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Hot Wife Waxing

Occasionally my wife, Annie, gets a bikini waxing to keep her private area neat and trim. On her way out the door to her latest appointment, I playfully mentioned that I would pay the extra cost if she went Brazilian. When she returned home later that night, and I asked how it went, Annie coyly […]

Hotel Horny

My wife and recently I spent an evening at a five-star hotel. Over dinner and a few drinks we got to talking about some of the adventurous sexual encounters we’ve had in the past. Reminiscing about those good times was getting us both a bit excited as I could see my wife’s nipples perking up […]

Erotic Afterglow

It was a beautiful mid-summer evening, with a refreshing breeze in the air. My wife and I were enjoying some cocktails around a fire pit. We had exhausted our drinks, feeling a little buzzed, when she suddenly reached under her skirt, removed her panties and tossed them to me. The invitation was clear. I moved […]

Erotic Adventure – Balcony Romance

Erotic Adventure – My wife and I recently took a trip to celebrate a special occasion. We rented a beautiful suite in an old southern hotel by the ocean. After getting back from dinner that first night, we went to the balcony to unwind with a few cocktails. My wife is a petite brunette with […]

Smoking Hot Firetruck Encounter

Since joining the local fire department a few years ago, my wife and I have always wanted to have sex in one of the fire trucks. Well one night we found ourselves alone in the lounge and after a few drinks, my petite brunette wife said, “Now’s our chance, we’re doing it in the truck”. […]

Erotic Awakening

Erotic Awakening – My petite brunette wife and I like to enjoy sex as much as possible, but face it, sometimes being too tired causes sleep to win out. In the cases where that happens the subconscious mind still has the urge to fulfill that sexual need. Sometimes after about 2 hours of sleep, I […]

Erotic Trivial Pursuit

Would like to share an erotic twist to foreplay and sexual fun that my wife and I came up with. It is sexual trivial pursuit. We are are an adventurous couple and my petite brunette wife and I love to get each other worked up this way before we make love. Start with a few […]