Office Appointment

There was a knock at the bedroom door.

“Hello, welcome to my office,” I said to my wife as she stepped into our bedroom, now a makeshift doctor’s office.  She looked a bit nervous but also excited, as we had agreed to try something new.  I was glad she kept our ‘appointment’.

“Please make yourself comfortable on the examining table.  And – oh – you’ll have to remove your top.”

She sat on the edge of our bed and slowly removed her top.  She was not wearing a bra, and though a bit nervous she was not too nervous to tease me in the way she alluringly stripped for me, from the waist up.

“First I’ll have to complete a manual exam – please lift your hands toward the ceiling.”

I noticed she closed her eyes as she followed my instructions and her breasts suddenly looked so deliciously vulnerable.  I felt myself galvanized into hardness.  It was difficult not to get ahead of myself, but I wanted to keep the role-playing game in focus for at least awhile longer.

I kneeled behind her on the bed and began to massage her shoulders.  “Just checking your responses.”

Eventually I worked my hands around and slightly grazed the sides of her luscious boobs.  When I went for the full manual exam I felt that her nipples were also ‘galvanized’ into hardness.  I kneaded her breasts from behind, slowly and lovingly.

“Next we’re going to have an unusual test – one you probably have not experienced before in a doctor’s office,” I said to her as I got off the bed and began to kneel on the floor in front of her.  “Please don’t be startled by this – just continue to relax.  I need to measure your responses to what I call ‘suction therapy’…”  With this I pursed my lips and placed them around her left nipple, while continuing my “manual exam” of her other breast.  With my tongue I began to tease her erect nipple and then began to suck, at first gently and then increasingly harder.  I then did the same to her other nipple.

“Thank you – very good!”

“Now I‘m going to need you to lay on your back on the examination table.  Very good.  We’ll need to do some full body massage, then some more focused probing.  Just close your eyes…”

I put lotion on my hands and began to massage her legs, her feet, and then her arms and hands.  I then paused to put a rubber glove on my right hand, snapping it gingerly so that she could hear very clearly and guess just what would be coming next.  I massaged my way circularly down to her pubic hair, which I then began to tug gently, as if completing some kind of holistic treatment.  I reached down with my gloved fingers to find them sliding very easily into her vagina.  She was extremely wet.  I began to massage her wetness all over her vulva area, focusing alternately on her clitoris and labial folds.  “Excellent…”

I then reached over for the vibrator.  “We’ll now need to conduct some more intense probing.  You’re doing great here.  Thank you for your full cooperation.”  I snapped on the vibrator and she could hear it humming.  A wry smile spread across her lips, her eyes still shut as she anticipated further pleasures.

I began to probe with the vibrator, and she started moaning with pleasure.  I honestly could hardly believe how wet she was!  She must really be enjoying her doctor visit today, I thought.  I inserted the vibrator repeatedly in and out then up to her clitoris and down, trying to center in on the most pleasureful nerve centers.  Then, as I went into her vagina with the vibrator I worked her clitoris with my latex-gloved fingers.  She begged me to get up on her knees, so I let her and continued the stimulations.

Before long she was shrieking and writhing with pleasure, as she climaxed again and again.

“OK, OK!” she eventually exclaimed and then got me in front of her after practically tearing the “scrubs” off me.  She was kneeling on the bed in between my legs and then bent down and began to go to work on me with much fervor – let’s just call it an “oral exam” she was returning the favor to me with.  Of course, I was already extremely excited and it wasn’t long before I, too, was moaning then climaxing with utmost pleasure.

After we both got our breath back I grabbed a pen and paper and said, “OK – I think we’ll need to meet again for your next follow-up very soon.”  She laughed and said “I can make it again tomorrow.”

“I just happen to have an opening at the same time.”

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