Valentine’s Day is Coming!

You, my beloved lady come home finding a purple orchid sitting on the table. You see two big balloons attached to the vase, both saying “I love you.” Sitting behind the vase is Peter and his new buddy, a monkey. You walk over to the flower reaching for the card. “HI!!!! Lioness, VALENTINE’S DAY is COMING. In case you didn’t notice the name tag on the monkey his name is Mojojo. I think he and Peter will make great friends when he is not out trying to destroy the world ;). I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you later on. Love Master :*.” You can’t contain your laughter as you read the card, letting the biggest smile come across your face.

I move up behind you wrapping my arm over your shoulder turning your face to me. “Hi Lioness, Happy Valentine’s Day.” I give you a big kiss before you can say anything, shoving my tongue inside your mouth, making you moan against me.

“Oh baby you’re so cute you know that.”

“Well, sometimes, but hey if you say so I will take it.” I give you another quick kiss as I pull us onto one of the table chairs. “So you like the flowers and Mojojo then?”

“Of course I do you silly man.” You give me another kiss cupping your hand around my face feeling the scruff from my beard on your palm.

“So what you get me?”

“Silly man, Valentine’s Day is for girls. Boys don’t get anything.”

I let a pout come over my face as I give you my puppy dog eyes. “That’s not nice.”

“Oh baby you are cute.” As soon as the words leave your mouth you press your hands together, squishing my face. “Squishy face!”

“Thanks, baby, just what I always wanted.”

“Oh don’t worry your present comes later on tonight.” You give me a wink as you get off my lap and walk to the fridge.

“Oh really, but what if I want it now?” I let my voice get low knowing how it makes you shiver. I get up off the chair. Coming up behind you, I place my hand on your hip as I nuzzle the hair by your ear. “I think I’ll take my present now.” I push my hand on your hips, shoving your ass against my stiff stalk.

“I guess maybe I could give you a piece of your present now since you gave me such a nice gift, plus that magical stalk, that I so love, seems like it needs some serious attention.” You turn in my arms, laying your hands on my chest as you move me against the counter. “Has my “physical earthly master” missed me? Have you been thinking naughty thoughts getting your cock nice and hard for me?” Your tongue flicks out, grazing my lips as your hands move up my sweater. You find one of my nipple rings, giving it a nice tug to make me moan for you. Your mouth clamps down on my shoulder, making my body tense against you as you slightly sink your teeth into me. My hand shoots to your hair, holding you against me. You give my ring another tug, making me gasp, wanting so bad to make love you. You finally release my shoulder, coming away with a loud pop. I bring you to me, devouring your mouth with mine and forcing my tongue inside you. I can feel your tits pressing against me just making me want you so bad. Your hand works down to the button of my jeans, popping it loose. I can hear the zipper go down as you shove your hand inside, finding my smooth cock. You break away from our kiss, feeling how hard my cock is for you. “My, you’re really super hard for me.”

“What can I say, you are truly amazing and just so sexy. How could I not be hard for you?”

I can feel your fingers wrapped around my cock as you start to stroke it, making my pre-cum ooze. “Take off your shirt, I want to see those beautiful breasts.” I already have your shirt halfway off by the time the words leave my mouth.

You move your hands behind your back, removing the clasps of your bra, beating me to the punch. Your clothes fall in a pile on the floor as you grab my cock, deep throating it all the way, making me grip the counter so I hard I think I’m going to rip it off. You slide your mouth off my cock slowly. I watch as a small line of saliva lingers on your lips as your mouth comes away from my cock. Your tongue flicks out, licking the underside of my head as you tease my cock. At this rate I’m not going to last long but I don’t care, I’ve been thinking about you all day. You suck on the head of my cock as your tongue dance around it inside your mouth stroking me with your hand.

“God, Lioness, you are truly amazing.”

You pick up your pace as you really start to work my cock. My hands are glued to the counter, my knuckles white from the pressure of my grip. My eyes are rolled in the back of my head from the mind blowing pleasure you are giving me. Your mouth comes away from my cock with a pop as you move down to my balls sucking one. Your hand keeps pumping my cock, just making me want to pop a load all over you.

“You going to cum for me?”

“God yes, Lioness.”

With that your mouth engulfs my cock again, deep throating it all the way down. My hand instantly shoots to your hair, holding you down against my cock. My hips start to rock as I feel my orgasm getting close. You work your mouth up and down my cock as fast as you can, knowing that you’re about to get a nice load.

“God, Lioness I’m cumming.” I can feel my balls tighten just as the words leave my mouth. You drain all the cum from my cock, swallowing every ounce of it. My head is swimming in the clouds, at that moment my mind completely empty. I can faintly hear your giggling as you give the head of my cock one final suck making sure to get every last drop.

“That was quite a load. I would have thought with the wake up sex we had this morning you wouldn’t have had anything left for me.”

Somehow finding my voice I manage to say, “Now, Lioness, you know better than that and don’t worry, I’ll still have some for later tonight too.”

“Good, so what are we doing tonight?”

“I have dinner reservations for us at seven and then I’m going to bring you back here and fuck you until we fall asleep.”

“Wow, sounds great. Why don’t we just skip dinner and you fuck me now then we can eat?”

“Thought you would never ask.” With that I pick you up, laying you on the counter. I hike your skirt up, knowing you’re not going to be wearing any panties. You know how I hate fighting with them trying to get to that sweet delicious pussy. Your pussy’s already soaked for me, making me just grin from ear to ear. “My Lioness, always so wet for me.”

and sometimes even when you are not around physically.”

I take my cock, parting your pussy lips as I tease your clit with the head of my cock.

“Oh don’t tease me please just enter me, come into our magical ONENESS. I need your cock so bad.”

“How could I resist.” As soon as the words leave my mouth I shove my cock deep inside you, filling your luscious pussy up. My lips lock on to yours as I love on you hard and deep.

The sound of our bodies slapping against one another fills the kitchen. You moan against my mouth as an orgasm wracks your body. I can feel your nails digging into my shoulder driving me crazy with pure lust for you. I pump my cock into you like a mad man wanting so bad to be deep inside you. Even after the amazing orgasm I just had I can feel another one building close. You break away from my mouth, a scream roaring from your throat as your pussy clamps down on my cock. You drag your nails all the way from my shoulder down my chest as you grab my nipple rings, willing me to fuck you deeper as you ride your orgasm. I can’t hold back anymore as my orgasm crashes against me, shooting my cum deep inside your pussy. My hand goes to the cabinet behind your head as I try to balance myself as my orgasm wracks my body, my cock pulsating as your pussy milks my cock.

“God, baby, I swear you are going be the death of me.”

“You’re telling me, Lioness.” I give you a slight kiss as we both just relax in the moment, neither one wanting to pull away from one another.

“OK now I’m hungry so we can go eat.”

“Oh well that’s nice seeing, as how I can barely move.”

“I know, shut up, me too.”

“Well I guess we will get there eventually. By the way have I told you lately how much I love you?”

“Not in the last couple of minutes, no, you haven’t.”

“Well I do. I love you very much, Lioness.”

“I love you too.”


“Oh oh so very good.” You wrap your arms around me as you kiss me, letting me taste the sweetness of your mouth.

The End

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