The Red Vette

Diego and Jordan had been married several months. Jordan was finding that her new husband had spontaneity to him that she had not really noticed during their time together before their marriage. Both of them were very much “routine” people. You could set a clock by what they did and when; you would know what day of the week it was just by observing their schedules. But Diego was the one who liked to break out of the routine. He was much more likely to do things on an impulse, and he was introducing Jordan to the excitement that being impulsive could bring into rather routine, ordinary daily life.

It began when they saw a beautiful brand new red Corvette parked on the street in front of a house near theirs. Diego had never heard her mention anything about Corvettes; she was a Cadillac lady – or Jaguar, if he was doing the driving. But she pointed out the vette and expressed admiration for the car. She told Diego that her first husband Michael had once said she should drive a vette, even if she only did it once because she would enjoy it.

“But you don’t know how to shift,” Diego reminded her, “and you don’t want to learn, do you?”

“No,” Jordan responded. “It’s just one of those fantasy things.”

Diego laughed; he knew only too well about her “fantasy things”. The lady had the most imaginative and creative mind of anyone he had ever met. He now knew that what she wrote for others to read was just the tip of the iceberg. Jordan had much more inside than she was exposing for public view. Diego was now allowed to read anything she wrote, even the “secret” disks that she kept secured separate from her other work. Jordan wanted to make certain that there was not even a remote possibility that one of these could get mixed into the disks that went to her publisher.

So, the lady wanted to have an experience with a red vette. Diego thought he could arrange that easily enough. Without one word to Jordan, secrecy was the key here; he talked to a friend at the dealership from which his business leased their company cars. He wanted a red vette – had to be red and had to be new – for one week. Diego’s willingness to pay whatever this might cost ensured that he would get what he wanted. He needed his business partner John’s help with the mechanics of what he planned. John was to bring the vette to their house during the night on Saturday and park it right in front. John was getting nearly as much fun out of this as Diego, or so he thought. He had no idea what Diego’s real intentions were.

When they woke Sunday morning, he made love to Jordan as usual. He liked to do it when she was still barely awake. She would slowly wake up and respond more and more to him as he became more aroused and assertive. He lived for mornings like this, but today, he really had his mind on what was to come rather than what was happening; Jordan didn’t seem to notice. When they were done, they both went into the bathroom, and Jordan did what she always did first thing every morning; she opened the shutters that looked out over the courtyard in front of the house. He was watching her carefully. She just stood there a moment, speechless. Then she turned and looked at him.

“What’s wrong, precious?” he asked innocently.

“All right, Diego. What’s the red vette doing in the courtyard?” she asked.

“What red vette, precious?” he asked innocently, then walked over and stood beside her and looked out. “Oh, that red vette! Well, my precious one, that is yours for one week, unless, of course, after the week is up, you decide differently.” Diego was thoroughly enjoying his wife’s surprise. It was as if she still couldn’t grasp what was going on. No one had ever done anything like this for her.

“But I can’t drive it,” she said, as though he had forgotten the stick shift problem.

“Ah, but I can, which means that you will have to have me along, only as a driver, of course, if you want to have the vette experience.” Diego was laughing now. He just couldn’t keep from it as he watched Jordan’s expressions change; she was having a difficult time believing this was really happening.

“Let’s get dressed and go for out for breakfast. Maybe after you’ve had your diet coke fix, it’ll sink in,” he told her. “Then we’re going for a long drive.”

“Where to?” Jordan asked.

“Does it really matter?” he asked her.

She smiled and put her arms around him. “No, I don’t think it matters at all,” she replied.

They dressed. Jordan asked him what clothes were appropriate for riding in a vette. He assured her that there were no fashion rules about what one could wear while having the vette experience.

He took her around to the passenger side and got her situated, telling her she absolutely had to use the seatbelt. Jordan was bad about not using one when she was the passenger. She couldn’t get away with it when she was riding with Diego, though.

Diego had driven the vette the day before. He had familiarized himself with all the controls and gadgets, and he had even put some of her favorite CDs in the player. This had been difficult to do without her knowledge, but he had managed.

Riding in the vette was like nothing Jordan had known before. Diego handled it beautifully, and she was in heaven. They had only gone a few blocks when he asked her if she was having an orgasm. They both laughed. He knew this was arousing her; it certainly was him.

She hated to leave the car to have breakfast, but then, she wanted her coke and Diego had to have his coffee. They made it quick and got back into the vette.

Diego then headed for the interstate. He wanted to get out of Atlanta and on the open road where he could hit the high speeds that he knew they were both waiting to experience. Jordan sat back and got comfortable. He clicked on the CD player and watched her expression out of the corner of his eye as one of her favorite songs, Sade’s “Stronger than Pride”, began to play. Tears actually came to her eyes. She couldn’t believe that he had done all this for her. She reached over and touched him gently on the arm. He smiled at her, but put his attention back on the road. He knew where his concentration had to be.

He got well out of town on the interstate and opened it up. Jordan had her eyes closed and was totally into the experience. Diego drove fast. He just let the vette go. After they had gone about seventy miles out the interstate, he pulled off at an exit and stopped at a fast food place. They both needed something to drink. He was ready to introduce her to the rest of the plan. They had passed the exclusive Chateau Elan on their way out. Diego and Jordan never stayed in hotels; this was about to change.

“Jordan, I think we should get a room at Chateau Elan for a few hours.” Her eyes opened wide; she just stared at him.

“Where had this idea come from,” she wondered, “and when?” She was not one to refuse him, and she certainly was ready for anything he might want to do to her. This entire day had been more than a little arousing for her. She smiled and said ok, but then, as they were getting into the vette, she remembered that they didn’t have any luggage. “How is this going to look?” she wondered.

“Diego, what are they going to think,” she asked, beginning to realize that this could be embarrassing.

“What is who going to think, precious?” he asked.

“You know, the people at the hotel,” she said.

“Well, they are probably going to think we want to f*** really bad,” he answered, keeping his eyes on the road. He almost never said the “f” word, or anything like it. She was the one who used the salty language, sometimes on her own coming from anger and sometimes in bed when he told her to.

“Jordan, we are both wearing wedding rings and I don’t think they are going to ask to see the marriage certificate.” He was enjoying seeing her uncomfortable about this.

Actually Diego had made reservations and had an overnight bag in the trunk. He didn’t know whether they would stay all night or not, but there were a few things he thought they just might need, cocoa butter for Jordan’s sensitive skin being the primary thing. Jordan, of course, did not know this yet.

When he stopped the car and went around to the trunk, she wondered what he was doing. When he got out the overnight bag, she smiled at him.

“So, this was the plan,” she thought. She should have known. He never left anything to chance.

They went in and he gave his name; their room was ready – and such a room Jordan had never seen. He had reserved the best, and she was completely overwhelmed. First the vette, and now this. Jordan thought she had died and gone to heaven. But Diego’s surprises for her were only beginning.

Jordan stood beside the big overstuffed sofa just taking it all in. The bedroom was off to the left; double doors stood open so that she could see the plush decor inside and the huge bed. As she stood by the sofa, Diego went over to the heavy brocade draperies that were letting the afternoon sun fill the room. He switched on a light and started to pull the draperies closed.

“Take off your clothes, Jordan,” he told her. His voice was low and very sensual. He did not even look at her. Jordan stood there a minute, confused. Did he mean here, right here, or in the bedroom, which made more sense to her.

“Right here?” she asked.

He turned slowly and looked at her; his face was stern. “Right here, right now.”

“Oh,” Jordan thought. “What is he going to do?” She wasn’t afraid; she was highly aroused, and very wet. She immediately began undressing. He went into the bedroom and closed the draperies there as well. There was no light from the outside at all. It could easily have been the middle of the night.

He returned to her as she was about to undo her bra. He went behind her and took it off for her. She was facing the large rolled arm of the sofa. It was huge and she was so short that it was just about at her waist. Diego told her to lean over the arm of the sofa. She did as she was told, exposing her backside to him. He placed her hands down on the sofa, which made her rear end very much in the air and available to him. She thought he was going to start something sexual; God knows she was ready. He put his hand between her legs and softly touched her where she was the most sensitive. She was so highly aroused that she gasped with pleasure at even this light touch. Then he did something that took her completely by surprise. He put one long arm around her, supporting her, and then spanked her rear with the other hand. He did it with his hand so that he could know exactly how much she was feeling.

Diego struck her five times. It didn’t really hurt, but it did sting – both of them felt the same sensation. He had never spanked her except for the night he had done it in anger when Anna, his first wife, had visited them and caused their first really bad argument. Jordan had slapped him in the face, something that no one had ever done to Diego and something she would never do again. She had felt lucky that a spanking was all she got. But it had done something to her that Jordan had not expected, and now couples in the erotica she wrote were beginning to experience spanking as a means for sexual arousal. And Jordan knew that Diego always read her erotica.

“That is for being such a wicked little girl and touching yourself when you know you shouldn’t!” Diego whispered into her ear.

She was reminded that just the other day he had gotten out of the shower and come into their bedroom to ask her something as he finished drying off. She was already in the bed, and he caught her in the middle of a very intense orgasm. He had come to her and held her for a moment, then scolded her for not waiting. Actually it had excited the hell out of him to see her pleasuring herself, though he had pretended to be angry. Diego had told her then she was a wicked child and punishment would come – when she least expected it. Jordan had waited for days but nothing had happened. She had all but forgotten the incident, and thought Diego had, too. But he had remembered – and waited to punish her when it truly came as a surprise.

Tears came to her eyes, not because of any pain, but because she wanted him so much now that it hurt. He picked her up gently and carried her to the bedroom. She buried her head against his shoulder in the submissive position. He put her on the bed, face down, of course, and arranged a pillow under her raising her rear end so that she was in the perfect position to be taken.

She had her head buried in the pillows; she knew he was undressing. He took the cocoa butter out of the overnight bag and put it on his penis, not on her; he knew she was already very wet. He just wanted to be certain the penetration didn’t hurt her.

He entered her slowly and ever so gently. He could see the pink marks on her rear that his hand had made. He gently touched them as he entered her. He knew she wanted him in deep; he accommodated her. They stayed joined like this for some time. He had his arms around her, holding both her hands. She was totally in his control and absolutely satisfied being there. He said nothing to her and did not kiss her. Jordan loved this.

After a time he knew he had to move, though he was wishing his body could just stay like this, completely aroused and deep inside her. He began with gentle movements that quickly became harder and more forceful. Then he stopped. He kissed her neck and gently bit her shoulder. Then his mouth found hers and they kissed. As his mouth was on hers he reached under her and did what she had been waiting for, for so long. He brought her to her climax with gentle but firm strokes against her sensitive skin. Jordan began to cry softly.

“I love you,” he whispered. “Very, very much.” He said these words to her in Spanish, which he knew made it even more special for her. She was too emotional to reply, but then, a reply was hardly necessary.

Diego then let his own release come quickly. He wanted to be done and take Jordan in his arms.

He moved from covering her and turned her to him, holding her as close as he could as he brushed her hair back from her face and kissed her forehead. Eventually she stopped crying and was quiet, content to be so close to him and held so tightly in his arms.

“Diego?” she said softly.

“What, precious?” he answered her.

“Am I truly a bad little girl?” she asked him ever so innocently, without looking at him.

“You are always a very wicked child, Jordan,” he replied.

“Aren’t you glad?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” he answered in a tone that made them both smile.

He then turned her over so that he could see her rear. The handprints he had made there were now very faintly visible, just the lightest shade of pink. He took some cocoa butter, warmed it in his hands, and rubbed it into her skin.

“Does it hurt, precious?” he asked, not really too concerned because he knew it didn’t.

“Probably not as much as your hand,” she replied, “but you’re not supposed to ask.”

“I’m not?” Diego said with some surprise.

“Well, the dominant one isn’t supposed to care how the submissive one feels, is he?” she asked. This was the first time either of them had spoken openly about the dominant/submissive aspect of their intimate moments. What had been intuitively understood between them almost since they first met was now spoken of openly.

“This is dominance with love, Jordan. That’s different, and I think you know it or you wouldn’t be so willingly submissive,” he answered. If she wanted to discuss this, he was ready.

“Do I really please you, Diego? I mean really, deep down inside?” she asked.

He pulled her up and sat her in front of him between his legs. He looked her as straight in the eyes as he could and put his hand under her chin to make sure she looked at him.

“What do you think I have been trying to tell you almost from the first time I saw you? You are the only woman that has ever come even close,” he responded very firmly, leaving no doubt as to his sincerity.

“Not even Joyce?” she asked. Knowing that Diego had experienced eight years of what he once referred to as “hot sex” with Joyce continued to bother Jordan even now. He regretted the day that he had mentioned it to her, but they were just friends then, and it had not seemed to be of any particular importance.

“Jordan, Joyce and I had sex – lots of sex, all the time, every way you can imagine. OK? Understand that?” he replied.

Jordan nodded, but she couldn’t seem to get over the insecurity she felt when she thought of how sex must have been between them.

“But,” he continued, “I was never, and I repeat never, emotionally satisfied with anyone until now, with you. Yes, it is the dominance/submission thing. Psychologically we are a perfect match in the bedroom, and the way we are with each other outside the bedroom works for both of us equally as well. Has it really taken you this long to understand that?”

“I guess so. I thought it was just different with me, not necessarily better,” she replied.

“Ohhh myy Jordan!” He pulled her to him and held her tightly against him. “Why is it so hard for you to understand what you do for me deep inside, inside where it really counts?”

“I guess I just experience so much pleasure from you that I don’t think about what you’re getting from it. I’ve always worried that I don’t do enough for you,” she said.

“You couldn’t possibly do more – it would not be possible,” he stated firmly.

Jordan was finally beginning to understand. He got his greatest pleasure from the way he pleased her, and the same things that pleased her so much to have done to her by him, well, it pleased him equally as much to do them to her.


“Yes, precious?”

“We’re lucky, aren’t we?”

“Very lucky, Jordan. Not many people have what we do between us. My greatest fear in this world is that something will happen to you because I know that it can never be this way for me with anyone else.”

They decided not to spend the night, preferring to be in their own bed.

He made love to her very gently, from behind, making her come twice before he would have his release. After, they lay in a close embrace. Diego thought she was asleep.


“I thought you were asleep, precious.”

“I just wanted to know if you’re going to lease the vette again?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” he answered, laughing. Telling her would spoil it; they both knew that.

But Jordan knew that he wouldn’t do this again. After all, you can only really experience a red vette once in a lifetime.

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