Erotic Awakening

Erotic Awakening

Erotic Awakening – My petite brunette wife and I like to enjoy sex as much as possible, but face it, sometimes being too tired

causes sleep to win out. In the cases where that happens the subconscious mind still has the urge to fulfill that sexual need.

Sometimes after about 2 hours of sleep, I will find my self curled up next to my pretty wife in the spoon position. She doesn’t like to wear pajamas with pant bottoms so she is usually sleeping in just a short nightgown and panties. I’ll find that if I start caressing the outside of her thigh it may just be enough to get her to roll onto her back. Once there, I very lightly run my fingers over her clitoris on the outside of her silky thong underwear.

Then it is about reading body language. Sometimes she will push my hand away and roll over. Sleep wins this time, Bummer. Sometimes though,  I will get the faintest hum of pleasure, an erotic awakening happens.

If I pick up on that I will gently slip my middle finger under her panties and start to stimulate the tip of her vagina. At this point the hum starts to turn to a soft moan and her legs will open a bit further.

Now I will slip my middle finger a little further inside of her and sense her body reaction. She will usually move her midsection closer to the point of penetration, at that time I will add my index finger and start messaging her a little harder.

It is about then that she starts to come out of her sleep and realizes it is too late to stop what is going on. She will usually reach down to my wrist and the top of my hand to push my fingers even further into her. The stimulation is vigorous at this time and it is only a few moments until she climaxes.

At this point I am incredibly hard and in need of relief myself. I will pull aside her thong panties and slide my penis into her. Usually it only takes 4 to 6 deep hard thrusts and we both come to deep orgasmic relief.

We’ll get cleaned up and sleep soundly the rest of the night. Sex wins this time, yes!



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    • Romantica says:

      Yes, our relationship has always been hot from the first night we met.. That’s one of the things that couples seem to forget, what attracted them to each other in the first place. The desire to get in the panties of your spouse should always burn. That’s what makes you look forward to the next encounter. Married couples should be willing to please each other every opportunity they get. Keeps them close physically and spiritually. Hope you are doing that with yours.

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