I Am His; He is Mine (L/A)

What an outstanding gift God gave us in sexual relations between a married couple. I could talk about this for hours. Sex is so wonderful, exciting, and feels so good—perhaps the gift of marital sex is God giving us just a glimpse at how wonderful heaven will be. Not that I think we will have sex in heaven; rather, the intense pleasure, oneness, and connectedness we experience with our spouses are but a glimpse of the joy and completeness we will experience in heaven.

We love how honest and intimate marital sex is between a man and wife. There is nothing to hide when making love with your mate. Everything is right there in the open. Total honesty, intimacy, and communication. As many have posted here, there is nothing much better than being alone naked with your soulmate. When we gaze at one another in the nude, scripture keeps ringing in our ears, “and they were naked yet not ashamed.” I love being naked with my dear husband. As Seinfeld used to say, “That’s a good naked.” Being so free and natural with him in my nude state speaks volumes about our love and trust of each other. And it doesn’t always have to lead to sex—just the oneness of being together in the nude is so intimate. Looking out the back French Doors during a blizzard in the nude or with the windows open during springtime, listening to the birds singing and enjoying the aroma of lilac indoors in the nude—it matters not.

Yet we admit, despite the intense spiritual and emotional bond K and I share, the sex is the icing on the cake. Sure, sometimes we both just want to get off and enjoy a good quick romp in the sack, or mutually masturbate each other to climax. Yet more often than not, we make love. That’s when our bodies, our souls, our inner beings, our very selves unite as one. “And the two shall become one flesh.”

Putting aside the romance, the spiritual connection, the intimacy, and honesty—we really crave the physical attributes of intense lovemaking and each other. I mean, even after over 15 years of marriage, seeing K come in after a run in the heat clad only in his tight running shorts, bare-chested and glistening in sweat with his chest and arms rippling as he moves—it makes me wet every time. Not to mention when he walks out of the shower after toweling off. What an amazing God we have who perfectly pairs a husband’s strength, masculinity, and power with his bride’s softness, tenderness, and nurturing spirit. Yes, opposites attract. His hardness entwined with my softness we both find absolutely heavenly.

And the penis is such a magnificent yet mysterious part of my husband. I crave the moments when I can play with my husband’s penis and watching it slowly grow into the impaler that I have come to know and love. It is so powerful and fits perfectly into my tight little pussy. Even though he is well over six feet tall and I am barely five feet, we fit like a glove. As he enters me to the hilt, the breath leaves my lungs even though he holds himself up on his elbows. It’s uncanny how he reads my body; he knows when to pound me like a drunken sailor and when to be slow and gentle as if I were still a virgin. And some our most memorable times are when he fills me to the hilt and keeps it there. We don’t move. Our eyes lock upon each other as we are connected in this most intimate, honest way. Oh, how I love him. I am his and he is mine. Often times, while he holds himself deep inside me and we speak only with our eyes, one of us will begin to cry. It is so beautiful and so intimate. I can’t explain the beauty, honesty, and sweetness. Yes, my legs are splayed open for my man. I feel his powerful chest crushing my breasts as our hearts race. My feet are clasped behind his back just like the cover of Gina’s book, (oh how that picture turns me on!) yet we are motionless, lost in each other’s gaze. This is especially romantic in candlelight or with soft music in the background. More times than not, in the stillness of our intimacy with his big penis embedded deep in my pussy, we will both climax together! How is that possible with no motion? It is so tender and heartfelt: him gazing upon my naked form, my little body – chest heaving – tightly wrapped under and around his manly form, and the frail, little-boy look on his face as he takes it all in. (I am crying as I write this…) I love him so much.

The sights and sounds of our lovemaking are magical too. We have mirrors in our bedroom and enjoy watching ourselves in action, performing our intimate, Godly functions together. Sometimes we pray during lovemaking, while my husband is deep inside me. One can’t get more honest than that! I am so honored to have my groom for myriad reasons, not least of which is that he loves me for who I am. K loves me if I am thin or heavy (I have been both,) sick or well (both again,) makeup on or no (doesn’t matter to him). I’ve written before about the difficult adolescence I had as a girl/young woman growing up. Thanks to the “Mean Girls” I grew up with (we love that movie!), I had quite the complex about being muscular and, well, hairy everywhere. Yes I shaved my pits and legs, yet I inherited thick, baby-down peach fuzz on my arms, jaws, thighs, back, tummy, you name it. And even though not being of any real ethnic heritage, nature also bestowed me with what K lovingly refers to as my lush “Amazon Rain Forest.” Yes, I am very hairy down there—and he loves it. Not only does he love it—he adores it! How many wives can say that about their husband’s preferences? Sure, I keep it neatly trimmed for him—he loves my naturally bushy state down there, the thick soft fur and its brunette texture. He has literally eaten my pussy for over an hour at a time during our marriage. He can’t get enough of fingering me while he slurps and nibbles at my secret girl parts. Often times, after literally wearing me out with orgasm after orgasm (yes I am multi-orgasmic), I will just lay there exhausted, stroking his head with my hands and watching in the mirror as he continues to graze in my lady garden. He makes me so wet and excited—hence the name Amazon Rain Forest. I especially enjoy watching him fill me to the hilt when all I can see is his batch of pubic hair enmeshed with my thick garden. Often I feel his eating my hoo is more intimate than the act of lovemaking. And for better or worse, yes, I am endowed with more lush hair between my legs than my husband—and he adores me for it.

“MMMMM, my husband, my husband. You feel so good, baby. Don’t stop. Don’t stop! Your big balls are pounding against my ass. I feel your dick all the way inside me. Oh, babe, I am riding that cock, riding that meaty cock. Pound me, oh yes, harder. Pound…me…please…Oh shit—can you feel me? I…am..cumming babe—C…U…M…M..I..N…G all over your….big….dick! Humph! Humph! Humph! Ahhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh, so good…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I love you, I love you!!!

That stinker. He recorded one of our recent lovemaking sessions and this is what I woke up to the other day! It didn’t take long for him to rouse me out of a deep slumber.

“Oh, Kay, look at those big titties! Your nipples look like summer strawberries and your areolas are like Ritz Crackers! Can you feel that big dick? Can you feel it, babe? I love how they jiggle and bounce while I pound you.”

“Oh yes K, you are so big and so strong Impale me with that cock; impale me. Squeeze me hard, wrap your arms around me like a python and smother me as you ram your rod into this wet, hairy pussy. Fuck me, babe! Fuck me harder! Mmmmmmmmm, so…….good…..I….love….it…..Mmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”

I was becoming quite aroused watching us perform on the flat screen. When he pushes me over the edge of the 3rd or 4th climax, I like for him (love for him actually) to wrap his big arms around my breast-dominated torso and literally squeeze much of the air out of my lungs. No masochism here, just a raw imbedded lust for my husband’s power over me when we are approaching this intense stage of our lovemaking. I usually bury my nails deep along his spine, and they dig into his glorious flesh and work their way down to his magnificent tight little ass. Sometimes, deep in the throes of passion, I will even work my pinky finger up his tight little ass. He is so hot and sweaty that my finger slips right in and out. He loves it. He knows how long to keep me in that vice grip embrace of his before letting go. Then I quickly shift under his weight, grab his head in both arms, and pull away for a brief moment to move my ankles up to his neck before he begins pummeling me anew. I enjoy the physical power he exerts over me then. I am at his mercy.

His power over me at this point is no different than when I take him into my mouth and down my throat. I have immense power over him too when doing this. We share the power over each other and we do not abuse it. I love how I was wired and fearfully made. The very sight of me naked can bring a near instant erection to my husband. What a wonderful plaything his penis is. I love the challenge of watching his flaccid member grow from three inches to his full eight inches when combat-ready. The sight of him coming to full attention—or feeling him expand in my mouth—is so wonderful and erotic. I adore the feel of his salty hairless balls as I work them in my mouth. Knowing how sensitive they are and how they are easily hurt, I take great responsibility to please him and not to cause him pain. What a delicate balance! And the double gift of tasting him in my mouth as I take him all the way down my throat—I treasure the sensation and his unique taste, so hot, so manly, so him. And I love knowing I control his relief or tension with the muscles of my throat. I adore feeling him throb while deep-throating him, knowing he is on the verge of exploding. Yet I can give him a Happy Ending—or I can quickly let him plop out, roll over onto all fours, and enable him to pound me Doggy Style. Often times when we are on a tight timeframe, by mutual agreement, I will suck him off. Talk about a win-win proposition! I enjoy the safe and secure feel of my husband’s manhood down my throat and the sensation of him pulsating. Then I run my fingers through his soft pubic hair, massaging and squeezing his luscious balls with my other hand, and gently bite and nip his shaft as I slowly let him out. While he’s free, I take him in my hand and marvel at him, at his big head and veins. I stroke him with my little hand. Usually, it takes both hands and there is still room to spare—like choking up on a baseball bat. This is bliss: jacking him off with my left hand, while I slowly bury the nails of my right in his hard runner’s legs. I work my way up while still stroking him. Oh, how I love to bury my mouth and face into his pubic mound. I gently lick and bite his dark pubic hair until his entire mound is moist with my passionate tonguing. Such intimacy.

At this point, I can either prolong his agony and keep him on the edge of orgasm—or I can finish him off and watch the glory of his amazing ejaculate as it either shoots across my titties or upon my peach-fuzzed tummy. So hot and sticky. Or perhaps my favorite: stroking him to orgasm while looking him in the eye as he shoots his precious manly seed into my mouth and I swallow every drop. I crave the taste of his sperm in my mouth as I swallow him while keeping my eyes upon him the entire time. Oh, the way he shoots, how his penis quivers, watching his eyes roll back and his groan of intense pleasure as he shoots his love down my throat—exquisite!. And after he is finished, I suck him dry when his penis is at its most sensitive. He stretches on his tiptoes and becomes unsteady on his feet as I finish him off. Sometimes, I will jump to my feet and embrace my husband in a passionate deep wet kiss, sharing his seed with him. Our tongues dance and our juices mingle before we mutually swallow the wonderful salty taste of his manhood. On the occasions when I don’t swallow him, I rub his semen all over my titties; his warm seed feels so wonderful as I rub it into my soft sensitive mammary glands.

Yes, we are intimate; we are one. We are the couple that became each other. We can be naughty, we can be creative and vulnerable. There is give and take. While making love, my husband and I talk, cry, sometimes we pray, and sometimes speak only with our eyes. Often times, we strip naked and just lay side by side for an hour listening to smooth jazz and basking in the candlelight. This too is tenderly intimate.

We were created to love and serve each other. What a blessing to be his bride, and for him to be my groom. After all these years; we are still on our honeymoon. We thank God daily and nightly for bringing us together as kindred spirits and soulmates. We are so unworthy of one another, yet we thank God for smiling down upon us and bestowing us with one another.

I love you, Mr. K.

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39 replies
  1. smitten says:

    Absolutely wonderful story and insights, Ladygarden. As I was reading this to Lady Smitten we would stop and say, “Yeah! That’s us!” Thanks for sharing and awakening memories and the juices.

  2. smitten says:

    Lady Smitten to Ladygarden. Smitten would be absolutely crushed if I shaved my bush. He loves to comb his fingers through it, rub his cheeks against it, and when making love tell me that his bush is mingling and becoming one with mine. He loves parting it,with the joy and mystery of opening a package to feast his eyes on and then to kiss my pussy lips.

    • ladygarden says:

      Lady Smitten have you been spying on us? LOL. That sounds just like my K–its as if you are writing about us. Glad we are not alone! Thanks for writing, we enjoy your and Smitten’s posts! Keep them cumming…

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Ladygarden – I have many favorite writers on MH. You and K’s love stories are among my MOST favorite. Why? They masterfully encapsulate the whole experience that God blesses us with so well. Your stories touch my soul! I live what you write about! They touch me deeply. Some stories on MH have to be translated and altered in ways to fit our experience. For my wife and I, your stories are ready to go “right out of the bag”!

    More than anything – your stories help me to appreciate my wife even more. I want her to know more (now) that I appreciate her hairy pussy (yes, neatly trimmed!). I want to communicate better some of the things you touch on. That is a precious gift! I’m also glad to say that she communicates much of the same appreciation to God (and to me) for what we have. It is so nice to read others who are the same.

    So, I am obviously very glad to see another story from you and K. I hope all is well with you, your family, and church. I know that life is busy and there are seasons for writing a lot – and seasons for not. I look forward to more stories. I know many at MH are like me in appreciating the contribution you bring (and have brought) to MH. Greetings to you and K! God bless you!

    • ladygarden says:

      Thank you HornyHubby! You are one of our favorite writers too as your stories are so honest and so erotic. I never thought I would one day write about my “hairy pussy” in a public setting, but he loves it and apparently so do many other MH readers, lol. We especially like the trust and safety here how men can write to women and visa versa about sexual issues in a manner that is not dangerous or crossing the line. You guys inspire us, keep it up sir!

  4. Bootylicious says:

    Hi lady garden,
    I read somewhere on here that you did a naked photo shoot for your husband too (just like hornyGG). Would you be willing to write about it. I would love to hear all the juicy details! 🙂

    • hornyGG says:


      My dear ladygarden was the one who gave me the inspiration to do the photo shoot. Without the support of her and Blondie, I doubt I could have gotten the courage to do it. And my book would never have been written.

      Ladygarden and Blondie are two special women who I am proud to call friends. They are so inspirational in their stories and comments and I.can never thank them enough. I love them both.To me,it is almost like they are more like sisters than friends. Got to stop,tears are starting to swell.

    • ladygarden says:

      Yes Bootylicious–I took off my clothes for a professional photographer friend of mine and for lovely 1 hour nude photo shoot. It was my first birthday present to my husband after we were married. It was a lot of fun and K still looks at it and masturbates to it to this day. (before kids LOL!) What an honor to catch him whacking to my photos. A little wine, thinking about my man, and before I knew it, my breasts were exposed and my panties were on the floor! If you get the chance do it–we wrote about it somewhere here on one of our posts, maybe My Special Kay?

  5. HornyHubby says:

    Wow! What a post. As I read I could feel the passion, the intimacy and the love between you. Such a beautiful and erotic picture of the oneness we are to experience in marriage.

    • ladygarden says:

      Very kind of you Horny Hubby but look who is talking; your posts are red hot and makes us very randy. K especially loved your recent post about Boobs! 😀

  6. hornyGG says:

    My “lil sis” is back and with a bang! What a beautiful and not to mention scorching hot story.Of course I would have expected nothing less and you never disappoint.

    Girl, I hAve missed you and your stories so very much.You two are a huge inspiration to Ben and I, you have No idea! Ben will be thrilled to hear that you two are back.

    Just so you know, I have been praying for you and your
    family and send my love. Love ya, God bless and stay horny!

    On a lighter note, I wonder if writing this story made you as wet as I got reading it! Lol


    • ladygarden says:

      Thank you Silver, yep kook around we have several here on MH. Glad you enjoy them, its an honor to share with everyone here!

  7. hornyGG says:

    Hmmmm, can’t sleep! Hubby is away, all is quiet! What is a horny gal to do except read a hot story and play with herself. Mmmm, feels so good! I am so bad.

  8. Bootylicious says:

    Yup, that’s exactly what you do…play with your pussy and make yourself cum….then play with your pussy some more and make yourself cum again….then squeeze your tits and pull on your nipples and play with your pussy and make yourself cum some more…then suck on your tits while you play with your pussy and cum some more…oh my, I’ve just made myself really horny. I’d better go play with my pussy and cum….;-)

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Bootylicious, my wife and love to masturbate both together and apart. Your description of your masturbating was so erotic – it has got us horny as ever! We are going to masturbate tonight!!! So flaming hot!!

    • Ben G. says:


      You definitely have a way of putting things! I get hard thinking about my sweet Gina alone and playing with herself. She will get fucked hard tonight! Lol. Thank you for your support of sweet Gina’s stories. God bless and keep you!

    • A Better Pastime says:

      Just nice and horny this post Christmas morning (my balls are tight and tingling) and sitting down to get some real insights into other's thinking about sex when I ran face first into this comment thread. After reading the comments exchange between 'Bootylicious', 'Ladygarden' and 'hornyGG', and especially this "make yourself cum" comment from 'Bootylicious' (and with my AWESOME wife out of town for the next two days), I am just going to have a dick-fest between now and this Friday. I'm going to read two-handed (left hand on balls and right hand on dick) day and night (stopping only to eat and sleep). I can't stop reading and imagining what my wife would look like doing what Bootylicious describes (play with your pussy and make yourself cum….then play with your pussy some more and make yourself cum again….then squeeze your tits and pull on your nipples and play with your pussy and make yourself cum some more…then suck on your tits while you play with your pussy and cum some more)…I've got one hand on the keyboard while reading/typing and one hand on the driver's stick: time to put this good dick into overdrive and blow some hot cum out of the head of this pipe. Phone on Do Not Disturb: Happy Holidays…and I mean happy! 🙂 PS. Can't wait to show this to my wife when she gets back!

  9. Robert says:

    You delineate the intimacy and oneness of a couple joined together so incredibly ladygarden!!! I think song of solomons was as genuinely displayed in your post as the actual piece itself. Not to mention you have a penchant for sharing the sizzle and passion which erupts when you cum together 😀

    • ladygarden says:

      Thank you Robert; we are blessed and number our days. Mutual climaxes are so magical and intimate; what an honor. Take good care sir!

  10. Ben G. says:


    I am thrilled to see you are back and writing stories again! You have been truly missed, especially by my Gina. Hope you and K are doing well! Tell K hi for me.

    I love this story by the way. Your passion for K is undeniable and smoking hot! I look forward to more stories from you two. God bless!

    • ladygarden says:

      Thank you Ben; we have missed you too. We write when we can and appreciate your feedback sir!

  11. Bootylicious says:

    Sounds awesome Ladygarden. I know my man would positively love it!! Ladygarden and HornyGG, I just have to ask: did you end up getting really turned on during your photo shoot? Did you play with yourself at all during the shoot?

    • hornyGG says:


      Gonna have to read the book to find out! You naughty horny girl. Hehe! Stay horny girlfriend.

  12. Bootylicious says:

    Oh my! Ladygarden, I just read in your account of your photos shoot that you did end up masturbating. That is so cool!!! Did you end up cumming too? The thought of you playing with your pussy and licking your own tits while the photographer clicked away got my pussy really wet! I stripped totally naked right there in my living room and went to town on my bald pussy (rubbing and fingering myself). I came three times! FYI, I’m still sitting here naked as I type. I think I might stay this way for awhile. No doubt my pussy will be wanting some more attention really soon. 🙂

  13. Bootylicious says:

    Loving husband, always glad to help! Lol. So, did you and your wife end up masturbating together? Care to share the details? My husband’s favorite thing in all the world is to watch me masturbate. Well…that and eating my pussy! Both are his favs! 🙂

  14. ladygarden says:

    OK Booty–I was extremely turned on posing naked essentially for my new husband and for my close friend. Yes he was male and probably gay so it didn’t matter. And since this was just before the onset of the web and cell phones–he gave me the negatives and I didn’t have to worry about them showing up online. (although I did let him keep one ;-D.)

    So yes, being nude on my back, the hot lights and the wine doing its work, thinking of K touching me and looking at these erotic yet tasteful nude photos, yes I touched myself, and yes I came 2 times.

    But lets keep that just between us…

  15. Bootylicious says:

    Your secret is safe with me, lady garden! Thanks so much for sharing! (Sorry for prying). Gotta say, though, what you shared was really hot!! My hubby is definitely is definitely going to benefit right now! 🙂

  16. Curtandkim says:

    Your stories are very well written and oh so erotic. We love to read them together and then enjoy our own special times. It is amazing how detailed and intimate your writing is.

  17. MusikMan says:

    What an intimate post! I love your verbal descriptions and really appreciate your willingness to be open about some of the sacred happenings in your marriage bed. I can’t wait to write a few stories of my own once me and my darling are married 🙂

  18. Edward Blanco says:

    Hot! what a post. Men and women complement each other in all sense. Sex between a man and a woman is awesome! is one of the most beautiful things in the world.. A precious gift from God The original and true way to enjoy sex.

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