October Breeze

With an expression filled grasp his wife gripped the silky crimson sheets, causing them to slightly lift from the petal-covered floor. The aroma, a crisp mix of flowers, sprayed on fragrances, and, sweat. The dim candlelight made the already rhythmically moving bodies dance upon the wall, playfully. Caressed sounds carelessly bounced about the room as his hands slid down the sides of her frame and up her already arching lumbar areas with a sense of controlled passion.

She squirmed with delight, as he tasted the nape of her neck, emitting the same sound one would as they press their teeth into a ripened peach to keep the sweetness within grasp of their lips. Her head seemed to pull back, exposing more of her neck as with every pulse of his sinuous body. He kissed her sporadically breathing lips with little to no response in kind as she shut her eyes.

Her brows, though contorted, rose, as did her voice, with drowning like gasps for air, though no water was in the room except to feed the beautiful lilies that grew beside the large mattress, watered by the rays of sun through the prodigious sliding glass door that was now shielded by a thin, fiery red curtain. Hands now wandered furiously about both bodies as they spasmed to the newly increasing rhythm.

Soon though, the method changed, the pulses slowed, and the two plunged into the pure brightness of ecstasy, collapsing upon one another, enjoying the company of a cool October breeze through the newly opened glass door

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