In the kitchen

She had a surprise planned for her him when he came in.  She stood in the kitchen, newly waxed from head to toe in nothing but the sheer white apron.  She had a wonderful dinner planned for him and was beginning the preparations for it before dressing.  She put on her pasta sauce and was gathering the vegetables for the salad when he pulled onto their street thinking how glad he was to be home early.

With the water running she didn’t hear him come in, not that she would have anyway as lost in thought as she was.  She was remembering the night before with such clarity that she was transported back.  She had always felt that in order to be a good wife she had to quell her wants and needs and only focus on his however last night he convinced her that she was wrong.  He had joined her in the shower slowly taking his time and soaping up her entire body, paying special attention to her love spot with the soft washcloth.  Then he had taken the shower massager and very slowly worked her love button with its vibrating end until she was wet from the inside out and on the verge of losing control.  Just when she would have found release he stopped and, turning her to face him and looking into her face with nothing but love and adoration told her gently that she must voice her request, telling him exactly what she wanted.  And when she told him, shyly that she wanted his huge member inside her he gladly obliged.

So tonight would be his reward for the lesson she had learned last night.  The thoughts she was having only made her drip with want and she grabbed the first thing she could in order to relieve her need and that was a cucumber. Still unaware of her husband’s watchful eyes, she leaned her weight on to the counter and worked the huge, cold cucumber into her hot, dripping center and began working her tight love spot.  Just as she started to moan, her husband covered her hand with his and slowly worked the cucumber in and out.  Before taking the bulk of her weight with his arm he directed her hand to the hot, swollen womanhood of her core and helped her develop a back and forth motion letting her reach the highest peak she ever had.  As she came back to earth she became aware of her husbands arousal pressing into her. She turned and dropped to her knees, surprising her man by undoing his belt and his fly releasing him.

Then she did another first, she took him into her mouth working her lips around the huge fully aroused tip and applying a gentle sucking pressure while working his lower half with her hand.  When his hand came to the back of her head, she let him guide her up and down his shaft meeting her hand with her lips until he reached his peak and stood weak-kneed, chest heaving in the middle of their clean kitchen.  Having watched his face from under her lashes, she felt a sense of pride for having been brave enough to try something knew and learning that she could still excite him after all this time.   When she stood up she smiled her welcome and said “Your home early tonight”.

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