Irresistible Seduction

It was a hard day at work. I came home late expecting dinner to be ready. It wasn’t. Instead, on the kitchen counter was a note from my wife, November.

There’s a hot sandwich for you in the oven.
When you’re done, come up to bed.
I will make love to you all night.
I’m waiting.

I had never known November to act so sensual, and I was eager for what she had in store for me in upstairs. I quickly ate the sandwich and went upstairs. The door to our bedroom was locked. I knocked.

A few seconds later, the latch clicked, and the door slowly opened. No one was there. The room was dim, lit only by several large candles around the bed, which was enclosed on all sides by transparent violet curtains. I stepped in. “November?” I called. No one answered. I walked over near the bed. Then I heard the door close.

Turning around, I saw her. She wore a robe similar to the curtains surrounding the bed. Through it I could see her beautiful, perfect curves, her breasts, her hips and butt. She is so beautiful; thin but with full, soft curves. Her bright blue eyes held mine. Slowly she approached me, never breaking eye contact…until she reached me. Resting her hands on my shoulders, she lifted her head up to capture my lips with hers. It was a passionate kiss, out tongues pushing and intertwining, moving back and forth constantly. She took my lower lip between hers, and licked my lips sensuously, licking and kissing my lips and tongue. Her hands ripped open my shirt, pushing it off. She places her hands on either side of my chest and began to explore, tracing every muscle.

Within a few minutes, I was left with only my underwear, and she slowly broke our succulent kiss, licking my lips as she backed away. She dropped her robe, fully revealing her body to me. She came back, kissing me even more fiercely and passionately. My hands roamed over her back, then slid down to hold her buttocks. November’s buttocks are beautiful, perfectly shaped, not too big or small. I loved to touch them and their softness. Then I began to kiss her jaw and neck. She sighed and arched her head and neck backward, giving my more access. I made her moan, as my mouth possessed every nook. Then I moved lower, my lips kissing up the side of her right breast. At last I captured her nipple, licking and kissing it gently. “Aahhh…” sighed November, arching back farther, pushing her breasts out for me to possess. She has large breasts, but not too large. They are perfect. I moved to her other nipple, which was then very aroused. She sighed and cooed in a soft voice, her hands lightly moving over my lower back.

At last, as I finished, she stood up again, regaining control and capturing my lips and tongue. Her hands slid down my back and inside my underwear, moving over my buttocks. They moved farther down, taking my underwear with them until it dropped to the floor, and I stepped out of it. She looked at me, her eyes full of passion. She looked at my glorious penis, fully erect before her. My staff was very long and hard, my sac tight, covered with hard ridges and valleys. My hair stood on end. She licked her lips. She ran a single finger from my sac to the full length of my staff. I sighed heavily.
Pleased, she turned me around, reached behind me to part the bed curtains, and pushed me back onto the bed. She crawled up on my legs, and placed her face inches from my erection. She extended her tongue to touch my tip, and from there she began to explore every surface, every crevice, of my manhood. She left not one square millimeter unclaimed by her lips and tongue. She explored and learned every part of my shaft, my rigid sac. Her lips and tongue discovered every secret I held as a man. She knew me completely; I belonged to her. My manliness was her possession, for her to know, for her to love, explore and possess every part of.

Finally, her lips left me aching, desperate for satisfaction, but she did not disappoint. She lifted her hips above mine, and her eyes locked into mine. Her hips were beautifully curved, completely perfect. Then she lowered her hips, and she slowly engulfed my manhood fully, to the hilt. Our bodies exploded in pleasure. We both screamed as she sunk the last inch to rest her hips upon mine. She wrapped her legs around mine, pulling herself even tighter against me, my manhood deeper inside her. Our legs intertwined, finally finding a tightly locking position. Our hands wrapped tightly around each other, and our lips locked, our tongues and lips moving over and around each other’s. Our lips did not part as long as I was inside her.

The feeling of being possessed by my wife, November, was even stronger now, as her steaming body completely surrounded and captivated my manhood. But now we were each other’s. She was mine as well, and I was hers. Our minds and souls reached out and came together. Tightly intertwined and locked together, we began to move our hips together with a slow pulse. The physical pleasure was earth shattering. I had never known so much passion, so much good feeling. Pure pleasure filled every cell of my body, and my manhood was on fire with passion as it moved within November. The pleasure was sexual and emotional. Our souls were conjoined. We possessed each other, knew each other fully. Our slow pulse quickened, the movement our hips more forceful, my manhood moving deeper and harder within her body with each thrust. We heated up, until our bodies were bright red with heat.

The pleasure for both of us increased. We began to moan with each thrust of our hips together. The pleasure escalated to an unknown height. She screamed as we thrust together, then I joined her, and we both screamed as our tongues and lips continued to intertwine themselves. Our mutual thrusts quickened still. Now our hips were rocking forcefully back and forth, my manhood driving deep, retreating very slightly and then thrusting deep within again. We no longer knew whose body was whose, whose mind was whose, whose soul was whose, but we just continued. To indulge this indescribable love for each other.

At last we erupted simultaneously, and the rush of pleasure was so great that both arched our backs at once, driving out hips together, and my manhood deep within her body in a momentous thrust of pleasure. The great wave of pleasure captured every cell of our bodies. We screamed as loud as we could, shouting each other’s names. The waves came and came, and we moved together in ecstasy. We moaned and screamed between our intertwined tongues and lips.

Then it was over, and my wife November and I had never been closer before that moment, and have never been further apart since, because of the amazing sexual and emotional passion and pleasure we experienced. We’ve gone there and beyond many times since as we continue to explore each other’s bodies and souls.

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  1. David McCoy II says:

    I believe that type of story of two of God’s creatures enjoying His gift of sex to the fullest, and demonstrating to each other and the watching angels their devotion and commitment to each other rises as a sweet aroma before His throne, as did the smell of the sacrifices in the Old Testament. But just as God spoke through one of the prophets, “I hate your new moons and your festivals, they are a stench in My nostrils…”, because Israel kept the Passover as a sham of righteousness, yet their hearts were far from God; so the enjoyment of God’s sexual gifts outside the bonds of marriage rises as a stink and a mockery before the Creator which will not go unpunished. We see a number of these punishments already in STD’s, AIDS, HIV, etc. Oh may God grant us mercy for self-control, to reserve our God-given passions for proper release in the holy covenant of marriage.

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