🔊 Shopping with Mirrors

I had been shopping for a good while, in and out of clothing shops. I just hadn’t found anything that I felt was sexy enough to buy. Still, as I kept walking through the giant mall, I found another cute little clothing shop tucked into one of its corners. I gave the dresses in the display window a good looking over. They were just the thing I had in mind, so I decided to go in. The prices were a little bit higher than I would have liked, but I kept browsing through the racks anyway.

A few other ladies perused racks nearby, some being helped by sales assistants. I just happened to look up and my eye caught a man standing off to the side. He seemed to be watching everyone with an air of aloofness, but he gave off a slightly odd vibe. I wasn’t quite sure what it was about him. Maybe he’s gay, I thought.

As I kept looking through more outfits, I finally found two dresses. I ready liked the look of one. It was a short flowery summer dress. The other, a simple yellow sheath with a completely open back, I just wasn’t sure about.

Over in the corner of the shop, I spotted what looked like the changing rooms. I made my way over and slipped into the one on the right, pulling the curtain closed behind me. The changing cubicles were quite spacious, with mirrors on three walls.

“This is nice,” I said as I did a little half spin, checking myself out in every mirror. I hung up the two dresses on the peg just beside the doorway. Then I removed my T-Shirt and slipped out of my skirt. Grabbing the short flowery summer dress, I pulled it over my head. I continued adjusting it as I looked at myself in the mirror. I kind of liked how sexy I looked and felt in it.

“Can I help you?” A man’s voice came from the changing room entrance.

I jumped. I wasn’t expecting anyone in here.

“Oh… I’m just trying on a couple of dresses,” I said nervously.

“No problem,” he answered. “Just let me know if you need any help.”

A mischievous streak shot through me.

“I’m not sure which dress I should buy. I want something sexy to turn my husband on,” I said, adding, “He’s been away for a couple of weeks.”

The mirror reflected my devilish grin. But if he really was gay, I didn’t suppose it was mean of me to try to tease the man.

“Well, I’d have to see you in them to give any opinions, now wouldn’t I,” he said with a bit of a snippy tone.

I stepped sheepishly out in the summer dress and gave a spin, ending with a sexy pose.

“Hmm, nice.” He paused, “but I’ll need to see you in the other dress, too.” He put his hand on his hip and cocked it to his left.

I step back into the cubical. But this time I didn’t close the curtain quite all the way.

“What am I doing?” I thought. A rush was running through me and in the mirror, I could see him peeking. I started to blush. I raised the summer dress over my head, standing for a moment in just my underwear. After dropping it, I turned toward the other on its hook.

His reflection over my shoulder showed him moving closer. He seemed to admire my body, though I tried not to give away that I had noticed. Reaching in, he took the other dress off the hanger and handed it to me. When I didn’t react, he got even bolder. He stepped into the changing room and, standing directly behind me, helped me slide it over my head. As the material slowly fell over my skin, I felt his hand lightly touch my breast. The contact lasted slightly longer than I would have expected for an accidental brush, and it sent a shock wave through my body.

But it didn’t seem to phase him. He just continued to smooth the material over my hips and bottom in a very professional manner before backing out into the hallway. I turned and followed him out, doing a spin and pose in front of him.

“Your panties are showing through,” he said with a tone of disgust,

“Oh, perhaps I should remove them,” I replied, turning to step back in.

“Yes, perhaps you should.” Wow! That sounded a bit snooty.

I watched in the mirror as I reached up under the dress and slowly peeled my panties down my legs. Bringing them up to shoulder height, I straightened my arm off to the side and discarded them in the corner of the changing room. I felt like an old vaudeville show harlot. Was I taking this as a personal challenge to turn on a gay man? Whatever the reason, my blood heated up, and I started getting bolder.

Still watching in the mirror, he stood outside the curtain in his judgmental stance.

I walked back out, pirouetting again.

“Beautiful,” he remarked as he stepped closer. He smoothed the dress over my shoulders then let his hands trail down over my arms, stopping at my hips. Grasping them, he turned me around and looked me up and down. As I watched his every move via the mirror, he lowered himself onto one knee to adjust my hem. Then he motioned with his finger for me to do a 360-degree turn for him.

“I want to see the hemline and how it rides on your thighs.”

So I made another full turn, slower this time. When I again faced the mirror, I bent over and put my ass directly in his face.

“How does it look?” I asked, trying to put on my best innocent voice.

Without waiting for an answer, I spun back around, putting my crotch right in front of his nose this time. He didn’t move.

“What about my breasts?” I added still playing the sweet ingenue. “Does it show them off well?”

Slowly, he rose, which brought us face to face only inches apart. I was biting my lower lip, heat creeping through my body as he stood so close to me.

“You’ll need to turn around,” he said in a very seductive tone.

I didn’t even back up first. My breasts brushed against him as I followed his command. “Oh, this guy is going to get a full dose,” I thought.

He moved my hair over to my left shoulder and said, “We’ll have to remove this. After all, this dress has a fully opened back.”

Even before he finished his sentence, he had unclasped my bra and moved both straps down off my shoulders. I helped him slide my arms out of the straps. He finished by pulling it out the front of the dress.

“Wow,” I thought, “he sure knows his way around a bra.”

Just then, I felt the heat from his breathe on my neck. My eyes closed. I thought he had moved away from me, but no. His deep voice spoke quietly in my ear.

“We will need this.”

I snapped back to reality and turned my head over my shoulder towards him. In his right hand, he held up a velvet choker with a topaz pendant.

“Oh, it is gorgeous!” I squeaked.

Feeling weak and a bit breathtaken, I leaned back against him as he slid his left hand around my neck. Then he slipped the gold ribbon firmly around my throat and pulled. Another rush came over my entire body until he clasped it together and released the pressure. But it only eased some of the mounting tension within me. Shivers ran through my body as his magic fingers touched my upper shoulders. I think I forgot to breathe. He turned me toward him, leaning in very close and looking down my cleavage. I was sure he could hear my heart about to pound out of my chest.

Both of his hands gracefully moved back up my arms to the straps of the dress and lifted them. He repositioned them farther toward the tips of my shoulders, exposing even more of my breasts. I could feel my now hard nipples poking straight out through the thin fabric covering them.

He stepped back. Working his way over every inch of me with his eyes, he took his time to give my breasts the attention they cried out for. My breathing became heavier.

“You know, I think I need to see you in more, deary,” He said as he turned away.

I backed into the changing room and leaned over a little, trying desperately to get control of myself. Looking at myself in the mirror, I whispered, “Girl, what are you doing?”

“Get out of that dress,” he tossed over his shoulder as he walked out onto the sales floor.

I straightened and unfastened the dress, letting it fall to the floor. In front of that mirror, I stood admiring my body. I have to admit that I do look nice. My hard nipples lengthened as I reached up to pinch and pull them. I guess I’ll tease and torment myself as well as my helper. The thought made me giggle.

I didn’t hear him return. The sight of me completely naked, pinching my nipples, seemed not to affect this man. He just stopped in front of me, holding two more dresses out to me. I took one in each hand. The gold-colored one had a very open and loose top half. The other, in burgundy, buttoned up the entire front. I chose to try on the second one first. As I wiggled into it, I left some buttons undone for my pleasure. My hard nipples poked straight out and the soft fabric brushed against them soothingly. The sight of them excited me.

I step out, feeling a bit more sure of myself as I noticed his attention increase. I liked how his eyes glanced down to the gap formed by the opened buttons. After I modeled and turned this way and that for his approval, he gestured to the other dress. Back into the changing room, I went.

Again I watched in the mirror as he kept a close eye on me slipping out of that dress and into the next one. The crossover front barely covered my highly visible nipples, the edge of the material grazing my areolas. He ordered me out of the cubicle, and I pranced around him as my boobs jiggled. The fabric was so loose that my excited nipples kept escaping their cover. Though I intended it primarily for his benefit, I was enjoying it too. I stopped in front of him and watched as he nonchalantly pulled the fabric back into place. He looked so natural as he walked around me again, judging every inch of my body.

I openly flaunted myself, which aroused me a great deal, especially when I could see that my nipples were really showing. But in an almost cold tone, he ordered me back into the changing room. Even that turned me on.

“You need something different,” I heard him say as he once again left me.

By now, I could feel the moisture at the top of my thighs and couldn’t resist. I almost tore off the dress, then let my fingers find their way down to my aroused pussy. I rubbed my finger slowly over my swollen lips at first and then felt my clit, so warm and wet. Next, my index and middle fingers slipped easily up inside of my pussy and slid in and out while, with each stroke, my thumb teased my clit. Finally, I shoved my fingers deep inside and held them there. My other hand went back to my nipples. It worked them over as my thumb thrust hard against my now stiff clit. My vaginal muscles began to clench, and my hips rocked back and forth. My wetness increased, and the moans just wouldn’t be held back as I started to cum. I stood there in front of the mirrors, watching my body spasm. Feeling a little spent from my subsiding orgasm, I found it difficult even to remain upright while my brain refocused.

Again he had crept back into the stall without my notice. He just stood there watching me come down from my orgasm. It still took me a few seconds to realize he’d returned.

Without a word, he held up a corset and garter belt combo of pale pink satin. The nude-colored stockings he brought to go with them had a shimmery finish as well. I started to open my mouth to protest that the color was too girly for someone my age, but the look in his eyes stopped the words before they reach my lips. I stood awaiting his orders.

“Put the garter and stockings on first.”

Chills ran through my body as he handed them to me. Neither of us made a move to close the curtain.

This time, there was something different about how he watched me. His gaze was intense, and I could have sworn I saw desire in his eyes. Was I getting to him? There was little doubt when I noticed the bulge in his pants. I have him, my brain screamed, I did turn him on! 

The thought excited me so much that my juices ran down my legs. Surely, he could see them! I decided to leave the wetness there to let him know what he’d done to me. I turned to the bench and lay the garter belt and the stockings on it. Still bent over, I slowly inspected the garter, my breasts swinging slightly there for his viewing pleasure.

I took the garter and stood up to hook it in place. Then I leaned back over and pushed my tummy down a bit to raise my ass high in the air. As I straighten up, I lifted the leg farthest away from him and placed my foot on the bench to put on the first stocking. My breasts straddled my thigh as I gathered up the nylon and slipped my toes in. Working it up over my foot, I slowly pulled it to my calf, then around my knee, finally stretching it around my wet thigh and clipping it to the garter.

Then I switched legs. At this angle, he could see that the top of the first stocking had already become soaked in my juices. The nude color highlighted the wetness, darkening in shade. Once I had pulled up the other stocking the same way, I stood fully upright and swiveled toward the doorway to get the corset from him.

That’s when he stepped forward. Rather sternly, he put both hands firmly on my tummy and pushed me farther into the dressing room.

Once we were both inside, he dropped to his knees and leaned into me. I heard him inhale, deep and long, inches away from my dripping pussy. Then he lifted and tilted his head up a bit to kiss around my tummy and flick his tongue into my belly button.

Shockwaves ripped through me. As he slid down inch by inch, kissing me, I pushed my hips forward and put my cleanly shaven, soaking wet mound against his face.

He grabbed my ankle and lifted it onto the bench, covering my aching mound with his mouth as I sagged against the wall. I couldn’t help but let out a loud sigh as he started licking for all he was worth, lapping up at my hot, dripping pussy. I twitched as his tongue parted my delicate lips and ran further up my slit, towards my throbbing clit. He took it into his mouth, gently nibbling it between his teeth. After a few minutes of teasing me this way, he started sucking on it harder and flicking it with his tongue at the same time. Then his mouth released me and his tongue slid back down, licking around my tight wet hole. Then he paused just long enough for me realize he had stopped before forcing his tongue as deep into me as it could go. I didn’t even know how hard I was grinding on his face until I looked down to watch.

He stopped, pulled away and stood. Then with one hand firmly on my asscheek, he spun me around and forced me to bend over. He pushed with just enough force to make my tits start swinging. We both watched them in the mirror. His eyes were glued to my swaying breasts as I watched him lower himself to the floor once more. Once he was down on his knees again, I looked passed my swinging tits and between my thighs to see his tongue return to lapping up my wetness. It gave me a sense of being a voyeur, in a way, making things that much hotter.

I propped my foot back up on the bench to allow myself two viewing angles. The view from the side mirror got me more excited as I could see him work over my pussy lips and hard button. I fought to keep my eyes open as his tongue darted all over my pussy. It felt so naughty to watch the show. I was like a peeping Tom who got to feel it too.

I couldn’t stay still. My hips started to rock as if they had a mind of their own. It wasn’t the normal back and forth; rather, I was arching my back. When I arched my back up, it pushed my ass down, and he would tease my asshole. Then I rocked my stomach down to bring my pussy back to his mouth. Back and forth, I ground both holes against his face. Each time my head lowered, I tried to look back at him where he knelt between my thighs. I watched as his cock grew harder, pressing a tent in his pants. How I wanted to grab it, but it was too far away. Instead, I brought a hand up and filled it with my tit. As I lifted my head, I noticed that I could watch his crotch in the mirror in front of me.

I couldn’t decide which felt better, his hot tongue tickling my asshole or him licking all around my dripping slit. Either way, I knew I was going to cum soon. I let go of the bench and took both breasts in my hands, massaging them harder, squeezing the hot flesh. Then taking each nipple between my fingers and thumb, I began to twist and pull the hard buds.

I had zero resistance to his continued dirty work on me. The finger he slowly inserted slid in very easily. I found myself spreading as far as I could for him, so hungry for it. With every thrust, wet squelching noises emanated from between my legs. It seemed to me everyone in the store should be able to hear the sounds as I took more fingers inside me. He used his other hand to spread my lips even farther apart.

Every time I felt him do something new to me, I looked into the mirror. I watched him stop to admire my sweet wet pink hole and hard knob. I was aching to cum! He again started alternating between my clit and now loosened asshole, driving me wild!

I could feel my climax approach. My body started to twitch, and I began to spasm on his magical fingers.

He sensed how close I was to cumming too, so he began probing harder and harder with his fingers. I knew he could feel my spasms; my juice started to flood out and over his hand. That’s when he really started pumping my pussy, fast and harder still. I just let loose, releasing what felt like gallons of cum. He kept pumping me and I came, squirting.

I held back my moans, but I wanted to scream with pleasure as my body jerked. When the orgasm finally subsided, I slowly melted down to the floor. Only my arm kept my upper body halfway on the bench. Panting, trying to catch my breath, after a few minutes I started to gather myself together. When I looked around the cubicle, he was gone! The only thing showing he had been there, was the huge puddle he had made pour out of me.

I managed to stand up and guiltily wiped my still throbbing pussy and legs with one of the dresses that lay closest to me. Searching through the pile of clothes, I found my own and put them back on, but put my underwear in my handbag. I didn’t even care about the dresses. I would remember this as the best changing room fun I ever had.

As I reached the doorway of the changing rooms, he was there. He escorted me over to the register. And it was a good thing too; my knees wobbled beneath me.

“You two again,” said the sales girl with a big smile.

He laid two dresses on the counter, I’m not even sure which ones. I hoped one was the one I had used to clean up.

“You two are the cutest couple we have shopping here. Do you do everything together?”

“Just the fun stuff,” my sexy husband said as he handed the clerk his credit card. She rang us up, and we headed to the door for home.

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    • JAM777 says:

      Hey ittlb!!
      Thank you so much for your stories!! I love them so much! They are actually an inspiration for a fictional mini-universe I'm going to create and write about on here! Thank you!

      Are we going to get to hear from the gang any time soon?
      Miss them all! Wondering if Melissa will find a husband soon!
      Or if Lisa will decide to adopt.
      Or what craziness Marie will get Stan to do next! 🙂

  1. Bjlove says:

    I am wet. You kept me in suspense. I love a change room and often it ends up giving my husband a beautiful Blow as those mirrors exposed most of my sexiest parts.

  2. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Roleplaying is so much fun, and semi-public sex is a stimulation overload that is unlike any other. You write very well, thank you for such vivid pictures written for us.

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      I know I would have enjoyed watching. My wife would, too. And Marge, I get the impression that you would have loved watching, too!

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