A “Special” Ordinary Day (A) – Ignite Story

Brian and I are so blessed with a truly rewarding marriage. Even before our wedding, we committed to each other that we would spend time each day focused on just each other – no TV, no phone, no other distractions – just us.

Since our wedding nearly fifteen years ago, we have managed to be true to that commitment almost every day. And since our wedding night, that focus almost always includes sex. The growth we’ve experienced is amazing. From those first clumsy awkward encounters to where we are now is incredible. We can’t wait to see where we’ll go next and what new things we’ll discover in our journey.

As we continued to find ways to grow together, we added weekly Date Nights to our schedules. These help to enhance our commitment to each other. Date nights give us a chance to extend our usual time together from an hour or so each day to several hours. Our date nights are something we really look forward to and we make sure that they are a special treat.

They usually involve going to dinner or a show, but sometimes are just nights home together. When we go out, we like to get dressed up a bit more than usual to help our dates be even more special. But some of our dates are just spending the whole evening together having dinner (we both like to cook). Or we might relax in front of a fire in very comfortable clothes and enjoy each other.

About three years ago, Brian and I decided that we needed “B&D Holidays.” This is a whole day dedicated to us – Brian and Dez. Either one of us could declare a B&D Holiday whenever we thought we needed one. It would always occur on an ordinary weekday. We would schedule it so that we could each take a vacation day. Because of work commitments, we knew that we’d probably only have a few B&D Holidays each year so we would really make them count. These would be our private Special Ordinary Day!

A couple weeks ago, I felt like we needed a pick-me-up. So I declared last Thursday a B&D Holiday. Brian and I each scheduled a vacation day and we started planning events for our whole day together.

It wasn’t entirely coincidental that I picked last Thursday. The day before was my regular spa appointment for a Brazilian wax. That means no sex that day. I do always offer just-for-Brian time on days when I have an esthetician appointment. But since we had a B&D Holiday planned, Brian took a rain check to save everything for our Thursday holiday.

It looked like the weather was going to be perfect. We had plans for a long bike ride, including a picnic lunch. My Wednesday appointment went well. That evening, after a nice dinner and some time for just the two of us, without sex, we headed to bed. With the warm weather, we were both very happy sleeping nude with just a light sheet covering us. Cuddling and feeling the warmth of each other was so comforting. I always feel so protected and safe in Brian’s arms.

Thursday morning, with no alarm clock to wake us, we both started stirring from a wonderful sleep as the sunrise lightened our bedroom. We had barely moved since we dozed off. Brian’s arms were still around me. And it’s always so nice to feel Brian’s morning erection when I move closer to him. I’ve heard that a morning erection is a sign of good cardiovascular health in a man. Well then, Brian sure is healthy! Since our honeymoon, I can’t remember a morning when I haven’t been greeted with the sight or feel of his rock hard cock!

I turned towards Brian to kiss him good morning and cuddle a little more. As we each became a little more awake, I reached down to take his cock in my hand. Giving it a few gentle strokes, I kissed him again and told him, “This will be getting a lot of use later today!”

I threw off the sheets to get a visual of his magnificent rod before sliding out of bed. Before I reached the bathroom door, I heard Brian say, “Nice ass, Dez!” I responded with a little shake of my cheeks to acknowledge his compliment.

Before I pulled the bathroom doors closed behind me, I bent over to touch my toes. That gave Brian a very quick glimpse of my special gifts that are just for him. Through the closed doors, I yelled back to Brian “And no masturbating! I need you to save everything for later!”

I put on one of Brian’s T-shirts and headed to the kitchen to start breakfast. His T-shirts are a thin, quick drying polyester material. Of course, they are really baggy on me. But the material does tend to cling to my curves and protrusions, so it’s obvious that I’m not a boy. And the length is perfect, just long enough to cover things when standing.

Brian put on pajama bottoms and joined me. I love the way he looks in PJs resting low on his hips. He exercises regularly, and it shows in his tight abs and broad shoulders. The little hair on his chest and the V formed from his hips disappearing into his PJs is so sexy.

We work well together in the kitchen. I made pancakes for both of us while he prepared omelets. Coffee for Brian, tea for me. There was a little playful teasing as we moved around the kitchen making breakfast. Brian’s touches on my ass are such a compliment. I know he likes the curves of my ass and the arch of my back by the way he traces his hands there.

After breakfast, we cleared the dishes and Brian got dressed in his stretchy, compression biking shorts. With the size of Brian’s package, even his unaroused bulge is very obvious. And his reflective shirt is tight across his chest and arms. I’m so blessed to have this man!

He headed to the garage to put our bike rack and bikes on the back of our SUV while I put together some food for our mid-day break – cheese, crackers, some fruit and drinks. I got dressed in my bike shorts, also compression material, and a bright top that fit snug. It was one I could wear without a bra. Both of us would be comfortable for the better part of our day on bicycles.

The trail we selected was nearly an hour away. Riding in the car together, we cleared our thoughts of the normal busyness of our lives. Focusing on just each other was so refreshing.

We arrived at the parking lot of the trail head, unloaded our bikes, and donned our helmets. As expected, the trail wasn’t crowded at all on a Thursday. Mostly we could ride side by side and continue our conversations or just be quietly next to each other. When we did see someone coming toward us or need to pass someone, Brian always let me take the lead. He says that the view from behind me is great!

The day was awesome! We did a leisurely ride in the sun under the canopy of the trees, and had a great lunch at a grassy spot along the way. We often had a view of a small stream as we rode. It was late afternoon before we returned to our SUV to load up the bikes and head home.

We arrived back at home close to 6:00, delayed a little by rush hour traffic. Once inside, I headed to the bathroom to shower while Brian unloaded the bikes and bike rack. Getting out of the spandex clothing felt so freeing. And the caress of the shower was so soothing.

I used a new loofah to create a wonderful bubbly lather from my body wash. I gently scrubbed my neck, arms and breasts, working all the way down to my ankles. I especially liked the way the texture of the sponge awakened the nerves of my nipples and the smooth, bare skin of my waxed pussy. My lathered fingers made sure that each crevice, curve and opening was very clean and fresh. I could have lingered longer exploring the different sensations of each ridge and fold, but Brian needed to use the shower too.

He stripped off his clothes, passing me as he entered the shower. His cock seemed relieved to be free of his compression shorts. It hung thickly against his right thigh, apparently weighted by the large knob at the end.

While Brian showered, I put on a little short sheer chiffon kimono robe. I adjusted the tie closure so that the neckline just covered my areola. The seam at the edge rested on my protruding nipples. The sheer material barely concealed the curves and tones of my freshly-washed skin. The wrapped layers in front opened slightly when I walked to reveal that I was panty-less.

Brian emerged from the shower, dried himself and pulled on his pajama bottoms again before shaving. I was so happy to see him shave this late in the day. It’s always best when there is no chance of beard burn, especially since I had had a Brazilian just yesterday.

We cooked dinner together. Brian made the entrée while I made the vegetable. We each had a glass of wine while we cooked. I couldn’t help but notice Brian’s PJs protruding a bit as we cooked dinner. His eyes were taking notice of my nipples poking at the chiffon. At times, the material below the waist tie opened enough to tease him with a preview of what was in store for him.

We poured a second glass of wine while we ate, but finished rather hurriedly and didn’t even put the dishes in the dishwasher. We had such a wonderful day connecting, being together and sharing conversation. But now we had to take our need for each to a more physical level.

Brian led me to the bedroom. The bedspread was already off the bed. Soft music was playing and candles were lit. Brian must have done it after he finished shaving. He turned me so that I was facing away from him and kissed my neck as he released the satin waist tie of my robe. The robe easily slid off my smooth shoulders and fell to the floor.

I raised my arms behind my head to touch his hair. I turned my head to kiss his mouth while his hands lightly caressed my curves. They moved sensually from my hips to my waist to the edges of my breasts. His hands made this trip several times, each time a little slower, both of us taking in the sensations.

Then he turned me around again. Facing each other, he took my hands in his. He stepped back and surveyed the woman he’d chosen to be his wife fifteen years earlier.

His gaze started at my red toenails and deliberately ascended up my legs. His eyes paused at the V and cleft of my femininity. They continued to my waist and then to my breasts, accentuated by my darkening areola and hardening nipples.

I couldn’t help but wet my lips when his look paused there and then smiled when our eyes met. As I stood in front of my husband wearing only my wedding ring, I was so glad to be able to share everything with him.

Brian lifted me onto the bed and rolled me onto my stomach. He said that a massage would help relax tense muscles after a day on the bicycles. Brian gives the best massages! He knows how to soothe all my muscles, especially my neck and shoulders and even my head.

He worked his magic with oil, scented ever so slightly with lavender, for what seemed like thirty minutes. I kind of lost track of time. He hit every muscle and joint down to the tips of my fingers and toes. Then he returned to the muscles of my thighs and ass. His fingers kneaded into my deep tissue, but he also lightly warmed my soft skin with the smooth oil.

I was getting more relaxed and feeling more open to his touch as he worked on my inner thighs. His fingers, so smooth and soft from all the oil, lightly brushed the tenderness of my outer lips. His touch was so soft and so natural. My excitement elevated, but not in a sudden way.

His fingers touched my lips again, this time more deliberately. They traced the valley between my lips and thighs. Then contacted the bare sensitive skin that was quickly becoming engorged. I opened my legs a little wider, his fingers taking advantage of the easier access. With just a slight stroke along the crinkly edges of my darker inner lips, I could feel my folds opening for him.

He drizzled a little more oil just above my other opening and used it to massage the radial ridges marking its edge. “Ohhh! Mmmm!” I started to moan.

I pushed my ass a little higher, seeking more pressure. Brian knows me so well, he immediately picked up on my signal. His thumb pressed a little harder into the tissues that protected the entrance. While his circular and radial movements pleasured those tiny muscles, his left hand returned to the glistening tissue between my inner lips. I raised my ass still further.

“Oh Brian! Ohhhh, Brian! That’s so good!”

My front entrance tightened down momentarily as a couple wet fingers entered me. The constriction quickly lessened and his fingers pressed against the opening of my vagina. They circled my entrance, stretching the tissue, awakening even more nerves.

“Mmmm! Mmmm!” I breathed as his fingers entered me and pressed against my G-spot. The pleasure continued to rise.

His right hand was massaging my rear entrance and the fingers of his left hand were inside me, pressing at the same pace on my internal pleasure spot.

“Ohhh! Mmmm!” I moaned louder. I was getting closer and closer to what I needed. The rhythmic motion of Brian’s fingers continued. I was now adding to it as my hips rocked, heightening every sensation.

As I raised my ass higher still, Brian’s right thumb slid into my asshole and his left one picked up the rhythmic motion, finding my clit.

“Oh my god! I’m gonna cum!” I yelled, almost screaming. “Ohhhh! I’m cumming! I’MMM CUMMMING!!!

Oh the waves! Contraction after contraction tightened against Brian’s fingers and thumb. My legs stiffened and then shook in spasms. The warm pleasure radiated from my pussy and ass to the top of my head. My previously relaxed muscles were now quaking from the ecstasy rolling through every fiber.

Brian covered my pussy with his hand, holding in my heat while I enjoyed the last tremors of my orgasm. Then I lay motionless as the flow of endorphins released the tension from my body.

Brian gently released me. Softly, he told me to roll onto my back when I was ready. A few minutes more and I was ready to comply with his command. He placed a pillow behind my head and reached for a sleep mask. He slid it over my eyes, securing it with the strap. He positioned my arms near my side, palms up, and put a small pillow under each knee.

Lying comfortably, still in the afterglow of my amazing orgasm, Brian instructed me to breathe deep and slow. In through my nose and out through my mouth. He told me to just keep breathing, slowly, in and out.

I felt the warm massage oil as he drizzled it over my abdomen and between my breasts. Then I felt the gentle touch of his hands as he spread the oil. He massaged my abdomen and sides before gently working my breast tissue and the muscles below.

His hands got close to my areola but didn’t go there yet. He carefully massaged and then caressed the sides, tops, and curves of each breast. His light touches got closer and closer to my nipples. He reminded me to breathe. Lightly, his fingertips circled the little bumps of my darkened areola. I could feel my nipples draw tighter as he gently rolled them between his thumb and middle finger. When he tugged on each, they protruded even more, pointing toward the ceiling. They were now so hard that they hardly yielded as his fingers strummed across them.

Brian’s hands left me for a moment. I felt him move on the bed slightly and heard the drawer of our nightstand open. Then I felt his touch return, again touching each breast. In a moment, I recognized a weight I was now feeling on my breasts was from the nipple clamps he bought a few months before on-line from Sylvie Monthule. They’re a beautiful silver flower and leaf design with a red teardrop pendant to give each just enough weight. The cords lasso each nipple and have silver sliders to tighten for a perfect fit.

Brian positioned the lasso of one around my left nipple first and adjusted the slide to tighten it a bit. He asked if it was good and I just nodded. He did the same with the second and again I nodded that the lasso was just right. With the weight of these beautiful lassos tugging on my nipples, I was constantly reminded of my excitement!

As his massaging continued to my upper legs and inner thighs, he reminded me to keep breathing, in and out, in and out. He adjusted the pillows under my knees so that my legs were splayed wide. The bottoms of my feet were now touching each other.

Finally his hands returned to my pussy, cupping it, fingers down and palm covering my clit. He held it there, letting our body heat build before he started moving his hand in small circles. His hand flattened and I felt his fingers pressing against my entrance. The heel of his hand continued the pressure on my clit.

Then his touch lightened. His fingertips, lubricated with my moisture, slid from my entrance upward to my clit. I exhaled a moan when he first touched my hardened nub. He circled it slowly clockwise and then counterclockwise. Some circles small and tight and others larger. Some pressing deeper and some lighter. Brian was in no hurry. My breathing continued, but each exhale sounded like an “Ohhhhh!” The varied circles continued. The heat from my clit was spreading deeper and deeper into my vagina. A tingling sensation was growing inside. My “Ohhhhhs!” got louder.

Brian’s fingers then stopped on the hood of my clit and pressed gently, making small pulsing movements at the rate he knows my pussy contracts when I cum. My moans became “Mmmmms” as the internal tingling was getting stronger and stronger. The gentle pressure from his fingers was now sliding down the shaft of my clit, one side then the other. Over and over he was stroking it.

“Oh Brian!” were the only words I could say.

He reminded me to breathe, in and out, in and out. He grasped the shaft of my clit gently between his thumb and index finger and tugged it away from my body ever so slightly. As he released it I let out a loud “Ohhhhh!” More like a squeal!

He did this several more times. Each time the pleasure spread deeper and deeper in me. Oh my god, I was soooo close. I wanted to cum but I didn’t want this to end!

Brian then gently grasped my inner lips and tugged on them the way he had my clit. Gently pulling them, spreading them and then releasing them. This added still more to what was happening inside my pussy. I was trying to breathe the way Brian told me but my constant moaning couldn’t be stopped. “Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” with each breath.

When his fingers returned to my clit, I let out another soft squeal. He rubbed my clit between his thumb and index finger like he had rolled my nipples, gentle squeezes and a little tugs.

“Oh Brian! I’m gonna cum!”

Brian knows my body and could tell how close I was. Just before the inevitable waves of contractions started, he stopped! He placed one hand on my chest over my heart and the other on my tummy at the top of my mound.

“Not yet, Dez.” were his only words.

I was so close but the place I was in was so full of pleasure too. I lingered there, on the edge of ecstasy. I was feeling the weight and warmth of his hands, the tugging on my nipples, the heat in my pussy.

When he sensed that I was moving away from the edge, his fingers returned to my clit, circling it like before. When my moans resumed, he started stroking the sides of its shaft again, rubbing it between his thumb and finger, more gentle squeezes and tugs. The buildup was faster this time. He switched back to making clockwise and counterclockwise circles, keeping the buildup steady. Then more rhythmic pulses on the hardest part of my clit.

My moaning was getting louder. “Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” The tingling inside was spreading. I thought I felt movement inside. My whole vagina was responding. I was so close when Brian’s hands suddenly abandoned me again! I froze, again so close to the ecstasy I needed.

His warm hands returned to my heart and the top of my mound. I couldn’t speak. I was in a suspended state. A blissful agony just short of ecstasy. The internal tingling steadied. The slight movements inside fixed. Then I heard Brian whisper

“Breathe, Dez. In and out. Slow. In . . . . . out.”

I regained focus, my breathing following Brian’s instructions. After several steady breaths, Brian’s fingers lightly grazed my smooth, engorged lips. I could feel my entrance welcome the return of his touch. Gathering more of my moisture, his fingers returned to the center of my sensations. More circles, clockwise, then counterclockwise. The internal tingling was getting stronger again. When my breathing started to speed up, Brian whispered again.

“Slow Dez. In . . . . . Out! In . . . . . Out!”

I was able to focus enough to follow Brian’s instructions.

“That’s it Dez! Slow and steady. Stop chasing it. Let it find you.”

I resigned myself. My whole world, my whole being was in Brian’s hands. My awareness heightened. The weight pulling on my nipples got stronger. The tingling intensified. My clit seemed to protrude even more with each circle of Brian’s fingers. Then his finger tip touched the most sensitive spot, the rhythmic pulses stimulating the response I so needed.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!”

“I’mmmm Cumming!”

The tingling turned to tightening as suddenly ecstasy flooded every cell of my body. My breathing became an ear-piercing scream as each contraction amplified the waves of pleasure. My legs stiffened and quaked, my core muscles jerked as my body trembled uncontrollably. Brightness flashed behind the sleep mask. Time stopped!

The rhythmic quakes gradually subsided into milder aftershocks. Eventually, I felt again the bed supporting me and Brian’s hands, one on my heart and the other cupping the epicenter of my pleasure. Every cell of my body was effervescent as the orgasmic chemicals coursed through my blood. Total bliss consumed me as I relished the way my wonderful husband had just blessed me.

I gradually became more aware of my surroundings. Brian lifted his hands and raised the sleep mask from my eyes. A few tears ran down my face. When I was able to focus, I saw him smile and utter a single word.

“Good!?!?” Not really a question as much as an affirmation.

I looked deeply into Brian’s eyes, smiled back, and declared “Very!”

When I reached to touch Brian I realized that he was still in his pajama bottoms. The large wet spot of pre-cum told me how much he liked the results of his handy work.

“It looks like I need to get you out of those wet PJs,” I said. I grasped the waist and, lifting it over the head of his rock hard cock, pulled it over his hips and down his legs. I always admire this so masculine sight. Brian’s toned body laying straight, his thick cock with its beautifully swollen cockhead, standing erect. I especially love the way it moves so vibrantly with every beat of his heart.

Before his PJs hit the floor, my hands were on his legs feeling the firmness of his toned muscles. They worked up his calves, over his knees to his strong thighs. I took in the beautiful sight of his thick cock. My face was close enough to see each artery veining along his thick shaft. His engorged plum-colored cockhead and the distinctive outline of his ridge joined to form a “V” marking his most sensitive spot.

I used my fingernails to lightly explore the texture of his balls and the sensitive areas behind them. As my fingernails stroked up the sides of his shaft, his cock tensed a little more and then jerked as my nails reached the top. After some light kisses and licks on his balls, I ran my tongue slowly up his shaft. It jerked more violently when the tip of my tongue reached the tiny folds where his ridge comes together. I cleaned off more pre-cum before stretching my lips over his enlarged head. Having Brian’s cock in my mouth makes me feels so connected to him.

Feeling how rigid and so very thick he was, I took his cock in my hand and looked up at him.

“I have a perfect place that’s so ready for this!”

With that, I raised myself up, straddling his hips, my knees on either side. I leaned forward to kiss him, guiding him to my entrance. Ever so deliberately, I lowered my hips slightly. The gateway to my sacred cavern stretched to accommodate Brian’s swollen head, tightening again when they reached his shaft as if to keep it from escaping.

In unison, Brian and I exhaled a guttural “Ahhhh,” acknowledging the blessed union that had just happened. I lowered myself still more, shrieking “Ohhhhh” when the tip of his cock pressed against my G-spot. Brian stared intently watching each inch of his cock penetrate me. The walls of my vagina extending to accommodate his thickness, sheathing every vein, his slight upward curve, his distinctive ridge. Finally, my pussy lips were pressing against his core, his cock filling me so completely, so deeply.

I sat upright, cowgirl position. The weight of the red teardrop pendants lassoed to my nipples, tugging harder with the slightest movement. Brian slid his hands up my sides, cupping my breasts. I rotated my hips slightly, adjusting to the fullness inside me. And then, after a little rocking, an electric shockwave struck deep.

“Ohhhhh!!” I squealed at the unexpected pleasure burst.

I moved a little more and the pleasure wave hit again and became more constant.

“Oh Brian! That’s my spot!

I continued rocking my hips, now supporting myself with my hands on Brian’s legs. Brian’s cockhead was hitting my deep spot perfectly. My vagina and my whole pussy was tightening, not in sudden contractions, just a tighter and tighter squeeze on Brian’s cock. The sensations continued to build as did the deep heat. Brian’s hands were on my hips, feeling the wave-like motions I was making. My body was taking over, the movement automatic.

“Oh Brian, I’m gonna cum!”

And with that, the pleasure transformed into ecstasy. My moans matching each roll of my hips. Brian’s cock so deep, my body controlling my hip movement.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” I repeated and repeated and repeated as my orgasm persisted.

It may have been a full minute before the internal tightening began to diminish, the intense heat turning back to warmth.

I saw Brian’s curious smile, suspecting the unique pleasure I’d just experienced.

“Oh my god! That’s the longest orgasms ever!”

I sat motionless, so filled with Brian still inside. His hands glided from my hips, again cupping my breasts, flicking the red teardrops.

When he put his hands on my hips again, he lifted me slightly, enough for him to thrust into me. I could feel Brian’s need. That’s when it hit me that he hadn’t cum yet! He had given me orgasm after orgasm, patiently awaiting his own release. It had been two days since he’d last cum! With all the pleasure he’d seen on my face, he had to have a lot built up.

Knowing Brian’s favorite position (and one of mine too!), I leaned forward again and said softly,

“Take me from behind!”

I climbed off Brian, saddened by the emptiness left by his wonderful cock. Anxious for his return. Brian rolled to the side of the bed and off of it so that he was standing. My husband looked amazing, his toned body standing tall with his rigid shaft, glistening from my moisture, cantilevered from his core, throbbing with each heartbeat, highlighted by the beautiful, nearly purple crown at the end.

Knowing how he wanted me, I got on all fours, my knees near the edge of the bed. I spread my legs enough that Brian could move between them. I lowered my shoulders to the bed, freeing my arms. As he stood behind me, I arched my back so that the curves of my ass were accentuated. Reaching back, I put my hands on my cheeks, pulling them apart slightly, letting Brian know how much I needed him back inside.

Brian moved closer, gliding his cockhead up and down my slit, spreading our moisture. He pressed at my entrance. It was already partially open to welcome him inside. I rocked back just enough to again capture his engorged head in my tight entrance, my muscles instinctively grasping his shaft. Brian put his hands on my hips to control the pace, again slowly filling me. My tightness delighted in every nuance of his cock.

His thrusting started long and slow, from tip to base, then got a little faster, a little harder. I raised up on my elbows so that I could absorb his pounding. I pushed back to meet each thrust. His hands on my hips, we were in a beautifully rhythmic synchrony. Again the red teardrops swaying, tugging at my hard nipples, adding more to my pleasure with each thrust. In and out! In and out! In . . . . Out! In . . . . Out! the rhythm continued. There was one brief pause when Brian’s thumb pressed against the radial ridges of my other opening as if to acknowledge how it was expanding and contracting with our motion. Then his hands returned to my hips and the pace resumed. In . . . . Out . . . . In . . . . Out! The red teardrops swaying!

Brian began to tense a bit; his grip tightened, as did my pussy.

“Cum in me, Brian. Fill me!” I encouraged him.

A loud grunt preceded his grip pulling me tight against his legs and hips. His cock jerked inside me. He grunted as each squirt of cum coursed through his shaft and shot to my deepest recesses. The heat of his cum triggered my body’s response. My contractions quickly released another round of pleasure. Locked together, my muscles clamped tightly onto Brian’s cock, milking every drop from him.

As we came off the peak of our ecstasy, we didn’t move; savoring the moment we shared, the sacred act of our marriage.

Brian slowly withdrew. He grabbed a towel we keep under my pillow to absorb our moisture that coated his still rigid cock. Then he cleaned up the overflow of his release that was running down my legs. I gently loosened the lassos that had delighted my nipples most of the evening and massaged my breasts, releasing the stiffness I had so enjoyed.

We both collapsed into our bed. I cuddled next to Brian, my arm over his chest, our feet intertwined.

“Brian, that was amazing! Thank you. I love you so much!”

He softly said “That was amazing for me too. I love you too!”

We drifted off to sleep so delighted with every moment of our B&D Holiday. We pray that every couple can experience days like this one.

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5 replies
  1. PatientPassion says:

    Okay, I know there's probably no such thing as a perfect day… but this comes REALLY close in my opinion! What a beautiful thing to be able to spend all day together, focused completely on each other, relaxing, having some fun physical activity together… then having another kind of "fun physical activity" too!

    The long, slow-paced, extended lovemaking you described is totally my fantasy! I hope my future wife likes massages, because I would love to duplicate the erotic massage (and the rest of the story) with her.

    Well written, intimate and HOT, New Wife! Praise God for the amazing intimacy he has blessed you and your husband with! You're a shining example of what the extraordinary gift of married sex should be like!

  2. Rcthom55 says:


    Beautifully written. Your excitement wonderfully described.

    It was very hot and I was hard as I read. It gave a wonderful release as my wife is out of town.

    Keep writing and sharing!

  3. HappyHubby says:

    What a great description and storytelling. I love the way you describe how he pleasured you. Both the technique and pacing showed a husband who understood and cared for his wife pleasure. Every husband and wife should invest in days such as these.

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