A Little Something To Remember Me By

She and our daughter were leaving town for a couple days in the morning.  I had to be up early to get everyone going and to get our son to school.  I had hoped for some time together before she left.  I could see that the chances of that were gone.  She was ironing her clothes and our daughter was still up packing. It was late and I had to come to grips that alone time just wasn’t in the cards tonight.  I told everyone goodnight and went on to bed.

I was awakened hours later by the taste of her soft lips on mine.  She had snuggled in on my right side.  She continued to kiss me softly and I felt her right hand softly caressing my chest. My hand found her incredible butt and I couldn’t help but to slide my hand under her panties. She was soft and warm I just had to squeeze her incredible ass.  At this point I, was still trying to figure out if this was really happening or an incredible dream.  If it is a dream then please don’t wake me.

Her hand began to work its way downward from my chest to my package.  She knew what she wanted and she was going after it.  She grabbed my balls and began to massage them with purpose.  About that time she gripped my cock and pressed it against my stomach while she rolled it in the palm of her hands.  I’m fully awake now.  I increase the pressure on her lips  as she takes my shaft and strokes it like it’s her job.  It’s beginning to get really hard now.

My left hamd begins to reach for her breasts.  No go. There is a tank top in the way. I try to reach under it but it’s just to tight.  She has woke me wanting something.  It’s time for me to  give her what she was looking for.

In one motion, I rolled her on top of me.  Her kissing is getting hotter and hotter.  My hand reached under her and I found her soaking wet mound through her panties.  As I massaged her clit the cloth became saturated.  I couldn’t take it anymore!! I had to feel myself inside of her.  I took hold of my throbbing shaft and with the help of my thumb I slid her panties to the side and I pushed it’s head into her inviting slit.  As I moved my hand and laid it upon her hip she instinctively buried my dick inside her.

She felt like silk around me. I took my hand and smacked her ass.  She whispered  don’t be loud  they haven’t been asleep long.  She was grinding against me. Her juices were dripping down my shaft like hot water from a leaking faucet.  I began to move my hands up her back but that darn tight tank top was making that difficult.  I have no idea why she started this while wearing such a thing. But it had to go. In one motion, I had it off over her head. Her incredible breasts were finally free.  I massaged her breasts and danced my tongue around her stiff nipples.

I rolled her off of me and while her feet were still in the air I rested her legs on my right shoulder.  I reached down with both hands and slid her soaking wet panties up her legs and they landed a few feet away.  I held my body above hers on all fours and began to kiss every square inch of her amazing body until I couldn’t take it anymore. The head of my cock had found its way to her labia and was knocking on the door.  I thrust myself into her magical folds balls deep.  She feels so incredible at this angle. I lowered myself onto her supporting my weight on my elbows which I had placed above her shoulders.  Her arms caressed my back as I continued to stroke my full length inside of her. I gently kissed  her neck and as I worked my way up to her ears she began to kiss my chest.  She knows that’s my sensitive spot and loves how it makes me moan when she kisses me there.

I began to kiss down her body while I pulled out of her. I worked my way down to her most sensitive place that spot where her leg meets her  pelvis.  As I gently kissed there her back arched and she tried to move away. The sensation was more than she could take. I moved my mouth to her inner thighs and gently kissed and licked. Teasing while she was trying to pull me back on top of her. Instead I slid my left arm under her butt and supported her left cheek on top of the fist that I had made. I dove into her clit with vigor. The aroma was intoxicating.  She tasted so amazing. I gave soft smooth strokes with the tip of my tongue.  Her mound began to buck and she began to quiver. My free hand found its way to her firm breast and I began to twist her nipple between my thumb and forefinger,  At this point she began to jerk and reach her hand to my head to try to make me stop. No dear.  Not yet. I continued to stroke her clit with my tongue. Slower but harder. With every stroke her back would arch and her pelvis would buck.

She pulled me to her lips and her kiss was soft and gentle. She instructed me to walk around the bed and stand at the edge. She rolled over and backed herself up to my hard shaft. She hooked her feet on my thighs and pulled me into her.  Her pussy was so tight and felt so amazing. She knows that this position always ends in an explosion.  She began to thrust her pussy deep and hard. Over and over again. I was powerless. She had me hooked against tI he mattress and she was in total control.  All I could do was rest my hands on her amazing ass. It didn’t take long and I had the most amazing release but it didn’t matter she was in control and no matter how hard I pulled back she continued to drive it home. My legs began to quiver and I begged her to stop. I somehow freed myself. She rolled over to her back and I collapsed on top of her.

She gave me something to remember while she was away!!

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5 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I loved the description of a wet, warm and silky pussy! What a hot wake-up call. What a joy it is to have s horny wife! Thank you for writing this! LH

  2. Upcomingauthor says:

    When my wife keeps going after giving me a blowjob I tell her she’s sucking the life force out of me, I can’t imagine if she kept going while I was in her after cumming.

    Makes my head spin thinking about it 🙂

    God Bless and thanks for sharing!

  3. CMLove says:

    Excellent, story, Dale! So hot! And what a sweet wife you have! I hope to surprise my husband that way before he leaves for a week! May God continue to bless your marriage as you follow Him!!

    • Dale says:

      She is a sweet wife. Definitely a gift from God.
      I know your husband will have a smile on his face his entire trip.

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