Wife Toys with Me on A Business Trip

After being married for a little over 11 years now and with 4 children my wife and I sometimes have a hard time keeping the “spice” in our marriage.  A little while ago we had a conversation about how our intimate times were becoming rather predictable and we discussed a few options about how to possibly improve them a little bit.

We spoke about possibly different positions, role playing, and many other ideas as well.  One option that I had brought up was about possibly bringing a sex toy into the bedroom.  Now, my wife is a daughter of a preacher and is very conservative and her first reaction was to say, “absolutely not!”.

Over the next few days we spoke about a few more ideas but then I brought up the idea of a toy again.  She asked me why I brought up the idea again when she was so against it the first time.  I told her that I knew that she liked it when I rubbed her clit when we were making love so I thought that she might like the feeling of something vibrating against it the next time for a change.  She thought about it for a minute but still said no to my idea and asked that I not bring it up again.

Respecting her wishes, I never brought up the idea again and sex continued to be very routine for the next few months.  After about three months we both spoke again about our frustration with our routine and promised each other that we would think about any new ideas for the next week and then we would discuss them again the next weekend.

I had some good ideas that I wrote down over the next week and was eagerly anticipating the weekend when out of the blue my boss informed me that they were sending me away for the weekend for a training session.  I let my wife know this when I got home that night and although we were both disappointed we decided to put our discussion off until I got home on the Monday night.

After I checked in at the motel I went out for dinner with a few guys from the office and then went back to my room with the thought that I would get to bed early as our training started early the next morning.  When I got into the room I turned my laptop on to check to see if I had any emails.  When I opened the laptop I noticed that there was a DVD that had been placed in between the screen and the keyboard.  There was a note on the DVD in my wifes handwriting that just said, “Honey, I love you.  I thought about your idea and, ENJOY!”.  Slightly confused I put the DVD into the laptop and was floored by the first image that came on to the screen.

It was an image of our bedroom with my beautiful wife sitting completely naked on the bed.  She said that although she was a little turned off with my idea of toys at first she thought that she might give it a try but wanted to try them first without me knowing about them just in case she really didn’t like them at all.  She said that her and her best friend went to a local store that sold lingerie and adult toys and they both purchased a couple of toys to try to spice up their marriages.  She had tried them a couple of times already and really wanted to thank me for the idea.  She had planned to surprise me that weekend with them in our bedroom but since I couldn’t be there she wanted me to see how she had been using them over the last few days.  She closed off speaking by just saying those words that every husband loves to hear, ” I love you so much!”.  She then leaned back on the bed and began to rub her hands all over body.  She would move her hands from her chest down to her thighs and then back up to her chest.  When she brought her hands back up to her chest she began to play with her nipples a little bit.  As she pinched and pulled on them not only did they start to become very engorged but her legs also started to slowly get farther apart.  Pretty soon I could see the lips on my wifes beautiful vagina and I noticed immediately how wet she was.  I couldn’t believe that the love of my life was doing this for me!

As she continued to massage her breasts with her left hand she moved her right hand under the covers and brought out a small blue vibrator that kind of looked like a little finger with some bumps on the end of it.  I heard it start to hum as she turned it on.  She rubbed it on her breasts and moaned when it hit her nipples.  She then began to move it down her stomach.  She rubbed it over her thighs and finally brought it to her lips.  She let out another series of moans as she brought it to the area around her clitoris.  I watched in awe and fascination as my wife masturbated in front of me for the first time.  I had known before that she masturbated sometimes when I wasn’t home but I had never seen her do it before.  What a turn on it was to see her with her left hand pulling hard at her nipples and her right hand moving this little vibrator hard against her clit.  My wife let out a loud moan as she approached her orgasm.  I watched as my wife bucked her hips off of the bed and screamed as she came.  After she came I thought that the movie was pretty much done until she looked up at the camera and smiled and just said, “I’m not done yet, honey”.

I could hardly believe it as she put the little vibrator down and reached under the covers and pulled out her new “rabbit” vibrator.  She brought the rabbit to her vagina and pushed it in with one stroke!  She was so wet from just having orgasmed that she did not have to worry about any lube for it. She then pushed a couple of the buttons at the base of the vibrator and I could here the pearls that are built into the body of the vibrator start to move.  I once again saw my wife bringing herself to another orgasm but this one was much more powerful.  In only a couple of minutes my wifes little body began to be wracked by continuous orgasms.  Her body had sweat all over it and during each orgasm she just continued to scream.  After a number of orgasms she was exhausted.  I watched as she had just enough energy to pull the still moving rabbit out of her very swollen vagina and look up at me with a huge smile on her face and said, “I think you had better give me a call now.”  I dialed our number faster than I have ever done before and my wife answered on the first ring.  I didn’t know what to say to her but, ” I love you”.  My wife knowing what something like her video would do to me told me to masturbate now for her.

After I undressed, my wife began to tell me about how good the toys felt and how she was so excited for me to come home on Monday night so that we could use them together.  As she spoke to me I had my fist around my shaft and was moving it up and down as fast as I could.  In a matter of minutes I was approaching orgasm.  Finally, I came.  I came more than I had in quite a few years while I listened to my wifes beautiful voice on the phone encouraging me to come.
I honestly can’t tell you what I learned during the training sessions for my job that weekend, but I can tell you that when I got home on the Monday night our lovemaking was anything but predictable!

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  1. Happy Husband says:

    Great story. I had never read this one before. What an absolute blessing that must have been. I hope that you are doing well together with Christ’s blessings.

  2. Brad Garrett says:

    One of the greatest stories on MH, I pray that my wife would have this type of sex drive and solo masturbate and covet your prayes as well. I also pray that she would begin to read the MH stories and not think they are porn.

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