The Escapade

Ouch! The razor shook in her hand a bit as she slid the blade up across the length of what was now a smooth, slick thigh. The water was hot. Her hand continued to shake. She was a bit nervous. Her mind raced, back forth, “Should I go through with it?”

Her heart had been beating at a higher tempo ever since she washed the last dish after dinner. She had thought about doing this for a long time, ever since she was in high school, and her friend had given her the book, The Escapade.

Turning the hot water off, the steam settled around her, wrapping itself around the curves of her body. She stumbled for her glasses and stretched to open the door while her wet body continued to drip in the shower. The steam began to leave, and she put on her glasses. She checked the nick on her leg. She touched it, noticing that it had already begun to heal. The problem was that it was in the worst spot for a night like this, her leg-high on her inner thigh. She opened her legs just slightly, checking to see if she missed any spots. It was important to her to have smooth legs.

Satisfied, she stepped out of the shower. Wrapping a towel around her head she noticed in the still foggy mirror her bouncing, wet breasts. She moved past the mirror and walked out of the bathroom to her empty bedroom. It was too stark she thought. She wanted to do something to make it more interesting. But now was not the time. Her eyes moved to the corner where she had set out her clothes for the night that was still in front of her.

She took a deep breath, thinking once more if she had chosen the most suitable attire. The black dress was a bit conservative for the evening ahead, but it was all that she had. The pink bra fit her well, hiding not much more than the outer edge of her nipples. The G-string matched in more ways than one. The pink color blended well with the light color of the skin, and it of course matched the bra. Like the bra, it also just barely covered her. Her mound was hidden behind it, but that was all. The string that curved under her and between her legs went up to meet the waist string just above her crack. Her two cheeks hid most of the string.

She put both on, convinced that they were right for the night. What she wasn’t sure about was the hose. The lace was sexy, she thought, but there was something very alluring to her about going out with a simply a thin, black dress separating her from whatever awaited her. She debated in her mind. Eventually she set the hose beside her.

She knelt down to step into the dress. This time her breasts didn’t bounce as much in the mirror. Her heart started to beat a bit faster again as the sense of what she was doing rushed over her. She calmed herself again, remembering the intensity of the story she read in high school and the very end of the book. She wondered if her reality would match the passion of the author’s imagination. Was she foolish to think that fiction could ever meet her simple, all too real world?

The black dress hadn’t been worn for several years, but it still conformed to her shape well. It seemed to fit better in some ways, she thought, gaining confidence about the night ahead. The dress’ six front buttons were buttoned. She had only worn the dress on three or four special occasions, and had always buttoned all six buttons. But this time, she undid the top one. It only revealed a bit of her chest. She then undid the fifth button as well, but as she looked closely in the mirror and forward slightly she could see a bit of the lace of her pink bra.

She then turned and stood with her back facing the mirror. She pulled the dress tightly against her body. When she sat in a stool she new the dress would be snug against her back side. She could see a slight rise in the cloth of her dress there the string on her thong fanned out to meet the waist string. “Is this slutty?” she thought? With almost every decision she made about this strange night, she had a hard time making up her mind. After she relaxed a bit about the whole thing she realized it wasn’t slutty at all. It was feminine, and subtly alluring, not slutty in the least.

With the word “alluring” in her mind she decided to unbutton the ninth and then the seventh and eighth button on the lower part of her dress. She sat down in front of the full length mirror and crossed her legs. A bit of her thigh showed, but only just above the knee. “Allure, allure,” she thought to herself.

She slipped on her black pumps to complete the outfit. It all fit together. No one could see what lied beneath her dress, but it was the inner layer that perfectly complimented the alluring image she saw in front of her. Her confidence grew that this might really work. This long awaited night that had long existed only in her mind was beginning to show a glimmer of reality.

She finished her make-up and a touch of perfume in just the right places. She made sure that she put a tiny drop around her navel, a part of her body that had always seemed sensual to her.

As she walked out of the house it was a bit nippy out, surprising for this time of the year. Usually it was quite cold. She decided to leave her overcoat off, thinking that her soft, cashmere sweater was enough at the moment. The drive was a long one. She wanted this to happen far away from her house and neighborhood. It was a bit out of her comfort zone to drive this far away, but she enjoyed the adventure of going to a part of town that she seldom visited. After all, this was to be an escapade.

She was only slightly familiar with the area. She had heard and seen an occasional television news report of The Lexington Hotel, but it was always for benefit dinners and high society affairs, not something she had ever paid too much attention to.

She found The Lexington at last. She was getting a bit nervous because it was dark by the time she saw the light of the hotel and the break lights of a long row of black limousines. Couples in tuxedos and elegant dresses stepped out of the limousines and walked through the doors onto the marble floors of the hotel. She pulled past the traffic, overall the manhole covers that let the steam from the cool night rise up to the street. She pulled into the parking garage to find it relatively empty.

The Lexington catered to the wealthy, out-of-town businessmen, and wedding parties during the summer. She wondered if that was why the lot below the hotel was so empty. She found a space near the elevator. As she closed the door she startled herself by almost slamming it. It seemed to slip from her hand. When it shut she could hear it shut several times because of the parking lot was bare.

She stepped into the little room that held the elevator shaft, and gently pressed the up button. Again wrestling with herself in her mind, she wondered if she should turn back. She rode the elevator up to the second floor. She opened the door and it was like she was walking into another world. Groups of people were laughing and talking to each other in the vestibule outside of a beautifully adorned ball room.

The women were all very well dressed and seemed perfect for the night. She noticed that some of them were with men and others apparently came alone, like her. She brushed past them, bumping the elbow of a man with her shoulder, almost spilling his drink. She apologized, but he seemed to engrossed in talking with another woman that he did not seem to even notice her.

As she made her way between the growing throng of people she felt very strange and out of place. She was quite aware of the pumps that she hardly ever wore. The driving and even the hard cement floor of the brief walk in the parking lot made her feet slightly throb. She was so glad that she didn’t have to wear heels on a regular basis. She couldn’t remember the last time she had worn the pumps.

She finally made her way into the room adjacent to the large vestibule, a bar aptly named “The Lexington Lounge.” A man opened the door for her. He could tell that she was new, so he motioned toward the front of the mostly empty bar room. She stopped in front of a small table, but it seemed a bit lonely to sit at a table in a bar by herself. She was lonely enough in a bar, that was in a hotel in a part of the city that she had only been to once or twice.

She opted for the bar itself. There was a row of stools, about a dozen with only one occupant on the other side. She sat toward the other end. The bar tender asked her what she would like. She stammered a bit at the question, wondering what he meant. She then realized that she was supposed to give him her order. She hadn’t even thought about this. She had rehearsed almost every part of the entire evening in her mind. She wanted to eliminate risk. She was conservative by nature. Finally coming back to the bar tender’s question she told him that a glass of red wine would do.

The man on the other side of the barroom had his back to her. He seemed to be talking on his cell phone. She could not see him very well as the room was dark. It was lit by a television showing the news, a small light illuminating the front of the piano in the corner, bar lights that lit up the glasses and various drinks below, and the lights from the vestibule that was just beyond the bar.

It was quiet in the bar except for the murmurings of the anchor for the nightly news on the TV above the bar. She could barely hear the voice of the other customer in the bar. His tone was warm and soothing. “Probably talking to his wife,” she thought.

“These hotels can be very lonely places,” she thought. The clamor of conversation outside of the barroom reminded her that she was all the more alone inside. Of course being alone was what she was trying to change.

The bartender turned down the television when another man entered the room. He was holding a glass of water and put it on the piano. The bartender and the man exchanged few words like they knew each other. He quickly left with glass in hand but the TV’s volume remained down. Everything about this place was mysterious to her.

She could just make out what the man in the corner was saying. He told the person on the other end of the phone not to worry, but to go to sleep and he would see her in the morning. He turned in his stool. She could see a bit of his face in the mirror behind the bar. He had a slight grin on his face as he looked down and closed the ear piece of his phone and slid it into his front pocket.

The room was eerily quite now. The party of people in the vestibule had moved into the ballroom. Music was playing but only faintly. The ballroom doors were closed. She felt even more alone now.

The other man with the glass came back in, not leisurely like a customer, but like he had something to do.

It was strange to be the only woman in a cool, dark barroom with three men. “Strangers in the Night,” she had heard this song at some relative’s house long ago. She remembered a few of the words,

Strangers in the night exchanging glances

Wond’ring in the night

What were the chances we’d be sharing love

Before the night was through.

Well she wasn’t quite “exchanging glances” with anyone. The man on the other end of the bar hadn’t even noticed her, not even when she had glanced at him before. She had anticipated a busier bar. It was moving slower than she thought. It was Saturday night after all, and a friend had told her that this was the place to do the sort of thing that she wanted to do. In fact, her friend had done it before. It was her friend’s story that reminder her of the book she read in high school.

She had finished her glass of wine and the bartender asked her if she would like another. She said that she would have another one, but in a few minutes.

The man with the glass was talking to the man in the corner, the one with the cell phone in his pocket. The “glass man” nodded and slightly extended his hand. The cell phone man gave him something. He slipped it into his pocket and went to the piano while the other man stared at the bar in front of him.

He began to play piano. He began with a classical piece. She had anticipated that if someone did play the piano it would be tasteful music, not popular lounge music that would fill smoky bars. This was a classy place and despite being alone, she sensed that she was with classy men.

It was a bit warm though, so she removed her cashmere sweater. She felt a bit of a chill as she took it off. The dress hung on her with only a thin, silky strap. The strap was wide enough to cover her pink strap of her bra, but the material was thin and flattened over her bra strap onto her skin.

With her movement, the man glanced through the mirror at her removing her sweater. She could see his eyes just slightly shift and she smiled, a bit embarrassed that she had caught his eye.

The piano player was into his third song by now, and her glass had been dry for about ten minutes. She had enjoyed the time listening to the soft music, but it was beginning to get late. Maybe one more drink she thought.

She motioned to the bar tender. He didn’t notice. Sweetly and softly she said, “Excuse me” to get his attention. He again didn’t hear, but the man in the corner did. He got up and alerted the bartender of her request. Embarrassed that the customer had her quiet call, but he hadn’t, the bartender asked her what she wanted.

“One more red wine please,” she graciously responded. The other customer was then standing a few stools away. He hadn’t returned to his seat. She was looking at the bartender as she made her request, but she could feel the tall man looking at her.

He stepped closer to her and asked if they could share a drink. He said it wasn’t any fun drinking alone. He wasn’t used to it, he said. She smiled and let him have the stool next to hers. He was a gentleman and didn’t sit too close.

He introduced himself and asked her name. The piano player was playing and it seemed to get louder. Their conversation was quiet and she could barely hear his soft voice over the piano. She leaned toward him a bit and noticed that he too had at some point inched closer to her.

The chill has mostly left her. Her back faced the piano and a vent in the ceiling that created a slight chill on her bare back. The dress was open and tailored to expose all of her middle, upper back from her shoulder blades inward. That is where she felt the chill. Her side that faced the man was very comfortable, even warm.

As they talked, the bartender simply filled up her glass with more red wine. She didn’t remember how many glasses she had. She had drank some in high school, and discovered that she had a high tolerance, but that was a long time ago. She wasn’t drunk, but she did feel very relaxed and even a bit giddy. She wasn’t sure if it was the man, or the wine, maybe a bit of both.

She asked the man if he was from her town or if he was traveling. He didn’t answer her. He just said that he enjoyed the hotel and he was glad he had booked a room there for the night. Her face gave away a bit of pleasure and pleasant surprise that he was staying at the Lexington that night.

They continued to talk. Their conversation was punctuated with light moments of laughter. The wine, the talk, the music, even the lighting in the room seemed perfect. It was no longer a dark and lonely barroom. It wasn’t even a barroom anymore to her. It was a cozy room tucked away in a corner of an anonymous city with a man who was no longer a stranger in the corner on a stool.

The night was moving on but he could tell that she was getting a bit restless in the bar stool. He was hesitant to end the conversation. He had had such a wonderful time so far, he couldn’t help but to think about how to extend it. Extending it had been on his mind since he first caught her sparkling eyes in the mirror. The cashmere sweater slipping off her shoulder was a moment he wouldn’t soon forget.

Knowing that she was from the area, he asked her if he had ever seen The Lexington Hotel. There was a lot to it, he explained. The grand ballroom, the elegant décor of the hallways, the fountains in each of the rotundas that rounded the interior of the hotel gave the Victorian hotel a distinct, but natural shape, making it the prize of the city.

She was most definitely ready for a stroll. Understanding that he was familiar with the hotel, she asked if he thought it would be OK if she removed her pumps. He asked if he could help and proceeded to slip off each one without even waiting for her answer.

He held the two shoes with his middle and index finger in the hand furthest from her as they walked out of the bar. The piano faded away as the music from the ballroom accompanied their stroll. The music was Tchaikovsky, her favorite. Her only regret was that he didn’t take her hand as they began walking toward the first rotunda.

The noise from the fountain blended nicely with the Tchaikovsky playing in the background. Occasionally a happy couple would leave one of the many doors that bordered the ballroom along the hallway. Although it was beautifully adorned with chandeliers, smaller fountains in each corner of the giant room, and magnificently dressed tables, she would much rather be where she was.

The rotunda fountain had petals floating on the water and water lilies providing a layer of green and pink that flowed in slight waves against the edge of the pool. A vase stood in the corner with an arrangement of pink, lavender, and yellow flowers. He reached for two of the pink flowers and pulled them out, handing them to her. She wasn’t sure whether to add them to the petals that were already floating in the pool or to keep them. So she removed a petal from each and tossed them into the water. They landed together on a water lily.

The hotel was more than she expected. It exceeded what she thought a hotel could provide. There was artwork on the walls, soft carpet on the floors, and even the doors to the rooms each had a unique carving in them. She noticed more of these things as they walked to the rotunda on the other side of the hotel.

As they looked out through the rotunda’s windows he explained the different parts of the city. She sensed that he knew the city, better than she did, even though he still hadn’t told her where he was from. It was there that she remembered that he hadn’t revealed much about himself at all, even though she felt like she knew him rather intimately for only meeting him just two hours before.

He told her that she could see the city much better from up higher. His room was on the sixth floor and faced the same direction. “I would like to get a better view, would you care to join me?” She trusted this man, and agreed. She didn’t want to be too easy of a catch for him though so she said that she was ready to put on her shoes again. She slipped into them and walked beside him to the elevator.

They elevator’s walls were mirrored. Even the elevator doors reflected her image.  She saw herself standing next to this tall man in a black tuxedo. His shoulders were a good six inches above hers, but their hands met. He extended his fingers toward hers and grabbed her hand. She saw it in the mirror before she realized what was happening.

She was a bit startled. Earlier she wanted his hand, now that she was going up to his room she was surprised. The ride up lasted a while, a slow elevator without any stops.

There were only two rooms on the floor. They turned toward the door that was at the far room of the corridor. His door had carved in it a bouquet that had a similar feel to it as the one in the rotunda. As he turned his key he smiled and said, “You couldn’t come her without experiencing this.”

The door opened to a large room with fine, Victorian furniture and what appeared to be a balcony with a panorama of much of the sparkling city lights. He hung her coat in the wardrobe next to the bed and led her by two of her fingers to the balcony. As they opened the door he took the sweater from his arm that he held for her and draped into on her shoulders.

“You’re right,” she said. It would have been a shame to come down here without experiencing this.” He explained some of the city’s history, how one such building had been erected and then another. He seemed to know a lot about the city that she had grown up in.

The wind picked up a bit and she got the same chill that she had two times earlier that same night. He took his coat and draped it over the sweater. She thanked him and looked out again over the city. A gust again blew over her. Her arms shivered again. He suggested they go in. As she stepped inside she noticed another bottle of wine. The bartender must have some how known to send it there because it was the same, unfinished bottle that he had used to pour her drinks. “One more glass?” the man asked.

She felt relaxed and at ease but well within control, so she accepted the offer. He poured one for each of them. They each took a sip and began talking just as they had in the bar below.

As she reached for her the glass for her final sip, he grabbed her hand. “I have enjoyed our time together tonight.” I thought this might be a special night, but it has exceeded my expectations.” He leaned into her and with his other hand gently stroked the back of her neck. It wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of that wine still left on your lips.

She paused and looked at his soft eyes and didn’t say anything. He wasn’t about to ask for explicit permission; he drew her lips to his and wrapped them around her mouth. Her lips were as soft as they looked and he held them together with his for a long kiss.

He lowered his hand from her neck down her back. She squeezed the hand that was holding hers. She could feel the chill again even though the room was comfortable. She lifted her head to kiss his check but before she connected he turned his head to the side and caressed her neck with his lips. Her other hand grabbed just underneath his knee and squeezed.

He pulled her chair close to his, opening his legs. Closer now, he was able to put his hand on her hip and begin to gently rub her side while soothing her back with the other hand. They held there for several minutes, while the kisses became stronger and they explored each other’s neck. She explored his strong jaw and nibbled on his lips. She could feel his warm breath on just under her ear.

As he kissed he ran his hand down from her hip to the side of the dress with the buttons. He had glanced at her leg on and off throughout the night and was anxious to touch her thigh. The way she was sitting the fabric separated nicely over her leg. The dress was a modest one, but it allowed him to touch her midway up her thigh.

He loved her smooth legs and wanted more. He undid one button and almost could now grab her butt. He hadn’t gotten too good of a look at it throughout the night because he guiding her through the hotel. But given the way the rest of her body looked, she had a wonderful form to her. He anticipated that her soft butt would be no different.

He wasn’t quite there, though. He wanted more, so much more, but he was distracted by her movement. She was beginning to kiss in more of a rhythm. She definitely was enjoying herself. She also wanted more, which was obvious by her deep kisses and the undoing of his necktie. She undid the top button immediately and took full advantage of kissing the area where his neck joined his chest and shoulders. She was leaning into him now.

His urges were competing. He wanted to rip off her clothes and penetrate her. Would she accept that? Would she be scared? But he also wanted to go slow, because he didn’t want it to be over anytime soon. He took control and pushed her up by placing both hands where her thighs met her butt.

Still fully clothed, he kissed her belly by just opening her dress between her buttons enough to expose just an inch or two of skin. He kissed her belly just as he kissed her neck. He took her into him.

After his short feast of her middle, he slowly stood, sliding his mouth over the top of her dress. He went up the middle, only moving slightly to the side. He finally stopped at her mouth. His hand undid one more button on the side and he slid his hand to her hip again, this time directly to her skin.

She touched his lower back and slid one finger down the back of his pants. She slid her finger back and forth, gently grazing the top of both of his cheeks. She hadn’t touched his skin yet. She could have, but she wanted him to know that she had ways of setting the pace as well. She enjoyed the firmness of his butt and the soft, silky feel of his boxers.

After allowing each other to show some curiosity, he brought his arm underneath her butt and lifter her from the ground. She was now totally in his arms. She opened her legs and embraced him with all four of her limbs. He turned and faced the bed. She anticipated that he was going to lay her down, but instead he kissed her for several minutes in the intimate embrace. He then let her stand.

Not sure what he was up to, but understanding that he had a plan, she stood there, motionless but anticipating his next move. He undid the front buttons all except for the final two. He kept the dress on her shoulders but opened it up in the middle to kiss her smooth breasts. They were pushing out of the bra and she was breathing deeply. The visual sensation was just as powerful as the sense of touch.

She smelled as good as she looked and tasted. She had just the right amount of perfume. He nibbled, caressed, sucked, and even licked her breasts. All the while she was loving the feel of her hip in one hand and a cheek from her butt in the other.

She was loving it too. The only thing she could think of to do with her hands was to move them through his hair. She was abandoned to him at this point. She was only receiving. She intuitively knew that this is what he wanted, to give to her the pleasure that such a beautiful and elegant woman deserved.

Finally he could resist no longer. His visual senses had been squelched long enough. He removed the straps from her shoulders and let gravity do the rest. The dress dropped. It hung from her waist. The top of her hips revealed her beautiful curve and of course the form of her breasts were just as pleasing to him.

The pink bra surprised him. He expected black. The pink tone the bra complimented her fair skin. The lights were dim but he could see that she was slightly flushed as he simply gazed at her beauty. She was an older woman, in her thirties he guessed, but her youthful beauty was still intact. The bra formed to her breasts wonderfully but he couldn’t move to take it off. He felt silly about staring at her and taking such deep breaths. He felt himself go to a level of hardness that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

While he was enjoying an intense moment of visual pleasure, she didn’t waist anytime working down from the top button. He was built well. He wasn’t a body builder, but she could tell that he didn’t spend all of his time at a desk. His chest was well formed and firm. She ran her hand over his chest and grazed his nipple. It was ready to be touched, anticipating the tip of her finger. She stepped closer to him, momentarily ending his voyeurism.

He didn’t mind her body next to his. She led with her chest and she pressed her breasts upon against his. His shirt was unbuttoned and out of his pants. She pulled it over his arms. She immobilized him now with her plan, just as she had done to him visually a few minutes before. She wrapped her legs around one of his. He leaned back against a nearby desk to support himself while she let loose on him. She rubbed her crotch up and down his leg while she kissed his neck and moved down to his chest.

He was moaning and she whispered in his ear, “Is this better than the wine?” He didn’t answer. He was helping her move against his leg by grabbing her has with his one free hand.

She whispered again to him, “My top went off first, so now it is your turn.” She undid his pants and carefully pulled the zipper down. She had to use as much slack as was possible because he had quite a missile ready to go off just beneath. She kept his manhood inside his boxers while she lowered his pants down. On her knees she undid his shoes. He looked down to see an amazing curve that her position accentuated. His shoes and socks were off and his pants followed.

He stood with an obvious growth emerging from his crotch. His size was a bit intimidated to her, but she wasn’t worried, she knew how wet she was. She then removed his shirt entirely so he was left only barely covered.

He moved right ahead and lifted her dress from her. He had hoped when grabbing her butt that it was true. She wore a tiny g-string that just covered her in the front and left nothing to the imagination in back. Her shape now was fully visible to him and it was pleasure to his eye. He again was torn. Seeing her like that made her want to thrust himself into her, but he knew he needed to be patient so he could indulge himself in her to his and her delight.

What made it all the more appealing was that she was still in her black pumps. He looked down at them and smiled and slowly ran his eyes up her body to meet her eyes. He could look no longer. He had to take this beautiful woman.

He lifted her up again and felt her warm, wet crotch against his hard penis. It had been wet before, but when he met her crotch her juices spread of his entire length. Her lips were equally warm and wet and gave him just as much pleasure. He took two steps forward and gently laid her on the bed with her legs dangling over the end. He continued to kiss her.

He made his way down her body and kissed her hardened nipple underneath her bra. The bra was already tight but the hardened nipple gave the bra a very snug fit around her breast. He proceeded to taste the region around her body that he had kissed before her dress was still on. It was ecstasy to kiss this woman’s entire body. It was his full intention to experience her in every intimate way.

With her G-string still wrapped around her, he kiss along the length of the waist string. He lifted it up occasionally to kiss even underneath it, being careful to not miss any spot that might give her pleasure.

She was rubbing her fingers across his chest, massaging his nipples and making him moan with pleasure. She loved the sound of his deep moans, and it made her all the more wet.

By this time he was keeping his attention at her crotch. One hand had stayed at her breasts while they other hand reached under her to play with her butt. His hand was able to lift her up as he desired and elevate her body off of the bed and into his mouth. He lifted her crotch up to him and sank his mouth into it. Keeping the thong on, he pulled the fabric to the side, tightening the G-string in back and allowing him access directly to her mound.

He began to lick. She began to moan just as he had. She loved the way his powerful tongue flicked against her love button. She reached down to feel herself and discovered that her “love button” had grown just as his penis had. He kissed her hand. She had never felt such sexual intensity. This man seemed to intuitively know how to please her.

He didn’t stop at her crotch. He kept making his way down her body, opening her legs wide and kissing her body. She showed that she wanted him at her crotch though because she began to thrust her body up, but he made her wait. He wanted to feast on her, kissing her thighs, and then her calves, and even the top of her feet. He noticed her nick on her thigh. “Ah,” he said, “You prepared well for this night. I hope the pleasure is more than worth the pain.” All he heard was, “Mmmmmmm.”

As he continued to enjoy her below her waist he lingered around her feet and calves. Her pumps at last came off as he slipped them off. As he was kissing her feet and sucking her toes, he paused to pull her thong off her wet body.

Her mound was a beautiful thing and he loved to gaze up at it as he spread her legs and kissed from her ankles up.

She was a bit mad that he had left her love button alone for so long. He seemed far to slow at satisfying her. She sat up and told him that he had had his way long enough. It was now her turn. She pushed him down onto the bed and began to do the same to him, kissing his navel, and his thighs, but not touching his bulge. She wouldn’t even look at it yet or pull it free from his boxers. Instead she tantalized him with her teasing. She would put his hand on her breast for a squeeze and then hold his hands behind his head with her bra-covered breasts just above his face but out of reach of his mouth or tongue. She paid him back.

He then began to beg for more. “Just let me kiss you again,” he pleaded. She asked him what he wanted to kiss, and he just responded by moving his eyes toward her nipples. “You need to take it off first,” she said. Being a man in heat he wanted to rip it off of her, but he managed in due time to remove those breasts from the bra. As he did, he lowered her left breast deep into his mouth. She took his other hand and brought it to the underside of her right. She finally was totally naked and loving every bit of it.

As if this wasn’t enough for her she began to slide her love button up against his stomach up to his ribs and then back to his pelvis. She loved the sensation of his stomach against her clitoris. She began to grind and dig into his body quite intensely.

He pulled her butt up to him and she rested on his chest. He could feel her wet hair in tickle the center of his chest. As she straddled him he sank low and lifted her up slightly. He began to tease her with his tongue but she would not take that. She pushed his head into her mound and he tasted her.

His hands found her dangling breasts and rolled them, pushing them together and then pulling them apart. She held onto the head board bracing her self. Wildly she thrusted her pelvis back and forth and exhaled with a noise that filled the room. She was totally free and uninhibited as him mouth received her.

Her orgasm rolled to a height and then subsided, never entirely. He felt like she could handle another wave. He kept the pressure on her crotch while he put her on her back. As she lied looking up at him he again spread her legs. With his hand he pleased her and with his mouth he said, “I am going to do you with my tongue.”

He didn’t wait for her permission. Before she knew it, he had sunken his wet, warm tongue into her vagina. He spread his tongue out wide and licked her dripping lips. She moaned and squeezed. He did it again. He loved having his wet tongue squeezed by her moist vagina.

Not wanting to miss out, he turned his body he gave himself to her. While he continued to make oral love to her, she pulled off his silky boxers. As soft and feminine as she was, he was hard and masculine. His nicely formed butt had a strong, masculine contour. It flowed lusciously into his legs. Being a sensual woman, she loved touch, but she had a visual side too. She loved the view of him leaning over her feasting on her, and she loved seeing his now tight balls met between his legs and gave up their dangling flesh for his rock hard penis. He hovered over her just inches from her face.

Knowing what he wanted and wanting to please, she grabbed his engorged penis and wrapped her lips around it running her tongue underneath. He moaned too. They reveled in the moment of giving and receiving at the same time.

She slid him in and out of her mouth, teasing his head with her lips and tongue. Instinctually he began to thrust more of himself into her. He was big enough in her mouth with her in charge, but when he began to thrust she didn’t know how she could handle him for long. She then decided to hold her head back and take him deep within her mouth. He was now almost totally inside her. He continued to penetrate her with his tongue and gradually moved to her love button.

He could feel her back arching and her pelvis begin to heave again at an uncontrollable rate. Not wanting to risk anything, he took his penis out and used all of his energy on her. He licked her loved button furiously with his tongue, and sucked all of it into his mouth while penetrating her with his fingers. She hurled her head back, arched up several inches off the bed, sank down again and then repeated. It was intense, lasting for at least thirty seconds.

She came back to earth again and lay on the bed, catching her breath. He gently kissed her middle and around her breasts. She lied motionless, basking in the ecstasy.

After some time she opened up her legs and told him to go slow, deep, but hard. She wanted him to fill her up. He was still ready, after all this time. He had waited for this for what seemed to be a long time.

He asked how. She turned over on her stomach and rose up on all fours. She looked back at his big eyes and said, “Fill me up, baby. Do me.” He again enjoyed the incredible view. She turned and asked, “So is my view better than the balcony?” she asked. “I love the city, but I would rather look at God’s fine handiwork.”

He slowly, just as she described, entered her. She loved the way he felt deep inside of her. He had a warm, long penis that touched her at the very end of her vagina. For her, there was nothing like being penetrated by this man’s penis. She enjoyed his oral gift and his fingers, but she was now satisfied in a way that was deep. Feeling uninhibited in the moment, she called out, “Deeper! Do me deeper with all that you have!” He thrusted and moved his powerful organ back and forth within her, barely able to hold back the bursting dam within him.

Feeling that he was just a moment away form the point of no return, she resumed control. She was glad to please him visually, but she wanted to finish with his body pressed tightly against hers. She pulled away and turned over. She lifter her legs up and apart, inviting him in. He had no objections whatsoever.

He was delighted to be able to enter her and finish in an intimate way with this special woman. She was incredibly wet and loose. He asked her to squeeze him to allow for some friction. She squeezed and he could hold back no longer. He unloaded all of himself into her. She could feel the burst of energy that he put into her. She received it all gladly. She loved sharing all of this man with him.

He rested inside of her. She squeezed him gently, not wanting him to release himself from her. She kept him close. This woman had taken everything that he had to give that night. They rolled over her and she rested her head on her chest as he remained inside of her.

She gently ran her fingernails over his body, letting her hands feel his curly chest hair and lightly stimulate his neck and behind his ears. He was totally relaxed and abandoned to her. He became soft and she freed him.

She then laid her head on his chest and fell asleep. They were wrapped together all night long, the making love continued even in sleep.

She awoke well after dawn to his handle caressing her breast and a slight nibble on the edge of her neck. She felt him grow and harden in the upper part of her crack. She reached behind and grabbed his butt and pulled him closer. He interpreted this as a welcome note and he inserted himself into her. She was tighter than and not as wet as the night before, but this provided not a lesser, but a different sensation. It was very intimate. He didn’t thrust right away. He enjoyed feeling the inside of her and she enjoyed once again being completed by this man.

After enjoying waking up to him in this way, she put one leg up into the air and led his hand to her crotch. He gently stroked her while thrusting deeply but in the slow rhythm of his hand strokes. She came. Toward the end of her rise, he began to come too. As she fell away into an afterglow she was able to enjoy the beginning and then the swelling of his pleasure. She loved that he enjoyed her so much. It was a different pleasure than the night before; it was an incredible moment of intimacy.

After holding each other and dozing in and out of consciousness, they enjoyed washing each other’s hair in the hot shower. They had already produced enough steam to last a long time, so they just enjoyed each other’s company.

He enjoyed fastening the sexy bra and getting one more look at her alluring figure in the pink thong. He even buttoned five of the six buttons in front and six of the nine on the side for her, just as she had done the night before. She was a beautiful, elegant woman in or out of her clothes.

She asked him if he wanted a lift and he gratefully accepted since he had taken a cab to the Lexington. The parking garage below wasn’t nearly as dark or lonely with this man beside her side. She drove him to his home, and walked him to the door. As the door opened, four wonderful, cute kids came bouncing across the threshold and gave each of them a hug. “We missed you Mom and Dad,” They hugged them back, but this time they just couldn’t bring themselves to say, “We missed you too.”

She looked over toward her husband and thought, “I am glad I read that book.”

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