A Means to an End — P&H (L)

“Oh yes! Right there!” moaned Holly.

Pete replied, “This part of your upper back need a massage?”

“No you idiot… my G-spot.”

Holly was lying flat on her stomach and Pete was straddling her thighs. He was pumping his long hard cock deep into her sloppy wet pussy. Pete was leaning over Holly’s back, his hands holding his torso up by putting some deep pressure on her upper back. Holly loved getting fucked from behind while at the same time getting a back massage.

“I bet your masseuse at the spa doesn’t give you this kind of full body experience,” said Pete.

Holly was enjoying the deep penetration… “Mmm right there. Just press deep. Ohhh. Yes!”

“Ugghhh. Your pussy is so wet!”

“I know. Last time it was this wet was… my spa day. But keep pumping. You’re doing a better job than my masseuse.”

“What?! Better job at what?!”

“Making me orgasm.” Holly started to grind her ass backwards with more fervor.

“What the hell, Holly?!?! For real?”

With a shaking moan and a “Fuuuuuuck…” Holly’s body began to spasm. She groaned in delight as her orgasm swept over.

Pete kept pumping until it was too sensitive for Holly. She rolled over as Pete stepped off the bed. Holly got on her knees, and Pete asked, “Have you been keeping any secrets from me?”

She gingerly wrapped her fingers around his rock-hard and soaking wet dick. She then pressed the head of his cock on her hard nipples. She started pumping her hands over his erection and flashed a very coy smile.

“My last spa treatment left me with a very happy ending, Pete! I wish you could have been there!”

“Oh Fuuu… oh baby! I’m gonna explode!”

“Do it! I’ve been a bad girl. Shoot your cum all over my tits!”

“Was your masseuse a guy?”

“No…. mmm… a girl.”

Holly’s pumping quickened.

Pete’s breathing became shallow and quick as well.

“Cum on your bad girl!”

“Oh shiiiiit! Ughhgh!”

And with that, ropes of creamy white cum started splashing all over Holly’s chest, dripping down onto her thighs.

After a quick clean-up. Holly and Pete cuddled naked on the bed.

Pete asked, “So what happened at the spa? You can tell me… I’m not mad.”

“I had a fantastic massage, nothing more.”

“Like… a happy ending massage?”

“I didn’t lie. It was a happy ending, but not THAT kind. Just felt rejuvenated.”

“So you tricked me?!”

“Maybe a little bit. When you were humping me, I realized how close I was to climaxing when the spa came up. I could tell you were thinking dirty thoughts, so I decided to run with it. I figured it might get you close to cumming since I was almost over the edge.”

“Sure as hell worked! You are one sexy-ass bride!”

“Damn straight!”

Holly turned off the light and the two lovers drifted off to sleep.

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  1. SecondMarge says:

    Very sexy. I have come to terms that my massages turn me on. They don’t do anything directly sexual, only therapeutic. But being naked and having hands all over my body from under my breasts to my pubic bone, from my neck to my butt and upper thighs. I can’t help but enjoy it. My husband wishes he could watch and loves me to describe them. This story gives me new ideas on how to describe them to him.
    I’m more comfortable when it’s a woman. But when it’s a man I tell my husband about the "bulge in his pants". Wink wink

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