Romance Suggestion for Husbands

Husbands, here is a wonderful way to show your wife just how much she means to you. It is quite involved, but I guarantee this will be one evening that she will never forget! Just follow the instructions step-by-step and everything should run smoothly.

One evening just before bed as you and your wife are relaxing watching TV, silently get up and leave her to put this plan into action. Don’t tell her what you are doing. She will become interested just by seeing you make secret trips back and forth to the bathroom. Make sure she doesn’t see any of the objects you are using to prepare her surprise. You are about to prepare her a dreamy relaxing bath.

1. Turn on a heater in the bathroom.

2. Pick out 2 outfits for her to choose to wear after her bath. Give her the option of a sexy nightie set or her favorite dumpy comfortable pjs with comfortable cotton panties. Place the outfits on the bathroom counter and cover them with a bath towel where she can’t see them until after the bath.

3. Write her a short note telling her how much you love her and how much you appreciate everything she does for you. Tell her that you thought she deserved to be treated to a nice relaxing bath. Explain in the note that she should choose whichever outfit of the two that would make her most comfortable for the night. Fold the note and write on the top “For my forever princess, Open after bath” and leave it on top of the towel over the clothes.

4. Gather up tea light candles, the tiny round ones, and place them all over the bathroom. Place some on the edge of the tub, on top of the toilet, on the counters, and most romantically create a pathway from the bathroom door to the tub with them. The more the better.

5. Try your best to create an animal out of towels like they do at fancy hotels. This will give her a good laugh and show her that you really tried your best even if it looks awful!

6. Grab her latest book or magazine and place it on a towel near the tub for her to enjoy during her bath.

7. Once everything is in place, then you should begin running the bath water. At this point she will know exactly what you have been up to this entire time. She will probably get very excited with anticipation upon hearing the running water.

8. Put bubble bath in the water as it is running, and for a bonus effect you can add some rose petals to the water and to the center of the candle path.

9. Once everything in the bathroom looks perfect. Turn off the lights and go get your wife. Walk her gently by the hand to the bedroom. There, help her take off her clothes and put on a nice soft robe. Give her a sweet kiss and whisper “I love you” in her ear.

10. Lead her gently by hand to the bathroom and slowly open the door for her. She will be in awe as she sees everything you have planned for her. The warmth of the heater and the glow of the candles will be so romantic. Help her take off the robe and offer her a helping hand into the tub. Once she is seated, show her the towel animal. This will add some lighthearted humor in the romantic situation. Pick up her magazine or book and offer it to her.

11. Once you have asked her if there is anything else she needs, wish her a wonderful bath and leave the room.

12. But wait, you are not finished!!! At this time, grab a big pot from the kitchen and fill it with water. Put it on the stove and heat it. Also grab a large bath towel and heat it up in the clothes dryer.

13. Then go to the bedroom and put on your sexiest pajamas and a robe if you own one.

14. By this time your wife’s bath water will have gotten cold so return to the kitchen and once the pot of water is warm, not boiling, take it to the bathroom and slowly pour it in your wife’s bath water. Feeling the warm water and seeing you all dressed nicely will make her feel so loved. Ask her if she would care for another pot of water before you kiss her and leave.

15. Now you should sit nearby and listen for her to drain the bathwater. When you hear it, run grab the towel out of the clothes dryer and run it to her before it gets cold. She will love being wrapped in a warm towel. Remind her that at this point that she can read the note on the counter once you leave.

16. While she is getting dressed, light a few candles in your bedroom and fold back the covers for her. Then lie on the bed and wait for your lovely relaxed wife to meet you.

This is an exact play-by-play of a special night my husband planned for me. It was so romantic, and it meant so much that he would go through all of this effort. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it so other wives could feel just as loved as I did. And husbands I can almost guarantee that all of your efforts will be repaid before the night is over! *wink*

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