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It was a warm day in early August. The sky was blue and clear. Conditions were perfect for an outdoor excursion. Her sister’s husband owned a pretty, hundred-acre, wooded parcel a mere 30-minute drive from them, and because he lived far away, he asked if they would check in on it from time to time to make sure there were no squatters or illegal activities going on. Today was one of those days for her and her husband to visit the property.

They hopped into the SUV and headed out, towing a utility trailer that carried his ATV. Halfway there, the pavement turned into a good dirt road. Then the dirt road became a forest service road that was less maintained.

A few miles before they reached the property, they parked at a pullout and unloaded the quad. A spur road located at the pullout would lead them into the property, but this road was not maintained and was in rough shape. Parts of the spur road had been slightly washed out and sometimes a fallen tree would make it difficult even for the SUV to pass, thus the need for the ATV.

In the ten years he had owned his ATV, he was pretty sure his wife had never even sat on it. Yet it would be their mode of transportation into and around the relative’s property. They loaded the necessary gear they would need for the day onto the machine. In case some accident happened and he got hurt, he explained to his wife how to start and operate the machine. Then donning their helmets, she sat on the back of the quad while he took the forward position. Although he had no intention of going fast or doing anything crazy or dangerous, he told her to hold on tight. He put the machine and gear and pressed the throttle gently. Off they went, riding deeper into the forest down the lonely spur road.

Having her arms wrapped around his torso like a back-sided hug felt great to him, comforting even. He was taking his bride on an adventure, or so it seemed. Just getting out of the house and away from the kids on such a beautiful day was pleasant in itself, but the fresh air and smells of the forest added quality and texture to the experience. They moved along carefully down the quiet two-track, taking in the scenery. Ever since he was a little boy, he had loved going out in nature. Whenever he was out there he would silently give a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s amazing creation, and this time he was thankful for his wife as well and that she could share in this experience. Before long they reached the edge of the property.

The property, located on a sloping hillside, had a creek running through its western property line. A walk down the creek would reveal ancient oversized trees and even a few secret small waterfalls and freshwater pools. There were even remnants of an old trappers or miners cabin that had likely been built before the last century. In more recent history, however, previous owners used the property as a hippie commune, and evidence of their lifestyle could be seen in many spots. Neglected fruit trees separated overgrown meadows. A root cellar with a collapsed roof still held glass jars of forgotten preserves. Outhouses and corrals and hen houses lay dispersed among the acreage. And the remains of a house long burnt to the ground rested on the northern border. Four old cabins still stood, however, and some had very unusual design elements. To say that the property was interesting and a bit of a mystery was an understatement.

This was her first time visiting the property, so her husband acted as the tour guide. He drove her around to the various buildings and showed her the scenery. He liked visiting this place and hoped she would too. Someday he hoped to buy this property from his brother-in-law and build a cabin of his own. He often wondered what it was like when the commune was still active. Did the occupants ever walk around naked? He could easily envision himself and his wife having a few naked days in this remote paradise. How wonderful and freeing would that be!?!

After having lunch and some more exploration, it was getting time to leave. He asked his wife if she was interested in driving the ATV back to the vehicle. She was game, so they switched positions on the machine. Now he took his turn at holding onto her, although he didn’t have to; he could have just held onto the back rack. But being in this close position felt good and served to get him a bit horny. She put the machine in gear and carefully eased it down the trails of the property.

The fabric of her t-shirt was soft to his touch, and he took notice that she wasn’t wearing a bra this day. It wasn’t long before his hands found their way up to her boobs. He caressed the luscious orbs, tracing their curvature and feeling their firmness. He let his fingers glance across her nipples. Was that a moan she just uttered? He felt her nipples again, carefully tugging and wiggling them around. She took a sharp breath in, and he could see a smile come across her face.

He continued playing with her tits for several more minutes before letting a hand creep down to her shorts. His hand easily worked it’s way passed the waistband and under her panties. Straddling the ATV naturally brought her legs apart, which made it incredibly easy to play with her pussy. As his fingers explored the folds of her womanhood, she let out more audible moans. Moisture was emanating from the deep recesses of her puss. She was obviously enjoying this ride! His cock began to strain under the fabric of his shorts as it grew in size.

Even though the trail in front of them was flat and clear, he noticed the ATV was slowing down. As they went around a corner, he took note that she had difficulty navigating the turn. Her mouth was now open and her eyes half-closed. If this wasn’t the best definition of distracted driving, he didn’t know what would be. He knew it would get a reaction out of her, but he removed his hands from both her boobs and shorts. She brought the quad to a complete stop.

“Ohhh, don’t stop now! It was just getting really good,” she said. “Another minute of what you were doing would have gotten me off!”

“I know,” he replied. “But that’s why I stopped. I was afraid you would run us off the trail,” he teased.

She teased back, hoping to entice him to finish her off, “Now that you have stopped, I don’t know if you can get me going again,” she said coyly.

“Ha, we’ll see about that!” he said. That’s when it hit him like a ton of bricks. He was amazed that he had never, EVER, thought of this before. It was a thought that instantly would be put on AND checked off his bucket list at the same time, or so he hoped.

He said to her, “Hey, I have an idea. Why don’t you take off your shorts and panties? I’ll pull my shorts and underwear down too, then you can climb back on the machine and impale yourself on my cock. We can ride down the trails fucking each other!”

Her eyes grew wide and a mischievous grin came across her face. “That sounds amazing!” she said as she promptly climbed off the machine and proceeded to make herself naked from the waist down. She put her clothes into a compartment and climbed back on the ATV.

While sliding his own shorts down, he noticed a wet spot had formed on the outside. She wasn’t the only one getting majorly turned on by this excursion. He leaned back a bit as she maneuvered herself into position, carefully guiding herself onto his swollen member. She was so moist and slippery he slid right into place.

The view from his position was amazing. As an avid downhill mountain biker, one of his most favorite views in the world is a woman standing straight up on a bicycle. There is just something about that sight, especially if she wears shorts and a tight t-shirt, her legs astride, ass sticking out, breasts thrust forward—simply amazing and sometimes jaw-dropping. The sight in front of him was no different, with the exception that this woman, his wife, had her pussy exposed.

They didn’t care if anyone came along and saw them; the voyeurs would be trespassing anyways. Before rolling the machine down the trail, they tried out a few practice thrusts first to see if this was going to work. It worked well; this was going to be amazing!

She hit the throttle and they continued down the trail. He had gotten his cell phone out and started taking some video and pictures of themselves to preserve this event. As they bumped along the trail, she rode up and down the length of his member while he thrust in response. Even though it was a hot day, her pussy was even hotter—and wetter than he had known in a long time. As she came down on him, he noticed how her butt cheeks would flatten and squish out as they came in contact with his legs. Then, on the way up her cheeks would resume their normal shape and his cock would come into view as it’s length escaped her pussy and glistened in the daylight. He was in heaven. But, there was a problem.

You see, she needs clitoral stimulation in order to get off. But his position, leaning back, did not afford him the ability to reach around to her front to touch her button. So they brought the ATV once more to a stop.

He got off the machine and had her lie back on the seat. She hiked her shirt up high enough to expose her tits. While still wearing her helmet, she put her hands underneath her head and closed her eyes. Her right foot rested down on the footboard, while her left leg and foot propped on the left handlebar. He couldn’t resist snapping a few more pictures of her in this position while he stood to the right of the machine.

Then he leaned forward and began to kiss and nibble her right nipple. She let out another moan. His right hand went to her pussy, and he inserted his index and middle fingers to massage her g-spot while his thumb slowly played and circled around her clit. Her juices were flowing out and down onto the seat and fuel tank.

He then trailed his kisses from her boob down her torso, pausing to affectionately kiss around her mound. Then his tongue and lips went into action on her clit.

This was the stimulation she needed. Her breath came in shallow huffs, and she moaned in ecstasy. The sensations welled up inside of her; her pussy clamped down on his fingers, and an orgasm burst forth that rolled over her, causing her whole body to convulse and twitch.

After taking a few moments to come down, she sat up and looked at him and said, “Now it’s your turn. Shall I take you for another ride?”

Once again he got on the machine and assumed the position while she lowered herself onto him. She took them down the trails while they both moved slowly together. Their actions reminded him of those old railroad pump cars you sometimes see in old movies where two people would pump up and down in unison, one going down while the other goes up. Her wetness was now seeping down his balls and into his crack. His hands gripped the back rack tightly as she rode the vehicle AND his cock with purpose.

He began to feel euphoria and he called out to her, urging her on, “Oh yes! That’s it, fuck my cock. Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it with your wet pussy!” She increased the speed of her rhythm, pounding him into oblivion. Soon, his own orgasmic sensations built up and overtook him, causing his cock to gush forth his creamy load deep inside of her. He cried out loudly, hearing the sound of his own voice echo among the trees of the forest, “OHHH FUUUCCCKK!!!” If anyone was within 300 yards of their position, they would have known exactly what had just happened.

She brought the machine once more to a stop. After catching his breath, they both cleaned themselves up, re-clothed, and made their way back to the SUV. This was an outing they would both remember for a long time. God is indeed good!

It is now fall. The temps are dropping and winter will soon descend. He, the author of this story, thinks back on that day in August and wonders if they will get to do that again sometime. How can they make it better, he wonders? Well, for starters, if they go back to the old hippie commune, they can try it while completely naked next time!!!

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    Try having your wife straddle you with her legs wrapped around you and you inside. As you drive along, the vibrations and Intercourse will provide the clitoral stimulation she needs.

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