Sex with a P R E T T Y W O M E N

We had been having some conflict with sex in our marriage. I was less than willing to have sex all the time. But I knew my husbanded needed that desire from me. So for Valentines Day I decided to resolve our conflict by making my husband feel like he was the King of his Castle.

At the door was a love note asking him inside. As he opened the door he heard our favorite song playing quietly in the distance. The lights were off and the house smelled of freshly picked flowers. From there was a row of rose pedals leading him to the dinner table where I prepared him a wonderful meal over candlelight. From there another note lead him to the bathroom. In the bathroom I stood. My milky white skin was staring him in the eyes. My long red hair was draped down my back and my bright blue eyes and smile had him. I was naked with only a black tie loose around my neck and a note attach to my breasts. There it read: “This women is just for you!” The note on my breasts led us to our bedroom. On the bed was one last note. The note was my love letter to him. The letter read “To my dearest husband. I love you more than life itself. I want you to know God gave you to me at a time when I least expected it but the timing was perfect. I knew you were the one that day you came back for me. I have loved you ever since. Love me and make love to me. Forever your wife.” He then laid me across our bed of roses. He took off his clothes revealing his beautiful African American skin. He began to passionately kiss me as our to bodies touched. He softly spoke in my ear just as we began our love making session “Forever your husband”.

Those of you wives who are having trouble having the desire to make love. First and for most ask God for him to change you and make you desire sex with your husband. But in the mean time make him feel special. Make him feel he’s at home when he’s with you. Make him feel like there’s nowhere better in the world to be then with you everyday of his life.

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