By the Hour

It was Thursday evening, and Laurie and I were watching a very romantic movie. She’d snuggled close to me, resting her head on my shoulder, and I had my arm around her. Maybe it was what we were seeing on the screen; maybe it was her closeness to me; maybe it was her hand resting on my thigh, quite far up. Maybe it was a combination of all three, but I was getting in an amorous mood, to say the least. I started twirling her hair with my fingers. But when I began teasing her ear, then her neck, she sat up and turned to look at me.

“If you keep this up, we won’t be able to finish this movie. But I know you’ll like the ending–which you’ll miss if I lose control and drag you off to the bedroom. You know there’s only so much of this I can take.” Her tone was sweet.

“Well, I can put off the ending if it means making love to you right here and now. Should we be daring and do it here on the carpet?”

“No, I think you can hold yourself in until the movie’s over.” She reached up to touch my face and then ran her fingers through my hair. “And I think the end of this movie will make the wait worthwhile,” she added seductively.

See how she managed that? Maybe other wives would have gotten annoyed at my antics when they were trying to concentrate on a movie. But Laurie never responded that way to me. She seemed to know instinctively how to put a stop to things when she wasn’t ready, while at the same time making me feel good about myself–and my appeal to her.

Laurie had been right about the end of the movie. When it was over, she flipped around on the sofa with her legs extending away from me, and I wrapped my arms around her as she leaned back to look up at me. We kissed passionately.

She had on a pair of her skin-tight leggings, and her shapely thighs looked sensationally sexy. As I held her, I ran my other hand under her T-shirt and gently fondled her breasts, enjoying the satiny feel of her bra.

However, she suddenly sat up straight and swung her legs around to the floor. Then she sort of leaned over and ran her hand upward on the inside of my thigh.

“I think the bed will be much more comfortable, don’t you?” she asked in a sultry voice.

“What about all the chores we have to do before going to bed?” I really wasn’t thinking about any chores.

“Chores? What chores?”

With that she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that there was a tiny disadvantage to making love tonight. We were going out to dinner with another couple tomorrow evening at a rather formal restaurant. Watching Laurie dress in her finest for such occasions, then the evening out, and finally watching her undress, layer-by-layer, when we got home always put me in the mood for making love. The problem is that Laurie hardly ever agrees to sex two nights in a row. If I were smart, I’d wait for tomorrow night.

But what does smartness have to do with the passion I was feeling? I wanted her now and with utter abandon surrendered myself to those desires. That’s one of the beautiful aspects of marriage: it makes those emotions right and proper.

And I wasn’t the only one feeling passion–there was little doubt that Laurie and I both felt the effects of that romantic movie–and of each other. We flopped onto the bed and made rapturous love.

However, my thoughts about the following night proved completely accurate. I watched as Laurie stood in front of the closet, clad only in her bra and panties, trying to decide what to wear. Evidently making a mental choice, she turned and walked back to the dresser, basically in my direction. Seeing her walk across the room like that absolutely inflames my desire for her, and it was impossible to take my eyes off her. My passionate stare ran from her gently undulating breasts in her soft bra, to her shapely curves cradled by her skin-tight, microfiber panties, and finally to that seductive triangular point that always seems to draw the breath from me.

While I watched transfixed, Laurie sat down on the bed and smoothed on her pantyhose followed by a black, light-control, boy-leg shaper, worn simply to keep pantyhose from sagging. It had a practical application, yes, but Laurie also knew how sexy I found this exquisite article when she wore it on special occasions.

After pulling on a slip, she walked back to the closet and pulled out the dress she had picked out. It was black velvet with a tight-fitting bodice. That, together with the cut of the skirt around her hips, accentuated all her curves in just the right places. Yes, quite snug, but not distasteful. The hem was several inches above the knees, but not overly revealing. The neckline was scooped, but not indecently low. Its short sleeves were slightly puffed at the shoulders. With Laurie’s figure, this dress made her look sensationally stunning.

I was still standing there in shorts and a T-shirt, having managed to do absolutely nothing while Laurie was dressing except put on a pair of socks. As she finished smoothing down her dress, she turned to me with a knowing smile.

“Well, do you think you might finish dressing before we have to leave, or were you planning to go like that?”

Words failed me, so I smiled sheepishly and finished dressing.

We met the other couple at the restaurant, and during the evening I maintained my usual debonair persona, actively participating in the evening’s festivities. However, my mind frequently floated back-and-forth between the sexy elegance Laurie projected in her cocktail dress and the images of her dressing earlier in the evening.

That night as we prepared for bed, I watched every step as Laurie undressed. The effect was highly predictable. She had everything off and was sitting on the bed with nothing but her panties left on when I decided to make my move. However, she pulled on her nightshirt and went into the bathroom before I got onto the bed. While she was out of the room, I took off everything but my shorts and T-shirt, which is the way I normally sleep. But instead of pulling the covers down, I simply lay down on top of the spread and waited. When Laurie returned, she would immediately realize that I would have only one reason for doing this.

Laurie is very unpredictable when it comes to making love, and I almost never know for sure what her response will be when I make an advance. I’m convinced that aspect of our love life is what adds an extra bit of excitement to it. However, there are certain patterns, of course, and she usually says no if I try for two nights in a row. But there are times when she surprises me.

As she walked back into the room and saw me lying there on the bed, her smile was enigmatic. But she focused her eyes on mine as she got onto the bed and slowly crawled toward me on her hands and knees. As the front of her nightshirt hung down, I was afforded a tantalizing view down her neckline. Her breasts swayed provocatively as they loosely brushed the front of her shirt.

“Now let me think,” she said, as if trying hard to recall something. “How long has it been since we made love? Oh, yes, I believe it was yesterday. And now you’re already trying to seduce me again?”

I reached up with both hands and began to tease those breasts that she was so clearly presenting to me.

“Yesterday? Oh, no, it couldn’t have been yesterday. I’ve been desperately wanting you all night, so it must have been ages ago.” Of course, this was all tongue-in-cheek, but I played the part well.

While speaking, I reached down and slid her nightshirt forward, first uncovering her panties and then freeing her breasts. But as I began caressing her inner thigh working my way upward, she plopped down on top of me, stretching her legs out behind her. That made it impossible for me to continue what I was doing, so I wrapped my arms around her. She melted into my embrace and we kissed.

But when she drew her head away, she said, “Nice try, and you do make it hard to resist sometimes, but no, tonight we’re going straight to bed. You do remember about our trip tomorrow?”

“Sure I remember, but we’re all packed, have been for days, so there’s no need to get up all that early.”

“All the same, I’m just not in the right mood tonight. Tomorrow night we’ll be in a strange bed. Who knows? You might get lucky.” Then she smiled impishly and dropped her hand gently to my face and kissed me once more. “That was our goodnight kiss. Won’t you be cold sleeping without any covers on?”

I shook my head at her antics, but when we both had crawled under the covers, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day was Saturday, and the following week was Fall break at my college. So Laurie and I were going to spend Saturday night through Friday night at Jim and Eileen’s house. Jim used to teach where I do, but he was now at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. They had two daughters, one eleven and the other thirteen.

The trip was a little over 300 miles and took about four and a half hours.

Fortunately, the house had four bedrooms, one of them set up as a guest room with a regular size double bed. Laurie and I took our things up, unpacked, and then changed out of our driving clothes. She put on a casual skirt and colored T-shirt.

Dinner for six was a bit crowded in their not-overly-large dining room. Afterward, the kids went to their room to watch a movie, and the four of us sat around the living room and talked. Later when we walked into the bedroom to retire, I noticed a concerned look on Laurie’s face. It was brief, and then she tried to assume a casual countenance. But I knew something had troubled her.

When she sat down on the bed, I crawled up behind her before she took anything off. Taking her shoulders, I nudged her into a prone position as her legs swung up onto the bed. In the process, her skirt rose to a provocative height.

Laurie is certainly not averse to acting sexy and teasing me, even when she’s not planning to have sex. It builds up my sense of anticipation, making me that much more anxious for the next night to arrive. But tonight was different. She reached for the hem of her skirt and pulled it back down. It seemed as if she didn’t want me to get turned on. This was strange.

I lay down next to her, cradling her in my arms. She still had her T-shirt on, but I began drawing little circles on her breast.

“Well, I’m wondering if I’m going to get lucky tonight.”

Laurie took my hand and pressed it solidly against her breast and closed her eyes with a sigh. But just for a moment. Then she lifted my hand off, and rolled onto her side to face me.

“Oh, Terry, I feel so awful. This is something I didn’t anticipate. We should’ve made love last night.”

“That’s okay,” I responded in a comforting tone. “I thought you’d probably be too tired tonight.”

“No, that’s not what I meant. You hear those two girls? They’re in the room right next to us. I can make out almost everything that’s going on in there. These walls must be paper-thin. We can’t do anything. They’ll hear us.”

Now to most men, this would be an issue that would never even occur to them. In fact, I’ve suspected that a goodly number of men would be willing to make love in public. Not me, of course, but having our own bedroom here was hardly public.

“Oh, I don’t think that’ll be a problem. We can control our moans and gasps, and they won’t suspect a thing.”

“No, it won’t work. Those girls are just at that age. They’ll be listening and giggling until they’re convinced we’re fast asleep. Even if we didn’t utter a sound, there’s all the movement on the bed…I just know it: they’ll be able to tell what we’re doing.”

“But that makes it sound like we won’t be able to make love all week.”

“Well, I almost can’t bring myself to say it, but I just don’t think we can. Even when the girls are out, we can’t just come up here in the middle of the day and shut the door. There’ll always be either Jim or Eileen in the house with us.”

I rolled over onto my back and put my hands behind my head. Laurie slipped her arm underneath my shoulders. “It’ll be hard on me too,” she added soothingly, “and I promise–I won’t play any games. No teasing to get you turned on. We’ll just have to grin and bear it.”

So we both got off the bed and undressed. Laurie made no attempt to hide anything from me, but she hurried through the steps with casual indifference. When we got under the covers, she snuggled up to me, and we fell asleep with my arm around her.

I was not angry, just perplexed.

Over the next two days, I discovered, and I’m sure Laurie did too, that the phrase “grin and bear it” was probably an understatement. The last time we had made love was Thursday, and it was now Tuesday night. I thought perhaps that after a few nights she might feel the urge strongly enough to give it a go, if we tried to be as quiet as possible. But when I initiated a few caresses to test the waters, she still insisted we shouldn’t do it.

When Laurie said no again on Wednesday night, I was feeling desperate. A man’s desire for sex builds, and continues to build, until he gets release. There was still Thursday night and Friday night and a long drive on Saturday before we got back home.

Then an idea struck me.

Thursday morning I suggested that we go out by ourselves to do some shopping. I first took Laurie to lunch but then started driving toward the outskirts of the city.

“I thought we were going to do some shopping.”

“Well, I actually used the term in a rather broad sense.”

“What do you mean? Where are we going?”

“You’ll see. It’s a surprise.”

I drove on for a while and then turned into a small, independent motel.

The look on Laurie’s face registered utter astonishment. “You’re taking me to a motel? For sex?”

Without answering, I pulled up to the office and went in to register.

When I got back in the car to drive around to the room, Laurie still had a flabbergasted look on her face but made no protest.

“You’re really serious about this?” she asked.

I hopped out of the car and hurried around to open the door for her. Taking Laurie’s hand, I helped her out of the car.

“Come with me, young lady, and I’ll show you just how serious I am.”

I held her hand as we walked to the room. After unlocking the door, I ushered her in.

“And now, Laurie, we’re going to make mad, passionate love. I’ve just got to have you!”

She smiled and came into my arms.

“Quite experienced renting motel rooms by the hour, are you?”

“As a matter of fact, this is my first time. But during the last two days, all I had to do was look at you to get aroused, so we’re not going to waste any time.”

I released her from my embrace, took her hand again, and coxed her onto the bed.

“Here, let me expedite matters,” I said. “Hold up your arms.” Laurie obeyed without hesitation, and I pulled off her T-shirt. “Now lie down.” Before she even got her head on the pillow, I was undoing her slacks. “Up with your legs.” She picked her legs up off the bed, and I pulled her shoes off. Then I immediately took the cuffs of her pants and pulled them off as well. As I did so, her legs were together, and my hungry eyes watched her panties appear and bare legs emerge.

I stood back to inspect my handiwork, my heart beating madly. White bra, white panties, and white bobby socks were all that remained on. She was dressed like a schoolgirl, but in my condition, I couldn’t think of any time I ever saw her looking sexier or more desirable. I had to have her–now!

When I looked into her eyes, they too seemed to burn with a passion equal to mine. By this time, my own arousal was so intense I could feel the strain on my clothes.

I quickly stripped down and got on the bed. Slipping my hands underneath her, I unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor. Then taking hold of her shoulders, I bent down and nuzzled my face between her breasts. Laurie began to moan softly and wrapped her legs around me.

“What I don’t understand,” she said, now breathing heavily, “is why it took you so long to think of this.”

I’m not sure we ever made love with more longing for each other.

During the afterglow as I held her in my arms, the sun shone brightly beyond the curtains. Laurie said, “Let’s see now. It’s Thursday afternoon. Do you think we can stand it until we get home Saturday night?”

I assumed my best philosophical look. “I don’t know. But now I do know this for sure: there’s always a motel nearby.” I paused. “You know, we just can’t be together night after night without me getting desperate for you. You’ve got a real power over me.”

“Yes, and today showed me just how much I like that power.”

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