A Fun Day

I had a romp with my husband the other day. Pete had managed to get a day off work and my parents had kindly arranged to take the children out to give us a bit of time on our own. There were some things around the house that needed doing and some bills to pay, after which we thought we might indulge ourselves in some love making before going out for a meal.

Now Dad is always early and he came before either Pete or I were dressed. I was still in my bathrobe giving the kids breakfast and Pete was just emerging from the bedroom. Dad looked at us and smiled indulgently. He wished us a good day as he left with two very excited children, who were keen to spend the day being spoilt by their grandparents.

Pete and I had breakfast and then he settled down to looking at some bills which needed paying while I did some much needed cleaning. I was still wearing my short bathrobe and was pleased to see my husband’s eyes fixing on the leg display in front of him. So I hitched my robe up a bit higher!

Pete looked at a few bills before he came to my clothing account. He gave a sigh and told me I had overspent it again. I knew it wasn’t by much so I grinned at him and stuck my tongue out.

“You are a bad girl, Trish,” said Pete in his most fatherly manner.” Then he asked in a tone of mock exasperation, “What am I to do with you?” By this time I was getting quite excited at the possibilities!

I love it when my husband pretends to be stern, so I decided to play along with it.

“Why don’t you spank me?” I teased.

Now we both like a little spanking occasionally to spice up our relationship. It’s only ever done in fun and I know Pete would never hurt me so I feel very safe with him.

Pete looked at me, almost salivating. “I think that would be a very good idea,” he said. “Come here!”

The sight of my man advancing caused me to squeal and I dropped the cleaning materials in my hand and fled into the bedroom with Pete close behind me. I felt a sense of panic and desire to be caught at the same time, just like a little girl being chased by her father.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Pete to catch me and he sat on the bed and quickly turned me over his knee. I squealed and kicked my legs as he reached under the bathrobe and pulled down my underwear. My screams increased as he smacked my bare cheeks. It wasn’t hard but it did sting a little. But it was fun and I was getting wildly aroused!

Pete then turned me over and kissed me. I pretended to resist but soon gave way and was swept up in the desire of the moment. We pulled each others clothes off and started to stimulate one another.

Not that we needed much stimulation as we were both near a climax already. I gasped as my husband entered me and poured his manhood into me. It was the first time for ages we had made love without the children in the house and the fact we were really able to relax and enjoy it without fear of interruption made it very special. We lay in each other’s arms, gasping on the bed, both feeling very happy with the world.

By the time we finished it was nearly lunchtime. Pete took me out for something to eat. We just sat looking at each other over our food, murmuring sweet romantic nothings. When we got back, we spent some more time in each other’s arms, and ended up making love again. This time, however, it was far more romantic as opposed to the fun romp we had started the day with. The jobs round the house, we decided, could wait a while. Our relationship was the thing that mattered and, boy, were we working on it!

We were still pretty disheveled when my parents brought the kids back in the evening. Mom, who is very perceptive, realized what we had been up to when she saw the state of the house and the state of our hair!

“Well, my dears,” she smiled in that somewhat severe tone of hers. “You have had fun, haven’t you!”

We both went a bit red, but we had to agree. It had been a fun day!

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