ATV Adventure

We live in a somewhat remote area with over 10,000 acres of state land right behind our house. A few years ago I purchased an ATV so I could explore our back yard. I found an absolutely beautiful spot that was actually like a cliff that overlooked a huge lake. The surroundings were just fairy tale like. Well after marking a trail so I was able to find this remote spot the next time I went out I came home and my wife had just returned from shopping. I went upstairs, took a shower, shaved, (yes, even down there) etc. I proceeded to pack a bag with her favorite wine. I then told her to throw on a pair of jeans and one of my flannel coats cause I was taking her for a ride on the quad. She had never been on one before so she was a little scared; I assured her I would be careful and that nothing would happen. So she agreed and we headed out.

After what seemed like forever to find this place again I finally found “my spot”. I pulled a blanket out of the bag and threw it over the ground. I then pulled out some plastic cups (not the most romantic but I didn’t want the good glasses to brake) and opened the wine. She looked around in awe; she just couldn’t believe we had such an awesome spot just a few miles from our house. After taking it all in and having the wine she looked at me and said, “I don’t think I have ever been more turned on then I am right now”. Once she said that I of course was feeling the same way. We began making out like we did when we were teenagers. She unbuttoned her shirt then removed mine. I had never seen her like this before. After a nice make out session she began bighting and kissing my neck, chest and continued all the way down. She the unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my feet but leaving my underwear on. My wife teased me with her hands and mouth. I wanted to just come out so bad, I was never in my life as turned on as I was that afternoon. Well she did continue and dropped my shorts and didn’t say a word to me about my freshly shaved parts. She began looking and rubbing both hands all over my manhood while moaning in a very sexy voice, and then she took me in her mouth. She started very slowly and taking me in very deep. This continued until I had to stop her because I was just getting to close and I still wanted to do other things.

We were now in this spot for probably an hour our so, I then laid her down and removed her jeans and panties and proceeded to work my way down to her spot. I worked on her for just a few minutes until she stopped me for the same reason. At that time we began deep kissing and touching again and when the time was right I entered my wife. At first she was lying on her back and I was on top, then she wrapped her legs around me and rolled over so she was on top and she said “I’m taking control now”. I almost lost it then. After a few minutes of feeling her dominance I decided, Now I’m in charge. I stood up while still inside of her and sat her on the back of the ATV and continued. It wasn’t long from that point that we both just exploded. Once we were done she looked at me and said “I love you so much” and I felt the same way.

Well, about 5 weeks later she came home from work and said that we had to talk. She was very serious and I knew it was important. She looked at me and said, “Remember that incredible afternoon in the woods” and I said “I know what you’re going to say, You’re pregnant” She just looked at me and smiled and said “how did you know?” I just knew it. This was almost seven years ago and we will be celebrating our son’s 6th birthday on Jan. 30th.

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