sexy honeymoon

A Scene at the Beach

The water ran up the sand and danced around their toes. They stopped to watch a seagull swoop toward the sea and pursue his catch. They marveled at his power and seemingly effortless focus as he swept down to the water and skimmed along its wake.

The sun was setting across the broad horizon and the clouds were converging overhead. The smell of rain was in the air and a sea breeze could be felt drifting through their clothes and hair.

A weekend getaway was not familiar territory to the couple. She was at her prime in her work. Respected for her orderly and precise way, she was the consummate professional. Responsibility and attention to detail were her hallmarks, and she held favor among her peers. He had worked faithfully for years receiving similar respect from his friends and associates. To them, he was more of a friend, being a considerate and encouraging team player in the office. A weekend like this was well deserved, but a rare occurrence.

As they walked along the beach with hands cupped together, they reminisced over their eighteen years together. They discussed family, church and work friends, and their life together. They recounted funny and sad moments and some milestones in their relationship.

Their conversation was not forced. There were long periods of silence when she would gaze out at the beautiful, rocky coast and watch the sun peak through the clouds in the distance. He found himself sharing the sunset with her, but gazing more at her profile than anything else. He was still enraptured by her, even after so many years. The wind wisped her hair back revealing her brow and temples. They were smooth and rounded perfectly like the pebbles on the seashore beneath his feet. Her skin was lightly bronzed from the time relaxing in the sun over the past day-and-a-half. Her entire body glistened as the sun bounced off of her and lit her up in his eyes.

He was still strong and fairly trim. He held his shoulders square and high and exuded confidence as he held her hand. She liked seeing his rounded butt shape his Dockers as he led her along the beach. As they walked she took her hand out of his and touched his leg, one of the parts of his body that attracted her. She liked how his t-shirt rested on the top of his butt as it curved into his lower back. She gently raised her hand over his leg, up to his lower back, but her thumb in his Docker’s empty belt loop.

The wind picked up a bit and pressed her thin, cotton beach dress against her body. Her hair blew back and revealed her long neck as she lifted up her head and felt the sea breeze cool her head. They stood and took the view in. The array of clouds moved slightly faster through the orange and blue sky, and the dark layer of rain clouds below them created a contrast too stunning to not stop and take in. While she gazed at the expanse before her, he turned his attention and thoughts completely to her.

He turned his head down the seashore, but he was really looking at her out of his eye’s corner. She could feel his interested eyes roving over her body. The wind pushed her thin cotton dress against her body. It fit her well without any help, but the wind nuzzled it against her accentuating her soft curves. It pressed the cloth against her where her legs met and patted her flesh around her middle. The dress was not form fitting, but with the breeze it helped reveal the curve of her perfectly sculpted hourglass.

He found his meandering eyes bouncing back to her hips and then delving beneath her dress to the outline of the thong that was strapped upon her. He followed the string around her waist as far as he could and then back to the center where it met a lacy middle section that covered her patch. Her front of the thong pressed against her femininity and it pressed back against the thong raising it slightly above her lower abdomen. Its color was cream to match her form-fitting, spaghetti- strap camisole that she had left on one of the bedposts back in their little beach cabin.

She had not worn a bra the entire weekend, not even in the car ride up. Her cream camisole, one of his t-shirts and the dress was all she brought with her to cover her top. The wind pushed against her slightly extended nipples. When the wind was at its strongest he could make out the outline of her darker areola.

He wanted to see how the wind would shape the dress to her fine butt, but he felt like she might want him to enjoy the same view as she was taking in. He brought his hand around her shoulders and pulled his most beautiful wife to his side. She put her left hand around the back of his waist and into his pocket while the other embraced him in his front. They held each other as the wind brought the darkening sky toward them.

The weather had been beautiful the entire weekend. The skies were clear at night, shining its glorious display of a million stars above them. Each night they had felt like they were in an amphitheatre of ocean waves with a star-studded canopy. The days were warm enough to comfortable rest in the sun or take a stroll in the morning or evening. The clouds that rolled in brought a chill that they had not felt yet. Her nipples perked up, even though he held her warmly in his arms.

He suggested that they return up the hill to their small beach house. He was disappointed when she let him lead the way up the hill, holding her hand behind him. He still hadn’t seen the best view of all.

After they reached the crest of the hill, she tugged on his fingers. He stopped on top of a small mound and perched at the highest point, she stood just beneath him with one foot slightly higher than another balancing herself on the slope. She turned her back toward him and he could see the slightly darker, cream strip of cloth poking above her crack. Her skin was an olive tone so the cream string could just barely be made out, the string just slightly revealed above her butt.

His mind jumped back to their time in the shower earlier that day when after drying herself she bent over, revealing her fine, succulent labia and pulled up the thong tight between her enveloping butt.

Resting his hands on her hips he whispered into her ear, “It’s beautiful.” She agreed, thinking that he was talking about the sunset. He smiled at her innocence that she still had, at least in part, even after 18 years of marriage. Resting his cheek against hers they watched the sunset behind the clouds, dipping behind the horizon.

The darkening sky began to empty upon them. First it was a mere drizzle, dampening their clothes so they clung to their skin. The dress’s thin material clung to her breasts, cloaking them to the see through, cotton. Looking down between her breasts he could see her navel as the dress sunk into her button. The dress gripped her thighs and followed their seam into her crotch. He held her close.

The intensity of the rain suddenly increased. The cloud opened up its gates, and they were drenched. She laughed and tilted her head back letting the water cascade down her hair and neck. His eyes followed first beads and then little streams of water finding their way together thorough the center of her chest and splitting apart again beneath her bosom.

Without a single dry spot on either one of them she playfully laughed saying, “Catch me if you can,” and began to run up the last steps of the hill just past him. Slipping on a slick patch of long, green grass she nearly stumbled, but graciously braced herself from a complete fall. She was bent completely over and her gaping butt showed more of her g-string than he thought was possible. He slapped her on her butt as he passed her by, returning her laugh with one of his own.

She wasn’t about to be bested by this man. She knew him well enough to know that she still had a chance of catching him. He bounded up to the picket fence that enclosed the little yard of the beach house. Unintentionally fumbling to undo the lock, he allowed her to catch up to him and he unwittingly opened the gate just as she reached him. Turn about was fair play and she let him know it, slapping his butt harder as she darted past him, through the gate.

There was no need to lock the secluded beach house. She reached the door several steps ahead of him and tried to turn the knob to lock it completely behind her. His strength and desire to enter was too strong for her, she couldn’t resist. She knew her best defense was to run.

Not knowing entirely where she was running to, she went into the den, the room directly in front of her as she scuttled down the hall. He followed her in and found her hidden behind the door. She squealed.

Grabbing her, he laughed a low laugh. With her hand on his chest she could feel the vibrations from his deep voice. The low rumble was tantalizing and a bit intimidating at the same time, even though she had known him for almost half his life.

“I got you!” he said to her, gripping her like he was holding a trophy.

“You lost though, baby,” she jeered back.

Playfully he grabbed her and said, “How then did I get first prize?”

“You think you have me all wrapped up, eh? First prize, is that what I am to you? Am I just a fish in the ocean that the seagull catches in its mouth?”

“Well, I don’t know about a fish in the ocean, but the catch in the mouth is a good suggestion.”

He began to use his lips to discover her again just as he had done several times before at the beach house. Still slick from the rain, he slid his lips over her soft, wet neck. She reached behind and same time, he thrust his tongue into her mouth and she grabbed it with her lips. She began to suck his tongue while she felt him groan quietly into her mouth.

The groaning made her want to rip his pants off and fuck him right there. She placed her fingers in the front of his Dockers and gave them a jerk toward her. His button popped and the zipper fell down. He also had a thong on, one she had given them on their tenth anniversary. His penis head glistened at the top of the thong since it could no longer contain him. She delighted in seeing what she had felt warmly up against her.

Her nipples were no longer chilled, but they were still erect from the anticipation of the pleasure they were about to receive. He made his way away from her mouth, down her neck, feeling his penis slide down her leg.

His soaked pants covered him so closely it was almost like he was naked. He put his hands behind her head and ran them through her hair. He pressed his lips against her and slid them back and forth across her mouth. He reached down and lifted her leg up by placing his hand underneath her thigh. As he began to take her nipple into his puckered lips as he kneeled before her. He nibbled and popped his lips upon her nipple, alternating to give them equal attention.

She ran her hand through his hair and tried to press his mouth into her breasts. He resisted, wanting to tease her until she was completely ripe. He put his hands underneath her legs and grabbed each half of her butt with his strong hands. He began to thrust her crotch into his pectoral that was flexed and hard as he grabbed her from behind and lifted her to her toes.

His heat flowed to her and found a focus in her vagina. It was warm and moist. She began to drip, but this time not from the rain. He knew her limits and how much titillation she could take. He knew that too much tantalizing would mean she would pay him back. He didn’t know how much of her he could handle after all the love they had shared over the past days.

She couldn’t do too much because he was in total control with his hands on her butt, not that she minded. She managed to reach down and lift up his shirt while he continued to fondle her nipples with his lips and tongue. His back was now bear and his thong showed at the top of his butt since his pants had fallen slightly when she had ripped his button off.

She wanted to reach down and grab his butt but it was too far. Instead she lifted up her hands, crossing them above her head. Her breasts were all his and he began to suck them through her dress. Despite the cotton cloth, he could taste her skin. She began to deeply dig her crotch into his pectoral while her nipple was grazing the back of his gaping mouth. She looked down and her breast covered his nose and chin as he sucked away. This made her even warmer inside and she continued to drip.

Finally he stood up to kiss her some more. She didn’t waste the chance to take off his pants. Admiring his bulge in the thong she gave him, she knelt down to take a closer look, kissing his thighs and belly. Occasionally as she kissed him her chin would knock against his head, but she deliberately ignored his erection for now.

With her totally dressed, she decided to remove his final article that barely hid him from full view. She pulled the thong down and his penis bounced up and hit him in the belly just below his navel. She laughed and played with it a bit, flicking the tip like she was a kid bouncing on the end of a diving board.

She then stood up and told him to turn around. He did as he was told. She then said, “Bend over.” He looked back at her curiously, wanting her to say it again. She stared at him again and said, “You heard me, bend over.” He did. She stood at his side and ran one hand up and down the crack of his still wet butt, while the other caressed his erection. As she moved her hand up and down his butt she paused on the front side of his hole and pressed. He jerked. She knew just where this spot was. He supported himself with his hand against the fireplace wall, grabbing onto two stones that protruded out from the wall. She continued. The sensation was amazing.


He turned his head toward her while she stood at his side massaging his vital parts. He said one word, “Closer.” She stepped in and up, knowing what he meant. He began to kiss her love button while she continued to have her way with his butt and erection.


With the intensity increasing, she grabbed his penis harder and began to pull while also pressing on his perineum spot. He reached the precipice of his pleasure and then he came. As he squirted directly into the fireplace, she teased, “You have quite a hose there fireman.”


But the fire wasn’t out. She was still far from finished. She was still entirely clothed, although she was at the same time, almost entirely naked. Recovering from the explosion from within wasn’t easy, but seeing her draped in her wet beach dress made it easier. He stood up, erect and admiring her in his eye.


All he could do was kiss her. His arms still lay at his side and they embraced with their lips. She still had plenty of sexual inertia spinning within her body. She put her arms around his shoulders while pushing him down gently to the carpeted den floor. She knew he didn’t have the strength at the moment to be on top. She straddled his leg and began to brush her mound gently across his slightly hairy thigh.


As she kissed him she could feel her clitoris fill up as the pleasure heightened. He managed to extend his arms and slowly slide the dress above her partially revealed thighs and then higher to her hips. He stopped and admired her body straddled over his. Her cream thong was working to grind what was still hidden beneath into his leg.


He continued to lift up the dress until it revealed her breasts. Still wet from the rain, they glistened as the light from the kitchen beamed through the door onto her body. He was completely mesmerized by her beauty.


She was focused on pleasuring her self with his leg, but it no longer was enough. With his hands occupied and her thong still on, she reached inside and began stroking herself. Sitting almost straight up, she began to press her hand into her labia and clitoris. Eventually she inserted her middle finger into her vagina and groaned.

Her hand moved the front of the thong to the side so he could see it all. He enjoyed the show. He studied the flow and rhythm of her hand so he would know how to do the same for her. She spread her labia apart as she stroked herself, and he delighted in seeing her flower blossom before him. She slowed the stroke as she moved over her clitoris, pressing harder against it before she repeated it again and again. He studied this woman in heat with his beaming eyes.



He loved watching, but he didn’t want to be just a spectator for long. Besides, he could “spectate” with an intimate view. He pulled her up to his body, saying, “Let me help you with that.” She slipped out her wet finger, and he grabbed it, inserting it into his mouth and surrounding it with his lips, licking and sucking on her finger just like he was about to lick her essence. He then began to oblige her with her thong still on.




He lifted up his knees so she could lean back, relax her body and focus her energy on her throbbing love button. He lifted his head slightly and began to lick from the bottom of her lips to her clitoris. Long smooth licks were how she usually liked it, at least at first. The sensation was more powerful than his leg, but she still wanted more.


He met her desire and pulled the soaked thong off. Her wet butt, moist mound, dripping lips were all before him waiting for full attention. He pulled her back toward her and began furiously licking her love button. He then inserted his middle and index finger deep into her. At last he penetrated her.


The licking was soon followed by sucking her clitoris with his lips, just as had done earlier with her breasts. Her clitoris was squeezed by his lips while it nudged against his excited tongue.


His fingers slid back and forth, filling her partially up and stimulating her g-spot. She could hold back no longer. Her body gyrated with a fury. He grabbed her butt and met her energy by squeezing and thrusting with her. Her breasts wobbled in mid air from the intensity of the moment. He looked up and saw them alone above his head.


Looking up at them he asked, “May I?” Her silence was permission to try, at least in his mind. He started to gently kiss around the areola, not touching the nipple. She didn’t have him stop, but just lowered her butt that had been sticking high into the air down upon his erection. His entire area, his crotch, balls, and even his perineum was soaked from the pleasure he had given her. Now it was their turn together.


Fully recovered from her gift to him, he quickly began to penetrate her with full force. He lifted their bodies off the ground with his thrusts. “Does this hurt?” he asked.


“No worries, baby,” she said. “I am too hot to hurt.” This made him go at her with even more power. Her orgasm this time would come from the inside, from the motion of his powerful erection pounding inside of her.


They were experienced enough to know the signs of each other’s bodies. He felt the charge of semen from his body. He felt it ignite the base of his penis and rush toward the head. She could feel his muscles tighten. His butt would usually tighten and begged to be squeezed by the grip of her hands when he was about to give way. This was no exception. Their bodies tightened together and felt the rhythm and heat of each other. Their connection was powerful and it was undeniably the best way to consummate their eighteen years of love together.


With clothes and their satisfied bodies strewn across the floor, he managed to rise to his feet and make his way to the fireplace. Filling it with the only dry wood in the house, he applied the kindling in just the right places, followed by a spark. She placed her head on his chest as he lay down again. The drifted into a deep sleep together, and the fire continued to burn, well into the night.

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