The Valentine Surprise

Alicia Silverstone cracked open one eye to view the digital read-out of the bedside alarm clock. Four fourty-two.

With a sigh, she sank back against the pillows, trying to shut out the sound of the shower running. Her husband, Justin was getting ready for another long trip on the road.  His suitecase lay open on the chair near the bed, another sat near the door. Would it never end? He never knew how long they would require of him, he just traveled the route, no questions asked. In her opinion, with both their income, he didn’t have to take on so much. She wondered if he just wanted to be away from her.

The water stopped and she heard him rummaging in the adjacent closet for a towel. She turned her head into her pillow, willing sleep to come. There was a loud snap as he set  his comb down on the porcelain sink and a belch of air from the tube of hair gel as he shook it into his hand. Alicia sat up quickly, unable to go back to sleep.

Annoyed, she swung her legs onto the floor, wincing as her bare toes came into contact with the cold hardwood floor. Wearily she dragged a hand through her tousled hair, finger combing the tangled strands as she pulled on her robe, lying at the foot of the bed.

Joining her husband in the bathroom, she snatched up her toothbrush, squirted out a generous amount of toothpaste before shoving it into her mouth. Around the brush, she consulted him in the steamed up mirror.

“Id you ave to ake me up? I’m so ired.”

Spitting the toothpaste into the sink, she replaced the brush and  rubbed at her dark circled eyes. “I was up ’til two working on the deposition for the case I have on Monday. I feel like I can hardly see straight.”

“Oh baby I’m sorry,” Justin consoled, washing his hands of the sticky gel and stepping behind her to wrap his big muscled arms around her waist, holding their bodies very close, swaying gently. He moved her hair to kiss the sensitive patch of skin on the nape of her neck, gently nipping as he kissed his way to her earlobe. She shivered. He always did know how to calm her down and turn her to putty in his hands.Turning in his embrace she kissed him, full on, putting all her pent-up passion into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, her breasts flattened against his bare chest, her nipples pressing against the thin material of her sleep shirt and silk robe.

She felt the stir of life against her stomach, a gentle prodding beneath the towel wrapped around his waist.

Justin groaned aloud, stepping away, disappointment etched into his handsome face. He ran a big hand over his face with a frustrated sigh. “Of all mornings to get horny. I’m so sorry babe, but I have to run. I have to be in Dallas by six.”

Alicia nodded, dropping her hands to her side. “I understand, honey. Another time.”

“You can count on it,” Justin said, brushing a kiss over her mouth as he reached behind her for his blue button-down shirt. “I’m supposed to be back by Sunday night. But don’t wait up for me. I will probably be late. ”

She watched as he stepped into his good black jeans and struggled to pull the zipper over the bulge in his pants. He glanced at her with a sheepish smile and a sigh. “Gotta go babe. Love you.”

“Love you too.” She glanced at the small brushed silver clock on the counter of their sink. “I suppose I should get moving too. I have some laundry I need to tackle before I leave for the office.”

With a wave in her direction, he was gone; in a flurry of aftershave and clean soap. The heady scent of his cologne hung in the room, well after he was gone.

Still in her bathrobe and shorty pajamas, Alicia wandered down the hall to the laundry room. Three huge piles of laundry mocked her from their presence in a corner of the room. Taking up the challenge she got down to work, sorting and tossing colors into the washer, hanging up the shirts in the dryer and lugging the wicker laundry basket to the kitchen, where she began folding clothes as she ate her breakfast of  buttered toast and orange juice. She reflected on her marriage as she chewed thoughtfully. Where had things gone so wrong? She remembered a time when Justin couldn’t wait to pounce on her, the minute he walked through the door. She sighed.

But that was three years ago. They were newlyweds then, new to the art of lovemaking and always available for each other. She remembered how they’d christened each room of their small apartment, of their racy meetings in the shower before parting for work. Their loving touches out of the bedroom, Friday nights that  were set aside just for each other. My goodness, she couldn’t remember the last time they’d been out on a date, just the two of them.

Well, maybe she could. It was New Years Eve, two and half years ago. They had attended an office party hosted by her employer and his wife. It had been so elegant with gold furnishings, fluted glasses of champagne, table after table laden down with food. Ice sculptures in the shape of swans. Rich blue fabric draped over ceiling to floor windows. Christmas music playing softly in the background. Some had taken to the dance floor, the men, handsomely clad in black tuxedos twirling their lady partners in their arms. Justin had even stepped out a time or two. It had felt so good, so right as he had held her, their faces close, his breath stirring the curls at her ear that had escaped the upswept french twist.

At some point in the evening, one of her co-workers had stood to make a speech and toast in Mr. Preston’s honor. As Dave Garwell sang praises of his great attributes, Alicia felt a slight tug on the skirt of the slim red dress she wore, but not wanting to be obvious, she pretended that nothing was happening, seeing out of the corner of her eye, the mischevious smile on her husband’s face. Then his big warm hand slipped beneath her skirt, only to pause in his exploration as Justin realized she wasn’t wearing underwear that particular evening. She had never seen him so eager as then, to leave the room. Catching her hand in his, he murmered to the group of people seated around them, that they had an “emergency” to take care of, and swiftly led her into the hall.

“Where’s the coat room?,” he asked in a rough voice, his harsh breathing matching hers.

Alicia led the way, closing them inside the darkness, dropping the lock into place. Hopefully no one would attempt to leave the party early and wonder about the locked door.

They wasted no time in divesting each other of major clothing. Alicia swiftly undid his belt, drawing the zipper of his black dress slacks down. He braced her against the wall, hurridly shoving up the hem of her dress to expose her wet, glistening pussy. He couldn’t wait any longer. Holding her small, round bottom in his hands, he plunged his penis deep within her. Alicia gasped at the fullness of him, buried to the hilt inside her body. She wrapped her long legs around his waist, pulling the crisp white shirt from the band of his pants, stealing her hand beneath the shirt to fondle his chest, curling her fingers in the light smattering of hair, brushing her fingertips over his tight nipples. She heard his sharp intake of breath, and replaced her fingers with her mouth. He moaned against her mouth as he thrust his tongue down her throat, matching in rhythm, what he was doing to her body.

His hand sought and found her swollen clit, slick with their juices. Together they stimulated each other to orgasm, he pressing her closer to the wall on which she leaned, as he gave a gutteral moan, pumping fast and hard into her, moving his thumb rapidly over her throbbing bud of pleasure. She stifled her cry against his shoulder, sagging limp against him as wave after wave of sensation crashed over her, turning her to one big  puddle of mush. They sank as one to the floor below, content in each other’s embrace, their breaths still ragged and shallow. Alicia gave her husband a smile as she dug a wad of tissues from her purse and did a cursory cleanup, before they retrieved their coats, slipping out the back door and driving to their apartment for a repeat session.

Alicia felt slightly shaky as she recalled those wonderful memories. When their love was alive and their passion burned bright. Of course, if she were being realistic that was also before Justin had been promoted to a highly sought after trucking route, that gave them comfortable living and food on the table. And then within the second year of the marriage, she herself had been promoted to her own office. After that it seemed they’d slowly grown apart. Time that should have been spent cuddling together on the couch was time lost, usually to irritability on both their parts from exhaustion, or he to mapping out his truck route and she to pouring over deposition manuals. Most often in separate rooms.

Perhaps after Monday, when the stress had died down, they could sit and talk together and come up with a plan. Rinsing her dishes in the sink, she resolved to do just that.

She reached the office in record time, guiding the compact white Audi into her usual parking space.

She greeted her fellow co-workers as she passed their cubicles and once, closed inside her office, she released a tired yawn. Digging into the drawer of her desk, she found the packet of caffeine pills she kept in her office, for times like these.
Sure beats two cups of nasty tasting coffee, she mused, as she threw them back with a mug of iced tea.

The intercom on her desk, just then released an irritating string of noise. Shaking herself awake, she greeted her boss.

“Yes, Mr. Preston. Good morning.”

“Good Morning Alicia. I want to hold a staff meeting, just to go over a few things before the Vanderbilt closing on Monday. If you will, rally the troops together and meet in the boardroom in twenty minutes.”

“Will do Mr. Preston,” she said with a smile, releasing the intercom button. He was a great guy to work for. He affectionately referred to his staff of ten as his “troops”, having graduated years prior from the Army. At least he didn’t rule like a steel spined dictator, from having such experience as a General, and for that Alicia was thankful.

Shoving her arms into the sleeves of her business suit and hurriedly glancing at her reflection in the mirror near the door, she entered the hall, pausing at her friend’s desk.
“Hey Pen, Mr. Preston wants a meeting in twenty minutes.”

“Okay, I just need a sec,” Penni Black replied, reaching into her purse for a tube of lipstick. She painstakingly applied the makeup, reaching up to fluff her bangs. “All set. Let’s talk while we get the others. We’ve been so busy working on this particular client that we haven’t had lunch together in awhile.”

“I know. So are you and Jim coming over this weekend?,” Alicia asked. “I know I asked last week, but we’d love to get together and barbecue or something.”

Penni stopped in her tracks, giving her a strange look. “I’m going out with Jim, Leesh. It is Valentine’s Day after all.”

Penni watched as the expression of shock stole over her friend’s face.

“Oh no,” Alicia gasped, her hand flying to her mouth. “I completely forgot. And I bet Justin did too. He didn’t say anything this morning. We’ve both been so busy lately. He’s been on the road alot this week.”

“You can always make it up to him,” Penni suggested with a suggestive wink.
“Ha! Fat chance. We hardly have time to say “hi” and “bye” to each other let alone have sex. I hate to say this but I lost track of the last time we did it.”

“You’ll just have to make time for “It”,” Penni responded with a smile, tying up their private conversation as their co-workers rounded the corner for the meeting.

The first hour flew by quickly as the group poured over their files, synchronized their schedules and informed Mr. Preston of their various strategies to close the Vanderbilt deal.

Alica glanced at her employer, her fair brows knit into a puzzled frown. Something was up. She didn’t know what, but he’d been acting pretty strange this morning. There were frequent glances at his Rolex, shuffling papers before him, avoiding her direct, curious gaze.

Alicia looked to Penni who shrugged, before resuming her task of delegating the point person of breakfast pickup on Monday.

“I’ll do it,” dark haired, quiet Melanie replied. “I’ll stop by Bruno’s Bagel’s on the way in.”
Penni smiled. “Thanks Mel.”

Just then the double doors to the board room whooshed open, admitting a graying man in uniform, bearing a gold badge with the name- Starlite Limo Service.

“Mrs. Silverstone?”

Alicia looked up from the pile of papers in front of her.


“I’ve been given orders to take you from this meeting early,” the chauffeur informed her, exchanging a look with Mr. Preston, her boss.

“I don’t think I understand,” Alicia replied. “This meeting was called by Mr. Preston.” She looked to her employer. “Was this all cleared with you?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. Go on Alicia, have a good time. You have the rest of the weekend off until Monday morning, eight o’clock sharp!”

Alicia gave both men a bewildered glance, casting her eyes about the board room table, seeking an encouraging word from her nine other co-workers. They too were evasive, Penni ducking her head quickly as she scribbled furiously on a legal pad.

Alicia shrugged and began to slide her chair back.

“Wait,” the chauffeur stopped her with a hand on her chair as she moved to go. “Ive been instructed to blindfold you until we reach the destination of my clients choice.”

Alicia frowned. “Your client? Blindfold? This is starting to sound like some kind of mafia movie. I’ll do no such thing. In fact I refuse to leave with you,” she declared hotly, folding her arms over her pink blazared chest.

Mr. Preston spoke up, realizing her rational fear. Alicia, its okay. It’s all in fun, I assure you. You’ll be very glad that you complied. I would never put you in harms way. You’re a valued employee of mine.”

Alicia hesitated, looking from one to the other. “Pen?”

“Leesh, I can’t say much, but it’s a surprise. A nice one,” she said with a secretive smile.

Alicia heaved a sigh. “Okay, well let’s go then. Let’s get this show on the road.”

She waited patiently as the chauffeur withdrew a piece of cloth and preceded to bind her eyes, knotting the material comfortably behind her head, placing her hand in the crook of his arm.

“Bye everyone,” Alicia called, fluttering her fingers over her shoulder as she was led out of the meeting. She heard the doors swoosh closed behind her and mentally felt her way down the corridor that she knew led to the outdoors.

“My purse,” she remembered as they left the room.

“No problem, Ma’am. Is this your office?,” he asked pausing before a closed door.

“Third room from the board room? Yes, this is it. It’s in the top drawer of my desk.”

“Wait here,” he instructed, placing her against the wall of the hall for leverage.

He returned shortly pressing the small leather clutch into her hands.

Alicia allowed him to guide her as they walked through the double glass doors and out into the blinding sunlight. She was half glad for the reprieve that she received behind the makeshift sunglasses at the blast of warm, bright light.

He paused for a moment, assisting her into the waiting limousine. As she slid inside, she took a deep breath of the musky smell of new leather.

“Sir, where are we going?,” she asked, as the chauffeur moved to close the door.

“Can’t say ma’am. Direct orders. Just relax and enjoy. We’ll be there shortly.”

Defeated, Alicia settled back against the soft buttery leather pillowing her head. And willed herself to relax, brainstorming who had arranged this little getaway. She knew she couldn’t afford limo service and there was no way Justin would go to such extravagancies, and besides he had forgotten all about romance. Added to that, he tended to handle their money with an iron fist. So if not him, then who? Still puzzled, she decided to relax and enjoy the ride.

She found her taut nerves slowly beginning to unwind as the magic of the limo began to work over her body, the lull of the fancy vehicle drawing her into a deep, relaxed state.

She was just slipping into a light doze when the whirr of the divider, separating she and the driver, lowered, jerking her awake.

“Mrs. Silverstone, we’ve arrived,” the chauffeur informed. “Stay where you are and I’ll be there to assist you promptly.”

As she was helped out into the warm balmy air, a chorus of wild birds greeted her. She strained to hear the rustle of a light wind in the trees overhead. Beneath her feet was the distinct crunch of pine needles, fallen leaves from the previous autumn and loose gravel.

Was she in a woods of some sort?

“Wait here,” he directed. His heavy footfall, against the scattering of leaves and hard earth, faded into the distance. Then she heard the limousine engine purring to life.

She moved to follow the sound, but she had lost all sense of direction. He was gone and she was all alone. Fear began to set in. She had no idea where she was. She couldn’t see.

She reached up to snatch the blindfold away, when suddenly the sun was blocked and a large shadow fell over her. Then something wet touched her lips. She jumped. Someone was kissing her! At her frightened yelp, a familiar laugh stole into her memory. “It’s just me beautiful.”

Alicia threw her arms about her husband’s neck, relief stealing though every pore of her body. “Oh, you. You startled me,” she scolded him. “Come on, get me out of this blindfold”, she pleaded as he held her in his arms.

“Okay, okay. Be patient. You’ll be out of this in-” Quickly and efficiently he worked the knot out of the silky material. “One second. There.”

Alicia blinked against the bright sunlight as the blindfold fell away. She blinked again at the monstrous vacation home set back slightly into the woods, appearing as though it were part of the scenery around her. Nearly all dark glass,it reflected the picturesque setting, boasting of strength, beauty and relaxation.

Alicia could hardly wait to recline on one of the white chaise lounges she glimpsed on the back redwood deck, to close her eyes and just drift off to a peaceful uninterrupted sleep. She felt the stress drain away from her at just the thought.

“Well, what do you think?,” her husband asked, stepping up behind her to wrap his arms around her tiny waist, his hands resting on her stomach. “Do you like it?”

Alicia turned in his embrace, her eyes shining brightly with unshed tears. “Do I like it? I love it! But can we really afford to stay here tonight? And I really should be getting ready for Monday’s meeting-”

Her charade was cut short by his warm, searching mouth as it settled over hers. She gave in with a soft sigh, opening to him. Their tongues met and tangled, beginning a slow dance unique only to them. As they drew apart, Justin grabbed her hand. “I secured some unexpected funds playing the stock market. Enough that we’ll live comfortably for a few months and then some. I wanted to show you, this Valentine’s Day, how much you really do mean to me. I know you’ve been under a lot of stress, trying to close the Vanderbilt deal, and I wanted to give you a weekend to relax, and a time for us to catch up on each other. It’s been awhile, you know?”

Alicia didn’t have to ask him what he meant by that. She knew. With Justin gone most evenings on the truck route and she plunging into the career world, there weren’t a lot of “alone” times of intimacy for the two of them.

And the end result had caused mild bickering between them, misunderstandings and harsh words when they were privileged to be together. Times that should have been spent in each other’s arms, was time lost.

“I know,” she whispered. “I’m sorry. I dont know how I’ve let my work come between us.”

“I’m just as much to blame, ” Justin murmured, stroking her hair. “Come on, let me show you around.”

The sun was just beginning to set as they toured the magnificent weekend home. As they walked into the foyer, the heels of Alicia’s camel mules clicked against the stone tiling. A great curving staircase led the way up the white carpeted stairway.

“Wow, it’s beautiful,” she exclaimed, running her hand over the polished wooden curl of the staircase. “Show me the rest,” she said in awe, giddy as a school girl, her hazel eyes alight with laughter and fun.

Justin watched his bride, all sunshine and sweetness. He really should have taken her away before now. It was like seeing his childhood sweetheart, all over again. She was so carefree, so relaxed.

The waning sunlight had casts warm, pink rays across her uplifted head as she peered up the stairs. Her smile as she turned to him was pure sensuality. He felt it clear to his toes and in some other very distinct places.

Swallowing hard, he led the way down the hall and into the kitchen.

“It’s so huge!,” Alicia stated, turning slowly in a circle to take it all in. “I’ll have so much fun cooking for you in here!”

“If you want. If not we’ll eat out or get take out. Whatever you want. This weekend is for you. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart.”

Alicia’s face fell. “You won’t believe this Justin, but I completely forgot about today. It took Penni this morning at work to remind me. How could I forget? I’m so sorry, I didn’t even get you a gift.”

“Seeing you this happy is a gift alone, honey. I don’t need anything else.”

“Oh, but I want to get you something. Could we go shopping this weekend?”

“Shopping? I thought we’d stay holed up here, maybe in a certain room of this place?,” he replied suggestively, winking at her.

“Okay, she acquiesced. But I will go shopping first thing Monday, I promise. I really want to get something for you.”

“Okay, agreed.

He reached for her hand, drawing idle circles in her palm, creating hot frissions in her stomach that swirled lower and lower. She wasn’t sure if her legs would hold her up anymore.

“Why don’t I go start a fire in our room, while you take a hot shower and get comfortable,” Justin suggested. “You’ll note I packed some things of my choice in your luggage,” he laughed, flashing her a dimpled grin.

“You’re so bad,” she countered with a giggle, reaching out to smack his muscled butt in the tight jeans she loved, as he moved out of her reach.

“Mm, hmm you know it,” he returned with a mischievous wiggle of his brows.


Alicia emerged from the shower feeling fresh, revived and baring a rosy glow from the heat. She rummaged in her luggage for evening bed wear, finding to her surprise and delight that he had indeed picked out her wardrobe. She had never had so many lacy, skimpy underclothes in the three years they’d been married. Colors ranging from pink, lilac, baby blue, and hot, siren red. There were simple silky negligees. There were lacy bra and panty sets; the red number a tantalizing garter set.

Her hand automatically went for the simple wear, her style. But tonight was special. Going against the norm, her fingers caressed the red satin. She had never dressed so provocatively for her husband. It made her feel so shy and exposed.

She slipped into the garter, finding to her horror that a tiny slit had been cut out of the center of the panties. To further discovery, she realized it was sewn that way, by the store.

She could never wear those, not even for Justin! She started to shimmy out of them, when the bathroom door cracked open.
“Hey babe, everything oka-”

The look on her husband’s face quickly changed her mind. His jaw hung open, his eyes looked as though they’d fallen from their sockets. A slow, sensuous wolf whistle left no doubt to his hands-down approval.

“Whew!,” he murmured, not able to take his eyes off this gorgeous woman, his woman. “You look absolutely incredible!”

Alicia ducked her head, feeling color stealing into her cheeks. “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome my lady. Come this way, please,” he implored, extending his hand to her. She followed him into the adjoining bedroom done in pleasing tans and creams. It gave the feeling of being in a log home with its rustic wood walls and gleaming hardwood flooring, the grapevine creation over the bed, twisting and curling its way across the walls, cradling sixteen crystal sconces from which flickered vanilla scented candles. There was a huge bear rug thrown out before the bed. The thick Indian blanket that doubled as the bed’s covering was drawn back, an open invitation to the couple entering the room. A warm, romantic fire crackled in the big stone fireplace.

Justin backed her against the bed, her butt fitting snugly into the mattress, his hard, throbbing arousal pressing into her bare stomach. She sighed as he bent her over the bed, covering her body with his own.

She loved the feel of her husband. His strong, muscular thighs cradling hers. The light smattering of dark chest hair against her lace covered breasts. The feel of his tight, brown nipples brushing hers, creating a response deep within her.

It had been so long-too long. She realized how she missed his tender touch as he kissed his way up her arm, along her throat, down over her heaving chest, circling her flat stomach, dipping lower, his tongue darting inside the slit of her panties.

She gasped at this new touch, curling her fingers tightly in his hair, unable to stop the contented moan that escaped her lips. My goodness, he hadn’t touched her with his mouth there, since…she didn’t know when. But it felt so good.

She felt herself responding to him, her legs falling open on their own accord. No longer did she feel exposed or shy. She felt cherished, hot and wanted him inside her. Now!
Tugging him upwards, she helped him out of the tiger striped briefs he wore, grinning her approval as well, as she twirled them off the tips of her fingers to the floor.

His hard, long erection leapt forward, its silken purple head heading purposefully to its soft, welcoming destination.

Alicia gasped as he entered her, the wonderful sensation of his rod, hot and thick inside her nearly sending her over the edge. He filled her completely, nudging her very sensitive g-spot within. She gripped his shoulders, feeling the bite of her nails against his skin. She loosened her hold, running her fingers through his hair, reveling in the soft, silken strands against her fingers. She twined her fingers in the dark waves, her body rising with each fluid stroke.

His hand slipped beneath her body, his fingers fumbling with the clasps of her bra, the bit of red lace falling away, to expose her full, creamy breasts. He molded the white globes in his hands, kneading and pressing, his tongue laving the swollen, pinkened tips of her distended nipples. She shuddered at the sensations zipping through her body. With each circle of his tongue, it brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She teetered on the edge, knowing that at any second she could fall.

He held her close, pressing his pelvic bone to the swollen bud of her femininity, swiveling his body against hers, riding the tide of pleasure with her. Her eyes widened, her face taking on a rosy, flushed glow.  With a soft cry, she climaxed, her slender thighs gripping his as the powerful orgasm shook her body. She clutched his shoulders, holding tight as she fell helpless to the waves of sensation washing over her.

His own climax became inevitable as she trembled in his arms, the rhythmic squeeze of her silken tunnel unraveling every shred of his control.

With a guttural moan, his warm seed spilled into her, pumping every last bit from his body.

Showering her with kisses, he collapsed beside her, curling her into his arms, their bodies slick with sweat and the musky scent of lovemaking.

“I love you my Valentine,” Justin whispered against her ear, as he tucked her damp, golden hair behind her ear.

Alicia reached up on her elbow to place a soft kiss on his mouth, giving him a drowsy smile, her eyes falling shut.

“And I love you. Thank you for tonight; this weekend.”

Justin laid his cheek against hers, reaching out to stroke a ringlet of  hair that had fallen over her breast. “I’d do anything for you, darling. I just wish I had done it sooner. I promise when we get back home that I’ll make more time for us. Together, we’ll work something out. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.”

When she didn’t respond, Justin peered over her shoulder. His mouth curved into a smile. His precious vixen of a wife was fast asleep, the very picture of angelic sweetness.

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    I truly and honestly loved this story. I love how they both took a negative situation and turned it around into something so wonderful. This story is full of passion and love. Maybe one day I’ll get to experience something like that:-)

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