One night, One fight, & One Breakfast Delight

Hallelujah!  A night away from the kids in a hotel.  We needed this.  We hadn’t had sex in 16 days (not that I was counting).  Sure we did sexual things every so often.  At least once every 4 days we either give hand jobs or masturbate together.  But I was looking forward to this night away — lots of intercourse… and lots of orgasms.  I wanted the both of us to limp back home.

The only problem was that I had no idea that my wife was not tuned into my frequency.  She had her own agenda while we were away from the kids.  She wanted to watch a movie on cable, take a long bath, and catch up on sleep.  We hadn’t really talked about our expectations, so we both felt the other person was being selfish and demanding, which led to an unpleasant fight and a night in bed with us facing the opposite directions.

I’m not sure if it was the full 9-hours of sleep or what… but when my wife woke up the next morning, she felt sorry that she hadn’t fulfilled my sexual desires on our night away.  She wanted to make it up to me… and this is where the fun began.

The hotel suite had a kitchen area which was stocked with some simple complimentary cooking supplies.  While I was still sleeping, Tammy snuck into the kitchen and brought a tray full of items into the bedroom.  I woke up with a warm, wet, amazingly erotic feeling on my penis.  I came to my senses and realized that Tammy was rubbing my package with her hands, with this incredibly warm & smooth liquid.  My member rose to full attention rather quickly.  After about 30 seconds, I realized from the smell that my wife was using either corn oil or canola oil on my shaft — and it felt great!

Then she let go and scooted to the side of the bed, and said, “I’d like to make some breakfast for you… and I’d like you to watch me prepare the meal.”

With that she removed her silk shorts, her lacy panties, and her white tank top.  My wife had to be up to something.  I don’t think I’ve seen her nipples this erect in 2 years.  Her body was gorgeous and her smile was mischievous.  This made me all the more aroused.

She first took a stick of butter, unwrapped it, and starting rubbing it slowly over her size 36-C breasts — focusing most of the attention on her long, sensitive, erect nipples.  She would hold the butter as it melted on the tip of her tits.  She then reached over and sprinkled some brown sugar on her breasts.

She then grabbed a bottle of honey and started at her toes, and drew a straight line up her leg, and gave a little circle swirl around her shaved pussy.  On her other leg she squeezed out a line of chocolate syrup, from toes to pussy.  My erection was throbbing at this point — I was so turned on — I had to reach down and start rubbing myself.

Tammy proceeded to swirl some whipped cream on her stomach, and she sprinkled some fresh raspberries we brought with us.  She saw I was enjoying the show — and the incredible feel of that cooking oil.  She said “Almost done.”  Tammy opened up one of those individual grape jelly packets, and smeared it on her lips and a couple of drops on her neck.

With that she said, “Honey I’ll take over what you’re doing [stroking], and you take a meal break.  Breakfast is served!”

I jumped right over and went for her jelly lips and neck first, then spent ample time on her brown sugar/butter breasts.  All the while I am more turned on than a street light at midnight, her hands were driving me wild!  I proceeded to gobble up the whipped cream & raspberries, and I could see that my wife was yearning for sexual satisfaction herself.

I repositioned myself so that I could reach her feet with my mouth — and she could continue to rub my hard rod.  This was feeling good — too good!  I made her take a break with those wet & warm hands.  I was going from one leg to the next, mixing the taste of honey and chocolate in my mouth — all the while making my way up to the two circles around her hot, wet kitty.  I couldn’t resist.  I dove right in and lathered my lips & tongue on her vagina, and it was driving her wild.  She grabbed her own tits and rubbed the buttery leftovers, as my tongue continued to dance all over her clitoris.  Sighs turned to moans.  Moans turned to panting.  And panting turned into one big gulp of air, then “Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes!”

It’s been too long since I’ve seen such a satisfied look on Tammy’s face.  She said, “Honey, I would really love to pleasure you, but I don’t want any of that oil inside my pussy.  What do you think about just rubbing yourself and I can watch?”  This idea was fine by me.  I was already near orgasm, and my own hand with the canola oil felt SOOO good.

While I was pumping my own erection, enjoying every sensation, I started hearing a familiar panting sound again.  I looked over.  Tammy was so turned on by watching me that she started rubbing herself, and she was on the throws of another orgasm!  This time we both climaxed together!  WOW!  What a yummy breakfast!

We cleaned up, got dressed, and made our check out time… just barely!  🙂

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