In The Warm Aegean

A few years ago, my sweetheart and I took a vacation by the shores of the eastern Aegean Sea.  It was springtime and the air was not but not yet broiling.  We caught a hotel shuttle to the seaside and found a cabana to change in, changing to our swimsuits and then walking to the sea nearby.  Leaving our bag on the deserted shore, we waded into the bath-warm blue sea.  It was shallow for  a very long ways out.

We waded hand-in-hand until it was chest-deep on her – waist-deep to me.  We swam, we played, and got more daring as we realized that the only people in sight were hundreds of metres away and couldn’t see us clearly, especially as we were nearly submerged.

I caressed her breasts as she reached down to feel my growing bulge… we kissed as I raised her up to straddle me…

I glanced around – only someone on the shore with strong binoculars could see any detail.  That very possibility heightened the eroticism… as she rubbed her sweet spot on mine… as we kissed… as I grew harder.

I waded a little deeper, still holding her as we kissed.  We discussed whether anyone could make out any detail… looked to see if anyone were swimming our way..

Finally we could stand it no longer.  I reached down and slid her suit to one side, exposing her to my touch; I raised slid my suit to one side, exposing my erection for the first time.

She reached down and caressed me there – held back from my explosion as I raised her up and then lowered her as she guided me “home”…

Ahh!!! What delight as she bobbed on the surface and the gentle waves raised and lowered her onto me, as I gently penetrated her, as she settled onto me.  The gentle swells helped us make gentle love as we gazed into each other’s eyes and glanced around at the others innocently (or maybe they were doing the same thing we were?) splashing or standing together in the distance.

Minutes passed as we stood there: even with the sea water, I could feel her lubrication and the heat of her vagina as we continued to let the waves set the pace.

Getting closer and closer to the edge, I began to raise and lower her on me… until I spurted into her as she sighed in my arms.  We continued to embrace until I softened and slipped out of her, and waded to shallower water so she could stand up.

Arm in arm, spent, content, we wandered along a ways further, as we wondered who might have suspected what we had been doing.

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