bit by tiny bit until finally, she sat on his cock with her full weight.  Then she fell forward onto his chest, their flesh now warming each other and her lips against his cheek. His sighs and moans let her know how good she felt.

They stayed motionless, joined and breathing together, her arms around his shoulders.

“Don’t move,” he pleaded.  “I’ll explode.”

They began to kiss, she pushing deep with her lips, moving her head side to side.  Their eyes closed. Her hands on his cheeks led the mesh of their faces. Then her mouth slid to his neck and up to one ear as her tongue found its center.

She bounced once, twice, and then began to grind on his cock up and down, back and forth, and then side to side. She pumped him fast.

He exclaimed loudly and unloaded the pent up load deep inside.

Sharing the Power

Donnie’s spasms continued for a couple of minutes.  Mel had built the tension in him for so long that his climax burst from a deep place. His senses kept his body shaking.

“Let me out of my chains?” he asked.

“Nope,” she simply said, holding onto the wheel and knowing that she had more for him.

She slipped off his cock, but quickly pounced on it with her face and slid the wet, oozing flesh into her mouth.  She began to clean him, taking him in, sucking the fluid from the tip and caressing the shaft with her tongue.  It continued to recede and produce his milk.

Mel looked up at her husband, taking him out of her mouth.  She watched his eyes open as she slid down and took his balls in her lips, something she’d never done.  He gasped as she sucked down on one, the other, and then both.

Donnie wondered why she was pleasing him so much but didn’t complain.  She kept him in her mouth even though it seemed he had lost his entire erection.  She began to lick just under his balls and up around his cock.  Her fingers were under the flesh of his ass, caressing as she licked more fluid off the tip of his head.

She stretched her hands out over his stomach and her breasts were now pressing on the flesh of his crotch.  She crawled up to him and began to kiss him, sharing the flavors of both of them.  He felt himself start to rise again, his cock beginning a slow ascent through arousal.

In the end, I felt Mel giving the power back would be fun, something a bit unexpected, and satisfying. 

Mel felt it against her thigh and reached over to the nightstand for the key.  Then she straddled his face again fumbling with the ties and unlocking the bike lock. The womanly scent of her enshrouded him, so thick now that felt himself swell even faster.  She freed one hand and then the other.

She slid off of him. His hands liberated, Donnie still hesitated to grab her least his draw her ire. She pressed her mouth to his ear.

“Fuck me hard,” she murmured, passing the torch of control to her husband.

Donnie took Mel by the shoulders and turned her quickly, her hair bouncing with the spin and her faceplant into the mattress. Then he propped her ass up on her knees.  Holding her waist, he lined himself up and thrust into her waiting body.

He flung himself forward, his chest on her back, his face in her neck. His hips moved to penetrate and withdraw, penetrate and withdraw.  He had the numbness she hoped he would after his first orgasm and they fucked in this position for quite some time.  He moaned and sighed in her ear, their focus only on the act and the coordination of each of their bodies, pushing and pressing in rhythm.

Donnie pulled back and with one motion turned her over to face him, laying her legs on his shoulders and again driving himself into her.  His upward push and repetition quickly moved her to another orgasm but there was no time to relax or enjoy. He was working her hard.

Her legs slipped down from his shoulders and joined behind his back.  Together they thrust and pushed until finally Donnie drove deep, held it there, and came.

They rarely were able to sleep holding each other, but tonight was a different story.

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    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thank you. I do have a series of these planned out and I hope they will release them out. I have been having very good conversation about sex recently so I'm working up to addressing some of these.

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