Roadside Marital Assistance

My wife and I had hit a rough patch. Just before my 50th birthday, my wife uncovered a year-long online flirtation I was having with a former girlfriend. The exchange manifested itself into long, erotic emails. Ultimately, we exchanged some nude photos.

It was like God said, "ENOUGH!" As my wife was planning my 50th surprise party she discovered the photos and emails. The journey to fidelity that ensued has been a roller coaster over the past five years. Now, it's smoothing out as almost five years of change has brought us to a better place. The path back included many hours of talk, crying, and yes, sex.

Part of our healing, one in which my wife owned a substantial portion, was our placid sex life. What I had described as fantasy, opened her eyes more to my sexual mind. That became obvious to me on our way home one day. We had spent it repairing our relationship. We took a sunny Sunday afternoon to listen to music at a vineyard an hour away. We hadn't directly discussed if she had planned the events that would occur on the ride home. However, a bottle of white wine and some great conversation led to an interesting ride.

About 20 minutes into an hour ride home, my wife slid her hand over to my pants and started rubbing my crotch. I began to alternate between watching the interstate and my wife. She had reclined her seat to be lower than the window line. She slid a hand under her shirt and released her bra. Sliding the shirt up to her neck, she exposed her breasts and started playing with her nipples. Her other hand continued on my crotch.

I helped by unbuttoning my shorts and unzipping them. She slipped under my boxers and took control of my hard cock. To my surprise, she hopped up and slid her lips over the head. She has always been gifted at giving head. She worked it expertly. Her tongue swirled over the head of my cock. Her lips slid over it as much as she could.

I tried to stay in place, driving wise, so no one passed or I passed anyone. But, inevitably, a semi began to pass. I'm sure as he approached he could see my wife's back. It had to be obvious what was going on inside our SUV. He got alongside of us and slowed up a bit. It seemed like he was taking a long look before finally moving on.

Not wanting to take my load in her mouth, she shifted back into her seat. "Let's go to the park when we get home," she said. "Somewhere public.”

This was totally outside our comfort zone. But my hard cock started taking over executive function and it had my mouth respond, "Yes. Fuck in the park."

I moved my hand over to her and reached down between her legs. My hand and fingers began to rub her hot clit and pussy. My fingers went into her. She continued to play with her breasts. Then I realized I was passing cars and trucks! I had been alternating watching the road and working her. My mind was elsewhere as my foot got heavy. I'm sure dozens got some kind of show.

My brain grabbed a little control and remembered there was a park-n-ride at the next exit. My cock was swollen and wanted her sooner than the 30 minutes left in our drive home. I moved over and hit the exit. "I want you now," I said as she smiled.

The park-n-ride was mostly hidden from the roads surrounding the spot. People would have to drive far into the lot to see us. My wife was excited and started climbing into the back seat, pushing the third row back. I pulled in, evaluating the parking. I was looking for a spot that provided cover and a chance to get back into clothes if we were spotted. I began to get a little nervous, but she was revved up for me.

I slid it into park but left the engine running for any necessary escapes. Then I hopped into the back with my semi-nude wife. She had already found a headrest and her shorts were off, shoved in between the second row seats. I slid mine down but left them around my ankles, in case I had to hop up and drive away.

Headlines that would appear in the newspaper if we were caught popped into my head. My body took over, though, as I straddled her and moved into position. That joyous cunt of hers was dripping at this point, waiting and eager to be filled. The danger excited her, but it started to terrify me. My position at work would be in jeopardy with a picture or a visit from an officer bent on writing us up.

"Oh, YES!" she exclaimed as my cock slid in. My weight pushed against her due to the awkward position I had. My naked ass was exposed in the back window but our SUV was positioned so someone driving in would not see it first. My initial plan was to get mine quickly and get the heck out of there. Good plan, but not happening anytime soon. My excitement, while still there in my cock, messed with my head. The nervousness I had suddenly gave me unyielding stamina.

I pushed into her again and again. Then burrowing into her, I pushed her up against the seat. We settled into a rhythm. Occasionally, I would have to pull her back as we slid up the seat. She closed her eyes, enjoying the moment and the danger.

Her legs moved over my shoulders, stopping the slide as she crossed them behind my neck. I then quickened to a rabbit's pace, finding a different angle and feel. For a moment, my worry stopped. I began to feel the build of my finish. But car traveling down the gravel road moved past the lot to the stop sign. My anxiety returned and the rush receded.

Her legs now unlocked and went around my waist as I continued to pound her. My mind was focusing on her face. The combination of pleasure and effort contorted her beautiful smile with a grimace. She moaned and sighed, her head turning to the side. The feel of her body as I leaned in to kiss her neck brought the rush back. Only this time it surged with more force.

Another car came down the gravel road but the rush busted through the worry. I unloaded as I pushed deeper into her.

"OH MY, OH MY! YES!" I held it there for about 30 seconds. I was looking deep into her open eyes as my cock spewed out its cream into her. My hands slid up to her cheeks, my elbows still holding me up.

I hopped up and slid my shorts up. Then we were on our way without discovery. The effects of wine and our sexual activity slipped my wife into sleep. My crotch was wet and my semi-hard cock needed repositioning several times. It had me thinking that this could have been the hottest, most daring act, we'd ever done in 20 years of marriage.

Arriving home, we moved onto the couch and held each other. "Where did that come from?" I asked her. I didn't want to point a finger at her drinking or draw the line to our reconciliation. She provided me an answer that confirmed my suspicions.

"The wine had it's effects," she said and paused. "But I've been afraid I'm not doing it for you if you have to write erotically to another woman. I was thinking I must not be satisfying you."

We discussed how awkward our sexual discussions have been in the past. Also, that both of us had a role to play in talking about sex openly. We confessed we were reluctant to bring our needs up regularly. We then prayed that God would give us the right words at the right time moving forward.

The next day I had to travel back to the city. When driving by our spot, I got somewhat excited. I was approaching where I had my cock buried deep inside my wife less than 24 hours before. It was clear we were somewhat out of site to the gravel roads surrounding the lot. But my back window would have been clearly visible to the interstate - from both sides!

I'm guessing several dozen people saw my big ass in the window. I'm surprised we didn't get called in to the state patrol.

I got harder.

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    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It was a stupid selfish act that lead to both of us analyzing our side of why it happened. Painful, but it ultimately drew us closer. I turned to prayer and God because I knew that's who brought us together.

  1. wfewtchr819 says:

    Love the visuals and the idea of daring acts, it is very exciting when a drive includes the removal of clothes and I can't get enough of my wife's erotic displays. Thanks for sharing.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      She totally surprised me and we did talk about it later and a lot of it was the alcohol. She does it at home off and on and I tell her I love it...

  2. Tangosierra says:

    Loved this story. I appreciated the fact that you and your wife worked it out. Good really can heal all wounds. I hope you continue along this path and can grow closer together with His help. And, that you'll have many more stories like this one to bless your life!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Not so public but we are still getting closer on a number of fronts. Sexually we have our moments of heat and then just basic necessity, which as I'm getting older, is not so bad 😀 .

  3. PacMan says:

    It’s so cool how God can redeem beyond our hopes. It sounds like your next 20 years of sex might become better than the first! And I loved how your wife’s inner tigress came out!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It definitely has is UP moments. I believe I have a Christmas story coming in December connected to the events that lead to this one.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thank you! It's a great reflection tool for how good we really have it and how far we've come with God's help and a little communication. I will keep writing!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thanks Art! I've never taken the easy path through anything and I wasn't going to let my selfishness destroy what we built. God is great and so is a union between a man and a woman.

  4. ClimaXX says:

    I want to start off by saying that we should never BLAME our spouse when we step over the line and sin, but... and this is a very BIG BUT!!! ... if you are the lower sex drive partner, you have to realize that you are NOT protecting your spouse if you do not respond to his or her sexual advances. There is a saying that you should not let your spouse walk around with a loaded gun, because he or she might come home one day with a smoking gun.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Hmmm. That said, those of us with the higher drive can get demanding at times. We both need to consider the emotional, as well as physical, needs of the other. From your writing, we all know you believe that, too. It just bears repeating.

      This story doesn't seem to be saying the OP's spouse denied him. Just that sex wasn't as exciting as he would have liked. And it looks like she took steps to change that from her end, at least some of the time. That shows her commitment to being "a help meet for him" - in every way!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      I wasn't angling at that at all, it was something that she said in that moment actually and later talking about things as we worked through them. She took that on, and I didn't affirm this directly and part of it was I always respected "No, not tonight". The writings she discovered opened her eyes to my mind and she came to that conclusion. I never put that on her directly, it was just a small piece....the rest was my stupidity and lust.

  5. O-man says:

    Forgiveness! Better to give than to receive, and the repentant when forgiven lives with useful gratitude to the relationship. I enjoyed this story not for the sexual encounter as much as for the love and commitment to better by both.

    May your home be blessed and may you too do more excellently together.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Five years later we're still working on the same things, just getting better and making our relationship stronger. Through her forgiveness, both immediate and long term, I've grown so much.

  6. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    I've always loved to write erotically (obviously) but this is a nice venue to keep connecting my beliefs with my desires and reflecting upon our marriage and it's strengths (we can always see the weaknesses).

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