Artfull Afternoon

Her arms stretched out above her head as she strained to lift her end of our canoe from the roof rack atop our car.  I helped my beautiful accomplice rotate her end of the canoe to the side so that I could get the other end, which still rested on the roof.  “Can you hold this end OK by yourself?”  I asked as I let go.  With much of the weight still on the vehicle she more or less was just balancing it.  “Don’t drop it now”, I cautioned.  As she stood arms above her head, holding the canoe, I teased her by telling her that I thought I would make a sandwich before grabbing the other end.  “Not funny” she chuckled.  I then slid beneath the canoe facing her and kissed her gently on the lips.  “MMmm I might drop this canoe if you cause me to lose my concentration”, she said.  Let’s see how good her concentration is, I thought as my hand moved down to her breast.  She was obviously enjoying the attention while still holding the canoe very steady above her head.  In one smooth motion I let my hand glide lower to trace the beautiful path to her crotch.   “Not fair, that’s not fair,” she protested as her knees buckled slightly.   Not wanting to push the joking too far I headed for the other end of the canoe.  In unison we brought the craft to the side of the vehicle over our heads and then lowered it carefully to the ground.  “We must get a lighter canoe” my wife quipped.  “And miss all this good exercise” I replied, “besides, I kind of liked the part where you were captive beneath the canoe while I inspected your beautiful body”.   I ducked as she playfully threw a life jacket at me.

We gathered our provisions for a day of canoeing down the lazy river.  We had packed into a cardboard box, food and a blanket for a picnic, swimwear for a dip later, and the necessary safety items; lifejackets, whistle, bailing bucket etc.  All packed into a cardboard box.  We gently slid the bright red boat into the water.    I held the canoe steady as my wife climbed from the bank into the front of the canoe.  The sun was already warming things up pretty good so she decided to take off her track pants.  She often wears shorts underneath so that she can easily adjust to the warming of the day.  As she lowered the track pants the temperature skyrocketed figuratively speaking.  She had on very tight jean cutoffs.  I was a little shocked as she doesn’t normally wear jean cutoffs, and especially not as short as these were.  She does however know how much I like them.  “Wow!” I said, not being able to find any more intelligible words to express my delight.   “Do you like them? Are they too short?” she teased as she turned a full rotation and bent over to show me the back.  I was speechless for a few seconds, and then I replied, “They’re amazing! And no they are not too short”.  “You may not want to wear them to the mall.” I added.   “No chance of that, they’re just for you honey” she assured me.  The tattered band of denim between her legs almost disappeared into her soft folds.   I at the same time noticed yet another surprise.  She obviously had on no panties and had shaved a little more than usual.  She has only “gone bare” once before and found it so itchy that she vowed never to do it again.   “I love you so much” I declared while climbing into the back of the canoe.

We were in no hurry so I volunteered to paddle from the back with my gorgeous bride facing me so that we could talk as we rowed down the shoreline of the very quiet lake.  I was having more than the stereotypical number of sexual thought every minute.   My partner was beautiful and a joy to converse with.     I had brought my camera along so that we could take pictures of the natural beauty surrounding us.   After capturing pictures of loons taking off, a dead oak majestically inclining from an outcropping, a turtle sunning on a rock, and various other hopefully mount worthy shots, I pointed the camera in my wife’s direction.  She instinctively covered her lap with a blanket as I snapped her picture.  “This outfit is for you only, no pictures please.”   She requested.  “I’m good with that” I assured her.  I didn’t point the camera in her direction again.  I didn’t need a picture, as her beautiful form was burned for a lifetime in my mind’s eye.

After about an hour we stopped for a picnic on a small-secluded island.   I climbed out first and then helped my wife.  I noticed as she climbed out the canoe that the top button on her cutoffs was undone and the zipper was part way down exposing the top of her pubic mound.  I was instantly and visibly turned on.    We spread the blanket for lunch, though truthfully I was thinking of other things I’d rather do on the blanket.   My wonderful partner had packed all my favorite lunch items.   She sat across from me with her legs crossed exposing almost every detail of her lovely form, her breasts barely covered by a loose fitting blouse with only one button holding it closed.  I told her again how beautiful she was.   She leaned over and we kissed passionately.   We have been married for fifteen years and nothing like this had ever occurred before.  It was as if she was out to fulfill every fantasy that I have ever had on this one day.

After a terrific lunch my wife reached into the bottom of the cardboard box and produced an artist’s canvas and my long set aside artist’s paints and tools.   “I bought you some new brushes,” she explained.  “I thought we could just relax and enjoy nature and you could do some painting like you are always talking about”.  “What should I paint”?  I asked.  “Whatever you see that you like,” she responded.   “Well the most beautiful thing I see is you honey”, I said aware of how corny it must have sounded.   She answered,  “I was thinking you might say that”. “Would you like me to pose for you”?    It couldn’t get any better than this.  Not only was I in the presence of my life long love wearing the sexiest outfit ever, on a secluded island, under a beautiful summer blue sky, but she was going to pose while I painted her.  I was wrong, it did get better.  “Would you like my clothes on or off’, she asked teasingly, while opening her top to reveal her beautiful breasts.   Of course my answer was obvious.  She undressed while I got my paints set out and selected the tools I would use.  My wife posed in several different positions, as I considered which I preferred.   Obviously, they were all beautiful.  Over the next hour I translated her form onto my canvas from several views, ranging from discrete to full frontal with legs spread.  I had never enjoyed painting so much.

When finished, I had created a mosaic of her awesome form.  Being normally modest, she was a little embarrassed when I showed her my “masterpiece”.    I had so enjoyed the experience that the end product was not nearly as important to me as the process I had been treated to in it’s creation.   Knowing that she would worry about someone else seeing my painting, I lit a fire and together we destroyed the evidence of our afternoon of artful delight.  She was visibly moved and appreciative of my honoring her modesty.   We rowed home as the most memorable afternoon of my summer faded into an evening delight in each others loving embrace.

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