All tied Up

Here’s a sexy idea for you wives out there that dare to do it!

Tie your husband up with some neckties or scarves, if you don’t have bedposts tie him to a chair, gently though. You’re going to put on a show that will drive him crazy and make him lust for you forever.

Undress as sexily as possible in front of him only to expose the hot lacy bra and panties you have underneath, then prance around the room for a while before you take them off. Sit on top of him and give him a show, self-pleasure putting your vagina right over his face…he can see but can’t touch. Oh yeah…he’s tied up.

Then turn around and give him a backside view of all the action. Take a break and apply your favorite sweet smelling massage oil all over your body, massage your breasts and run them over his chest and lower extremities, oil up your tush and straddle him, gyrate over his privates with your tush facing him. All this gyrating should’ve made you pretty hot by now, so while in this visual position, place his penis inside you and ride baby ride, make sure he gets a good view of himself entering and exiting over and over and over.
Nice for a change of pace huh?  Most men love surprises like this.  Don’t let your inhibitions rob him of being RAVISHED with the wife of his youth. (or older years!)

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