I Think, Therefore I… Orgasm!!!

Years ago I read a book written by a woman who was clinically studying female orgasm. I can’t remember the name of the book or the author, but the content was interesting, to say the least. The author found a woman who claimed to be very orgasmic and was agreeable to coming into the lab and have orgasms from various stimuli, all the while having electrodes and sensors connected to her body to record things like heart function and brain waves. There may have been some video recording done as well. All this in the name of research.

From what I recall, the woman had to remove her clothing and lie about on a bed or a doctor-style examination table. Once connected she was left alone in the room, but there was an open comlink to the room on the other side of the wall that allowed the researchers to tell her what to do. They may have had one of those one-way window mirrors as well that allowed the researchers to observe the woman in action.

At first, I believe they had her masturbate to orgasm using only her hands. It didn’t take long for her to climax. After her first orgasm, they had her sit up and place her head on some device that was supposed to record brain functions or something. Though described as looking very awkward connected to the equipment, the woman told the researchers that it felt very sexy. They did not expect that.

Next, I think they had her masturbate using sex toys, likely a vibrator. If I remember right, she started immediately to have orgasms, back to back, and over and over. The data was rolling in. From the vocalization of the woman and her body movements, it wasn’t hard to tell when she was having an orgasm, and the machinery also began to indicate when an orgasm would spike.

But now it was time for something mythical to study. The researchers had heard it was possible, and they were hoping to prove it here in the lab with this woman. The big question needed answering. Was it possible for a woman to orgasm with only her thoughts and no other stimuli??? If anyone could do it, this particular woman was likely. They had her lie back, close her eyes and lay still. They instructed her to use her mind and thoughts to bring herself to orgasm. She didn’t need to tell them what she was imagining; they merely advised her to think of something sexy, like a memory, or fantasy, or whatever was necessary to get herself there.

So the woman lay back and got very still. All they could see was her breathing. They waited several minutes. The machinery wasn’t telling them much. Then suddenly the machines lit up with the same familiar spike they witnessed earlier. They looked at the woman and saw her body twitching from orgasm. She had done it! With only her mind, she brought herself to orgasm with no additional physical stimulus.

Now if this book I read was accurate with no BS, I find that amazing and encouraging. It goes to prove that the brain is indeed one, if not the most, important sex organ of the body.

Anyways, I tell you all this because I want to share with you my own experience masturbating that is somewhat kind of similar. When I was a single young man before I got married, I masturbated – a lot. It was usually a daily occurrence. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. But mostly at night in bed, before I fell asleep.

This one time, I planned on doing something a bit different by taking it very slow and adding in some anal play. I didn’t know the term back then, but I was trying to practice ‘edging’ and keep myself hovering just before the point of no return on the road to orgasm.

I didn’t have to touch myself to get hard, the very thought of masturbating got me very erect back then. I was naked in bed and lying on my back. I spread my legs and drew my knees up towards my chest to give me easier access to my rosebud while reaching between my legs. I wasn’t touching my genitals at all at the beginning, but I must admit that I had every intention of stroking my cock at some point. Basically, in that position, I had my hand with a finger pointing down hovering somewhere above my butt cheeks. I was fantasizing that some make believe female was about to touch me, that my hand was her hand and we were about to get frisky for the first time ever.

I immersed myself fully into the fantasy. I just laid there relaxing, waiting for her to touch me. I was vaguely aware my hand was ever so slowly drifting downward, but in my mind, it was her hand. The anticipation was off the scale. My cock was rock hard and growing even bigger. New feelings came over my body I hadn’t felt before, my rosebud ached to be touched. It was all very exhilarating, a new kind of edging. I hadn’t expected this response, so I held off touching myself for a while longer, just reveling in the sensations I was experiencing. I was on cloud 9, and I hadn’t even touched myself yet!

Now I’m not sure, but it is possible my finger got so close to my rosebud that it started to tickle my ass hairs slightly. If that’s true, then that was the only contact that made that night, and it may have served to act as a trigger. I knew that finger was dangerously close to touching me at any rate. That, coupled with the fantasy and the huge anticipation of being touched pushed me over an edge I didn’t know existed. A huge orgasm welled up inside my groin and exploded with magnitude and force. Sperm rocketed out of my cock onto my chest, and my anus contracted over and over. The orgasm lasted two to three times longer than normal. Did I mention I hadn’t touched myself yet?

As I lay there coming down, I experienced mixed emotions. I was disappointed because I had really wanted to touch myself. Also, I had planned to make the experience last much longer, but this orgasm took me by surprise. However, I was elated at the incredible feelings. I couldn’t believe I got myself off without any direct stimulus. It was incredible. Sadly, that was the one and only time that happened to me, my own personal claim to fame, lol. I don’t know if I could make that happen again if I tried. Maybe I can talk my wife into helping me with an experiment???

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11 replies
  1. Old Lover says:

    I recall reading about this research, as well. There is something to it, from my experience. Even at my advanced age (late 60s) I have had near ‘no touch’ orgasms. When I’ve been thinking about my many orgasmic delights and reading (MH stories) in bed at night, my cock gets rock hard, pre-cum soaks my pajama shorts, and I experience edging moments – no touching at all. Then if I rest my hand on my swollen cock with no pressure or movement I explode in an instant. I did this just a week ago!

    I have also cum with internal prostate massage (an Aneros toy or candle) by thinking and moving ever so slightly in a sitting position. When I cum that way, I work up to it with multiple edging moments. While I feel some pressure on my prostate, the longer I edge the less I feel the pressure and my mind truly takes over. My prostate orgasms with no external touch are massive!

  2. PacMan says:

    I like hearing about sexual energies, frustrations, activities in the premarital, single days of the believer. This story reminds me of the time I tried to stop masturbating. I wanted to see how long I could go on will power alone. The answer was 17 days. That night I laid on my back and without even dwelling on sexual thoughts, my cock grew and grew until it was a steel rod hard-on. I didn’t touch myself, but marveled at how hard I was without any sexual stimuli. I also tried to avoid touching myself, but the base of my dick head was rubbing up against the blankets. And I knew I was about to explode with orgasmic bliss. I didn’t touch myself, but ever-so-slightly thrust to create some movement and light friction on the blanket. I just held the blanket up a bit to watch the amazing climax that rushed over me. Cum spurt up my chest and neck and almost onto my chin. It was intense and memorable… now 21 years ago!

    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      This reminds me of something my friend told me once when he was still single. He was trying to go a whole year without masturbating. I think he said he was about a month or so into it. He said, "I will try to go a whole year. And if I do, I will celebrate". I replied, "Oh? And how will you celebrate?". He answered, "I will celebrate by masturbating".

  3. SecondMarge says:

    Ah, the old make-believe woman sticking her finger up your butt fantasy.

    Been many studies about sex using measuring devices that negate what we have been programmed to say or not say about what we enjoy sexually.

    The Hyte report had interesting interviews about female masturbation. What we think about, what we use, where we do it. Been many years since I read it.

    Not sure about arousal or climax without being touched. I’m still hoping for an orgasm just from nipple stimulation. If I stop touching my husband he goes soft. Fantasies always help turn up the heat. Usually, a “make-believe” third person or couple to watch or “lend a hand” tongue or cock. lol

    • Salcpl says:

      My wife can climax from nipple stimulation. I’ve never experienced that with anyone else, and she claims she has never experienced it before me. It is so exciting to watch her orgasm from nipple play. We both share your fantasy of watching and being watched. We have experienced some of that as well.

    • Loving Guy says:

      I checked out the Hyte report on Google to read some excepts and get some information from some websites on it. It is both interesting and sexy to read the details about female masturbation. One lady talked about her husband holding her when she masturbates. That is so sweet and sexy. Now my dick is really hard. You know what that means….

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I also have the fantasy of being watched accidentally or being caught masturbating. The mind is so powerful isn’t it!? I can’t say I’ve had an orgasm without touch but my panties will often get soaked (like very wet) from just laying here reading MH and thinking about things mentioned on here or an erection.

      Loving Guy, I do know what you mean because this pregnant woman has panties so wet you would think I came already! Hope you had fun 😉

  4. Johny123 says:

    I'm male and I can only remember having one “no touch” orgasm. We didn’t have sex until we were married but we were both frantic and did lots of “heavy petting.” It was very shortly before we married. We were petting and got so hot we started undressing each other. We were down to her bra and panties and my briefs. Naturally, I had a rock hard erection. Without my fiancé or me touching my penis either through my briefs or naked, I “came” in my briefs. Mercifully, that stopped us going any further. Although it was “no touch” it might have been the friction of my briefs against my so excited penis that brought me on.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      This is very normal and most likely due to age (those young spontaneous erections, luckily we are still dealing with those) and the fact that you hadn’t had sex yet so it didn’t take much touch/interaction with your future wife to bring you to orgasm. This happened a few times while my husband and I were making out heavily and both getting worked up before we were married.

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