Fantasy Come True

Ok, I guess the best way to start is from the beginning. This story involves my wife and I and is a true story. It is a fantasy come true for me, but this wasn’t the only fantasy she has made come true, just the first and most memorable. Anyway, we have been married 40 years, having married in our early twenties in the late 70s.

Before I met my wife I was so shy. We met through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately. Anyway, to get to the point, we have both been very sexual, having sex wherever and whenever we could. We had a honeymoon in the Adirondacks at a secluded cabin in the far backwoods, and my wife wore no clothes the entire time unless we went into town. She loves being naked and I enjoy her wanting to be naked; she’s gorgeous and has a superb body. We had sex from morning to night and I think we were horizontal more than vertical in those days.

My wife also had a special talent. She loved giving me blowjobs. She would suck me sometimes for an hour or more — drove me crazy, but my oh my, she knew her craft well. She could deepthroat me, staying down for quite a time while I could feel her throat contractions, then come up and give me a huge smile, knowing she was giving me something only she could give. Now keep in mind, this was the 70’s, and not many girls were doing this. Intercourse was the main event back then. She told me that she had seen an old super 8 x-rated movie when she was a teenager, and thought that would be the thing she wanted to be good at when she met her “special someone”. None of her friends had ever done this; they thought it was gross. Anyway, the fantasy.

Of all the things we did together sexually, we never had sex outside under a full moon. We had lots of outdoor sex on the honeymoon during the day, but never at night. It was too cold and the mosquitoes would carry us away. But one night, as we sat outside wrapped in a big blanket beside a raging bonfire, I looked up and saw there was a full moon that night. So I told my wife that I thought it would be so cool if she gave me a blowjob on the hood of the car on a full moon night, outside, and in the middle of a big field. She just kind of looked at me and said something, but I figured she thought I was crazy and would never do that. About a year later, she took me for a ride one night about midnight. She drove down a backcountry dirt road, shut off the lights, and then turned into a long dirt driveway that ran along a line of trees and out into a huge field. I had long forgotten mentioning to her about wanting a blowjob on the hood of the car.

So there we were about a 1/4 mile off the road with no houses visible in any direction. She parked the car, got out and took off all her clothes, and then called for me to join her. I had no clue about any of this and was quite surprised to see her nude. Her skin had a beautiful shimmer to it and her black hair shone in the moonlight. It was an amazing experience: her naked beauty, the swaying of her breasts as she moved, the huge full moon, the smell of the grass, and the drone of the insects.

I had one cigar left in the glove compartment that I got out and lit up to celebrate with her. We leaned against the front of the car just taking it all in as we held hands. It was magical. Then she went back to the trunk, got out a blanket, and spread it out on the hood. She told me to get up on the hood; this was my night, she said. I still had no idea what she had planned, but I got up on the hood with my feet on the bumper.

She came up between my legs, took my manhood in hand and proceeded to suck my cock like a pro. Oh my, she felt sooooo good. She worked her magic, and I was in heaven as she sucked me out there under the stars and full moon on the car hood in the middle of a huge field. Then it all made sense; she had literally taken what I said to her a year ago and went to work on making it happen. A fantasy come true, and with my wife that made it all the best.

She worked my cock, licked it, sucked it, stroked it with her mouth up and down, and it was the most delicious blowjob I had had up to that point. I could feel the orgasm coming on from somewhere deep down, as it slowly built up in passion in concert with her mouth. I didn’t want it to end; oh my god, was she good. As I yelled out to her that I was going to cum, she never missed a stroke, just looked up at me. Our eyes met, she gave two thumbs up and went deep and stayed there, working her throat muscles while I came. It was awesome, truly awesome! I came long and hard right down her rhythmically contracting throat, almost falling off the hood.

She held me in her mouth for quite awhile until I went limp, then she let go. Giving me her special smile, she climbed up on the hood with me and we laid there enjoying each other’s company. I thanked her a hundred times for her stellar performance. That was 40 years ago, and she has only gotten better with time.

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