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🔊 Shopping with Mirrors

I had been shopping for a good while, in and out of clothing shops. I just hadn’t found anything that I felt was sexy enough to buy. Still, as I kept walking through the giant mall, I found another cute little clothing shop tucked into one of its corners. I gave the dresses in the […]

🔊 The Tidy Little Hotel Maid (L)

I was stuck in a hotel in South Carolina after my car broke down on the Interstate. Parts for older import models are scarce, expensive, and hard to come by. So, I had to find a place to wait while the part came in from God-only-knows-where, probably Timbuktu. It was hot and humid, usual weather […]

Secret Agent’s Helper

The bar was busier than June expected, but then, the hotel was more active than usual this weekend too. It seemed both an artists’ convention and wedding reception were scheduled. At the entrance from the hotel lobby, she scanned the crowded barroom. There were several large groups of people who were obviously here for the […]