Beware – Male hormones!

The other night I was trying to get a few things ready for when we go on vacation with the family. It got late so I started to get undressed and ready for bed when I suddenly remembered where the pair of pants was I’d been looking for were. I remembered I’d put them at the bottom of one of the trunks in the spare room so clad in only my bra and panties I went and opened it  and started rummaging through.

As I stood there bent over with my panty-clad butt in the air, I suddenly sensed the presence of man in the room. My husband, Pete, had obviously come upstairs and peeked in wondering what this sight was he beheld. Now I knew at that moment that my said butt was in danger from an attack caused by male hormones but I kept it where it was and pretended not to notice Pete.

I was pulled from this state, however, by a male hand patting my bottom, first quite soft but with growing intensity until one stung.

“Ow!” I said remaining in position, pretending to be indignant but enjoying being noticed. “That’s very helpful when I’m looking for something.”

“No problem,” said Pete, giving it another spank. “Glad to help.”

I stood up rubbing my behind which was now quite warm.

“You are a naughty, naughty man,” I said wagging my finger at him in mock indignation. I then giggled: “Wait till after I find these pants and then I’m all yours.”

“I don’t think pants are needed right now,” grinned Pete. “Or panties either,” he said as he pulled mine down and grabbed my bare butt cheeks, holding me to him.

I sighed and yielded to the male lust before me. The pants could wait – this moment could not.

Pete picked me up in arms and carried me into our bedroom. The door shut and the temperature rose a few degrees with the sex that followed as two naked bodies entwined. As I lay very happily with my man’s organ inside me I made a mental note – if you’re looking for something, beware of male hormones. Never mind I’d find the pants in the morning!

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  1. TbVGma says:

    Simple fun erotica but strictly not a spanking since should be on the bare bottom.

    Whose lust was greater?

    We’re you trying to provoke him? In which case a smacked bottom was due.

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