To say my husband Bill is an ass man is an understatement.  Don’t get me wrong, he likes my boobs also, but he is forever obsessing on my not so subtle booty.  I have a large round rear end made firm by all of the walking and aerobic exercise I do daily. At least once a day I can expect a pat or gentle spank on my rear end from Bill, and when we make love, his favorite position is definitely doggy style.

About three weeks ago, he had this goofy idea to play backgammon, 3 games, loser has to take a spanking from the winner, one spank for each point difference.  I knew where this was heading, but I don’t mind a spanking once in a while during sex, so I went along.  Well lo and behold, after three close games, Bill was 23 points ahead, time for me to pay the piper.  I had to really work hard to lose that badly.

I had decided to really have some fun, so before I bent over for the spanking, I did this little striptease, slowly shucking off first my blouse, then my jeans, socks, then finally my bra.  I left my panties on for some protection.  Bill was going crazy.  As I bent over and assumed the position, Bill produced a novelty paddle which he just happened to buy earlier that day, engraved with “heat for the seat”.  Well it was definitely heat for the seat as he slowly paddled my upturned bottom 23 times.  When he was finished, it wasn’t just my seat that was hot, but my vagina was on fire, ready to explode.

Bill and I quickly retreated to the bedroom where we finished undressing, making wild and passionate love.  I ended up with my bottom high in the air while Bill mounted me from behind and rammed home his love.  After wards we were exhausted.  But after about 20 minutes of rest, Bill decided he wanted to inspect my recently spanked butt, and while doing so, he gently massaged some lotion onto my entire bottom, and occasionally onto my inner thighs and into my genital areas.

Well it wasn’t long before we were at it again, this time with me on top riding his stiff shaft and he pawing my juicy behind.  Within minutes we both climaxed again and fell exhausted into a deep sleep.  What a night.

Bill wants to do a follow-up challenge this coming week-end, playing cribbage instead of backgammon.  I told him I was ready, thinking to myself that maybe this time I won’t be trying to lose, and he will be the one feeling the “heat to for seat”.  I can’t wait!

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