Scrabble Sex Spells “Winners”

We played Scrabble, sex was on my mind.  I felt my breasts begin to throb with desire for my husband lounging at my side.  He stared at his seven tiles, deeply concentrating on his letters.  I gazed at his tanned, facial profile and felt the desire sink lower, traveling into the pit of my stomach, then lower still until my vagina was getting wet.

I hid a smile and quietly asked, “Honey, are you getting tired yet?” I was thinking about some Scrabble sex. Sex you enjoy while or after you play Scrabble.  I could smell the scent of arousal.

Without even glancing at me and still focused on his turn, he replied, “A little.”

“How about moving the game to the bed?”

He finally laid down his letters, scoring thirty points.  He smiled over his genius.  “Ha.  I am ahead of you now.” My wetness was increasing. I had an idea.

I returned the smile and said, “Good for you.  What about moving to the bed?”

My husband agreed.  As he gathered up the board and carefully carried it into the bedroom. I started shedding my clothes and I took my tiles, slipped them under my panties and rubbed them against my wetness.  He placed the game on top of the mattress.  He picked up the pillows, propping them against the headboard.

We resumed the game.  I studied my letters and the board and quickly played, scoring thirty-five points, taking the lead again.  I smiled. I could smell my scent. I  ran my tongue over my bottom lip, hoping my husband would notice. For me, Scrabble sex was already starting. I was hoping that he would soon spell the word, “sex” or “heat.” Maybe he would put down the word, “oral.” Obviously my mind was spelling “desire.”

He threaded his fingers through his dark, silver speckled hair.  Sighing, he looked over his tiles, occasionally glancing at the board.

I stretched out my slender legs and leaned seductively closer to him. I slipped my panties off. My right fingers reached down to touch my wetness.  My left hand curved around his thigh, slowly reaching for his heat.  As I leaned even closer gliding my fingers up the inside of his thigh, my nipple brushed against his arm, causing it to harden with intense passion.

My husband’s muscles stiffened, a clue that he was aware of my aching “desire.”  His own body began reacting with desire. Scrabble sex was spelled now, the kind of Scrabble sex that make you just love that game!

My fingers inched closer to his heat and finally my fingers rubbed him through his shorts.  My fingers climbed to the waistband of his shorts, and they snuck underneath to clasp his pulsating hardness.  I lightly caressed him, trailing my fingertips along his length, then stroking the very tip of him.

I heard his moan of pleasure and increased the pressure on him, slightly tightening my hold and caressing quicker. My right hand was still caressing my pussy.

His fingers caressed my nipples.

“Shall we call it quits to the game?” he asked huskily.

I kissed his earlobe and whispered, “I believe we have started a different  game.”

He chuckled.  His fingers left my nipples and he shifted so he could remove the Scrabble board from the bed.

I released his manhood and stopped caressing my pussy.

A moment later, my husband joined me.  I wrapped my arm around him and found he had stripped out of his shirt.  My hand smoothed across his warm chest and glided underneath his shorts to again torture him with pleasure.

My husband groaned and grabbed his shorts and ripped them off, giving me better access.  I knelt down and kissed the tip of his manhood, then enclosed it with my lips, gently sucking on him.

He twined a fistful of my hair around his fingers, holding me close to him.  He moaned, huskily calling out my name.

I continued to ravish him with my lips, flicking my tongue over him periodically to heighten his desire.  I felt his hard length growing in my mouth.

Yanking on my hair, he brought me up and kissed my lips passionately, playing a cat and mouse game with my tongue.  His hands cupped my heaving breasts.  His thumb flicked over my erect nipples, causing a profound feeling of love and pleasure.

My legs straddled his hips.  His lips left mine, kissing down my throat until his lips latched onto one pink nipple.  His hands slid to my hips and he rocked behind me, creating an intense friction.

One of his hands curved around my hip.    His finger rubbed against my clitoris, then opened me.  His finger dipped into my body.  I groaned with pleasure.

His mouth released my nipple to suckle on the other one.  His finger slipped out and made room for his thick, throbbing manhood.

I felt the tip of him penetrate my moistness and I pressed harder down, accepting his length.  As he filled me completely, his lips left my breast and his hands cupped my bottom.  We both moaned at the same time, feeling the same electrifying pleasure.

We rhythmically rocked together.  We kissed deeply.  As the pressure climbed, I leaned back, my fingers clawing at his chest.  His hands cradled my hips.  I felt his hardness reel and pulse.  He moaned as he climaxed inside my body and that was all I needed to reach my own orgasm.  I groaned and fell onto his sweaty chest.  My husband’s arms wrapped around me, encircling me with love.

He whispered, “I love you.”  He lightly kissed my forehead.

I sighed and replied, “I love you too.”

My husband chuckled and said, “I guess we both won that game of Scrabble sex.”

I smiled and nodded in agreement.

Every time we make love, we are reminded of our profound love for each other and we thank God for allowing us to meet and be together.

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  1. Lesley Craig says:

    My husband and I often play our version of sexy scrabble. We have some wine, dim lights, log fire etc. I dress in his favourite sexy underwear & stockings and we have to make sexy words. If either of us can’t make a sexy word then we have to remove an item of clothing. When there is nothing left to remove then the player must masturbate or give the other a blowjob as a forfeit (not much of a hardship I know!!) It is great fun and has made us bolder as a couple, we now need much less wine to masturbate in front of each other than we used to!

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