Rekindling the Fire

Kristi stepped back, surveying the romance she had created in their spacious master bedroom. Candles of every size, shape and color rose from brass candlesticks, fat squatty glass containers; flickered brightly from the red tea lights scattered across the carpeting, spilling from the top of the two dressers and nightstand.

She had looped a filmy white material across the top of their black canopy bed, creating an ambience all its own, closing them inside their own little world.
More tea lights flickered from the edge of the green marbled hot tub, the fragrant rose petals churning in the water, lending their own intoxicating scent.

She crossed the room to the large wall length mirror, esconsed in beautiful yellow gold, an anniversary gift from her wonderful husband, Jason. She paused to run her hand over her now flat stomach, delicately layered in white lace and satin, inter-threaded in red ribbons that caught the side of the negligee up on her hip, baring her slender curvaceous form.

She sighed dreamily, sinking back on the white satin comforter, her feet still on the floor, hands behind her head, staring up at the twinkling mini clear lights shrouded in the iridescent material. Her husband would be coming home from work soon, no doubt tired and ready for bed, but she had other plans.

Nine weeks post-partum, she had given birth to their adorable little girl. She would never forget the look on Jason’s face as their bundle of joy slithered out into the doctor’s hands, all slimy and not all that attractive looking. But to them, she was the most beautiful sight in the whole world and her hearty cry at entry into the new world, was music to their ears.
She remembered the nurses trying to clean the squirming infant as she rooted on her mother’s breasts for nourishment, Jason looking on with the most incredible look on his face. He was in such awe. As Jenae suckled hungrily he gently stroked the thatch of dark, damp hair on her small head, seemingly unable to get his fill of the infant in her arms.
After Jenae finished her meal and was nodding off to sleep, Kristi looked up at her husband, extending the warm, swaddled bundle. “Want to hold her?”

She had never seem him so excited about anything as he was, the opportunity to cuddle his little girl, not even the Raiders game had gotten him this excited, and that was saying alot.

She smiled as she watched them, daddy and daughter. Jenae opened her eyes just then, focusing on the low masculine voice murmuring to her. Her eyes met and held his and then, to their astonishment and joy, she smiled, right at him!

She was such a good baby. She slept through the night at four weeks, took regular naps and rarely cried. But the stress of keeping up with the onslaught of tiny onesies, snap up sleepers, lacy girly dresses and trying to heal from the episiotomy, had dampened Kristi’s sex drive. She and Jason were starting to feel it. Her husband most of all. Too often within the last week, he had reached for her, stroking her arms, her hips, her back, but Kristi had to be honest and whisper, “Not tonight sweetie. I’m exhausted and still sore.”
She knew he was struggling to understand. The six-week limit had come and gone and she still refused him, even if it was gently.

But now, it was Valentine’s Day and she felt much better. He had no idea what her plans were for the evening. They had discussed earlier that with her still recovering from the tearing during labor, that they would share a glass of wine, cuddle on the soft leather couch and watch a romantic movie together. She was supposed to have picked out the movie. But, she thought with a smile, he would enjoy this much better.

She glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Yikes, he’d be home in 45 minutes! Shaking herself from the peaceful reverie, she jumped up from the bed. Jenae still needed to be wakened and fed or she’d not sleep through the night and all her planning and scheming would be ruined.

She snagged the matching robe to her lacy ensemble, and pushed her arms through, crossing the hall to the dimly lit nursery. As always, she slowed her steps as she reached the crib, awestruck by the innocent beauty that lay before her. She watched as her daughter slept, her tiny chest, rising and falling with each breath. Her dark hair was starting to take on the goldish tinge of her husband; the silken curls lying against her flushed pink cheeks.

Gently she reached inside, scooping up the slumbering bundle.
As Jenae nursed, her big blue eyes fixed on her face; her heart was overwhelmed with so much love for her daughter. Jenae’s searching hand caught on her mother’s, curling her fist tightly around Kristi’s index finger. Together they rocked, mother and baby, the very vision as that of Madonna and child.

This is how Jason found them. He stood in the doorway, watching the tender scene, not able to tear his eyes away. His beautiful bride slept, her head resting lightly against the back of the glider, their little girl cuddled close, her mouth occasionally suckling at the creamy white breast that had escaped the white lace negligee which he could see peeking through the rich folds of the silk robe. He felt himself harden at the beautiful sight and shifted uncomfortably. Kristi had made it clear last week, when they made their plans for Valentine’s Day that there would be no union of themselves tonight. She was still in pain from the tearing to her body.

Taking a deep breath, he moved away from the door.

Gently he shook her awake, careful not to wake their daughter.

“Hey sweetheart, I’m home,” he whispered into her ear, the wave of her erotic perfume creating yet another tent in his jeans. Oh boy, this was going to be a long night.
Kristi wakened slowly, a smile crossing her lips as she glimpsed her husband bent over them. “Hi, you’re early.”

“Not really. You fell asleep.”
“Oh goodness! The food, I hope it’s okay.” She jumped to her feet, then held her breath as Jenae stirred, whimpered then sank back into sleep.

Kristi settled her into the crib, drew a light receiving blanket over her still form, and taking Jason’s hand, tiptoed from the room.

She glanced across the hall, relieved that she had slipped their bedroom door closed before going to the nursery.

“Come on, I have supper waiting,” she said, leading Jason to the kitchen. Everything was fine, the pork roast had gotten a little brown on the edge but other than that, it looked great. The table was set with glowing tapers and a crisp white tablecloth.
As she bent over the stove to retrieve the rolls that were warming, he captured her waist from behind, pressing his lips to her neck, nuzzling her earlobes. With a sigh she relaxed against him, relishing the feel of his hands as they came up under her ribs to caress her breasts. When his fingers began stroking and rolling her pert brown nipples, she turned in his embrace, kissing him gently before moving away. “Come on Romeo, I could use some help,” she said with a smirk over her shoulder as she dropped the rolls into a cloth lined basket. “There’s time for that later.”

“When?”, Jason asked, this time he had to know how long she was going to hold out.
Kristi grinned. “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Jason frowned, picking up the casserole dish and carrying it to the table. Why was she tormenting him this way? Giving seductive glances, wearing provocative clothing, his favorite “make out” perfume, her hair caught up in loose sexy curls like he liked?
Shaking his head, determined to just relax and enjoy her company on this romantic day, he took his seat across from her. As she slid into her chair, her robe gaped open. He swallowed hard. Great, just great.

“You look incredible,” he murmured, lifting his glass for the wine she offered.
Kristi smiled at the effect she was having on him. “Thank you. I was hoping you’d like it.”

“Ummm, I do. What little I see of it.”

Again, the smirk.

“How did your day go?,” she asked, lifting the gravy boat and scooping a generous dollop onto her potatoes.

“Pretty good actually. Mark has been letting up on the rigorous schedules. I think he’s getting into the holiday spirit,” he said, winking. “I think that new wife of his is working wonders.”

After a shared laugh, their conversation drifted toward their daughter and the things that amazed them each day.

“Oh, you should have seen her,” Kristi gushed. “She was eating this afternoon and she smiled right at me, for the first time. It was so great! Now I know how you felt at the hospital.”

“Yeah, that was pretty special,” Jason said with a wistful smile. Then his face grew serious. He reached across the table and took her hands in his. “Kris, I know I promised to try to be patient, but do you think…I mean, is there any way…Oh shoot, what I’m trying to say is- Even if we don’t “make love” per se, do you have any inclination to…”, he blushed. This wasn’t going to way he had intended. “Never mind, forget I said anything. Here.”

He reached behind him to produce a red and purple gift bag. A large pink card fell out as she reached inside. Her hand closed around a slender crystal vase, exploding with roses in a dark crimson shade. Their heady fragrance filled the room. She pressed her cheek into the softness, then her nose. “Oh honey, they’re beautiful! Thank you.” She leaned across the table to kiss him.

“Here, here’s yours.”

Jason took the brightly wrapped gift and tore into it, reminding Kristi of a little boy. She grinned, watching him.

“Oh baby,” he exclaimed, “I’ve been wanting this forever!” He lifted the heavy black leather coat out of the bag, RAIDERS emblazoned across it. Even their logo had been stitched across the arm.

He jumped out of his seat, coming around to smother her in kisses. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re a doll!” Kristi laughed, kissing him back, then pushing him away. “Ok, Ok. Open your card babes.”

When they had finished, Kristi stood up to clear away the dishes. “Ready for dessert?”
Jason groaned, leaning back in his chair as he patted his stomach. “Later? I’m so full. Everything was delicious.” He stood to help her carry the dishes to the sink. “What movie did you get for us?”

Kristi hid a smile behind the big pot she was scrubbing. “Um.. I actually didn’t. And dessert…well I did make strawberry pie but I was thinking maybe instead of using dishes we could use.. each other.”

She waited, feeling her cheeks warm as she awaited his response. Jason dropped the potholder he was putting in a drawer and swung her around.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?,” he asked, his dark eyes boring into hers. It was as if his body already knew the answer. She felt his hard arousal pressing against her stomach.

Kristi nodded, speechless at the warmth pooling in her belly. “As soon as the dishes are-”
“Forget the dishes,” he growled, hauling her into his arms, starting for the stairs. “I’ll do them myself later.”

Kristi giggled as he climbed the staircase and pushed open the door to their bedroom. She wiggled out of his arms, sinking her feet into the plush carpeting, catching his hand in hers. “You like?”, she asked, already knowing what his answer would be.
Sensuality and passion lurked in the dark depths of his eyes as he took in all her handiwork. Then his gaze swung to her, and he could wait no longer.
His hands worked at the knot in her robe, as he kissed her, their tongues mating, tasting, teasing.

Finally the knot was free and he slid his hands inside, relishing the feel of her heated skin beneath the thin film of satin and lace. He found the tie to the red ribbons and slowly undid them, her beauty bared for him to see. Her skimpy red lace thong did little to hide the nest of soft curling hair. As he kneaded her buttocks in his hands, he felt the moisture on her panties, heard her heavy breathing against his throat.

His penis was pulsing now, pressing into her sheer material, seeking entrance.
It had been so long, but he wanted to cherish her, let her know how much he thought of her gift-herself.

He lifted her, laying her on the bed. Her eyes were wide as he explored with his hands. She gasped aloud as his tongue joined in, suckling her breasts as though he were a baby himself, lapping at the bit of breast milk seeping from her dark nipples.
He kissed his way down her body, circling her stomach, dipping his tongue into her belly button, sliding down her legs to kiss her inner thighs.

He kissed around her panties at first, teasing, tormenting her as she had him, until she all but begged him to taste her. She writhed on the bed, pressing her mound to his mouth. At last he slid the scrap of material aside and ran his tongue over the course curls. He caressed her vulva as he sucked and teased her clitoris. He had never seen her clitoris so aroused, standing out as much as it was. He suckled it into his mouth, delighted at the soft cries of his wife, her moans of passion. The way her fingers curled in his hair, as she was lost in ecstasy.

Just when she thought she could take no more, he slipped two fingers inside her, thrusting gently along with his oral attention. Colors flashed before her eyes, she cried out and collapsed, shaking violently on the bed, her chest heaving from the powerful orgasm.
He inched his way up her body, caressing her sweat slickened body with his hands. He kissed her, showing her in the thrusting of his tongue how much he wanted inside her.
Still wet from his intimate kisses, she was well lubricated.
She opened her eyes at the probing of his penis against the opening to her vagina. “Jase, be careful please.”

He kissed her again, pressing more deeply into her. “I will darlin, I promise.”
It seemed almost like their first night, their honeymoon. As much as he wanted to pound into her and lose his seed in her silken depths, he forced himself to control the raging testosterone.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, bringing them very close as he entered her more. She winced once, but as he pressed further she gave a soft sigh of admittance. “It’s okay,” she whispered.

He smoothed her hair off her damp forehead. The curls had come loose from the pins and spilled around her bare shoulders and onto the pillow.

Little by little he gained momentum, feeling his own release just within reach. Checking her face for pain and finding none, he thrusted harder, faster, suddenly overcome with a hard wave of passion. His body shook as his seed spilled into her, its warm jets shooting off the walls of her vagina, his body taking on a sheen of perspiration as well.

He collapsed on top of her, covering her body in his, raining kisses over her face, forehead, neck and throat. Finally his mouth found hers, their tongues leisurely curling over the others, too tired to do much more.

They decided to get a shower before sinking into the hot water of the sunken tub. Jason caught the swirling petals pressing the silken flowers to her bared breasts, giving her a floral massage. In each other’s arms, they took turns thanking each other for the wonderful gift of their offered bodies.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, we’ll have to try your dessert later.” Jason whispered in her ear as they cuddled much later in the big bed. Kristi turned in his arms to kiss his forehead, snuggling deeper into his embrace, just as the sharp cry of their newborn daughter reached their room.

She laughed, pulling on the robe that had been thrown carelessly to the floor during their lovemaking. “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. Be right back.”

Jason eased up on his elbow as she left the room, her small hips swaying gently beneath the thin robe. Oh how he loved that woman!

“Thank you Father,” he whispered into the dark of the room. He smiled at mother and daughter as they entered the room and Kristi settled herself among the pile of pillows to nurse. God was so good.

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