The River Spot

I was leaning back on the hood of my car at our favorite secret spot. A beautiful and secluded place along the river. She stood between my legs and we kissed passionately as the sun set over the hills. She was wearing black sheer leggings underneath a tight black skirt, and a white blouse that hugged her tight in all the right places. She pulled back from my lips and bent over the hood of the car beside me. I cupped her young sexy ass in my hand as I moved behind her. She began to slowly grind her ass against me. I pressed myself into her and my hard cock strained against my jeans. She is a great dancer and she knows it.

She knew exactly what she was doing to me. I placed my hand on the small of her back as she began to rotate her hips in small fast circles so that her ass would massage the length of my shaft. “Does that feel good baby?” She said already knowing the answer. “You like the way I feel against your nice hard dick?”  “You know I do,” I said softly as she continued to do her thing. I was gonna cum in my pants if she kept on going. Instead, I let out an extremely horny groan as I flipped her around lifting her up onto the hood of the car. “Oh wow!” She purred as I positioned myself between her legs and kissed her neck. I ran my hand up her skirt and fingered her pussy through her leggings. She kissed me aggressively and moaned as I did. “I’m so horny for you babe,” she panted. I slowed my hand down…“You have no idea how bad I wanted to fuck you from behind a minute ago,” I replied pulling my hand away from beneath her skirt. I kissed her on the forehead and said, “We better just stop now, huh?”  “Ughhhh! Yes. You’re right,” she said in response. She hopped down from the hood and we climbed into the car sexually frustrated, to say the least.

We were engaged to be married and we were both still virgins. She had given me hand jobs and I had fingered her but we had decided to wait until marriage to go any further than that. Ultimately we decided not to go beyond kissing, because once beneath the belt we couldn’t trust ourselves anymore. I held her hand as we drove away that night. “I wish we were just married already,” she exclaimed.


One year later :

“I can’t believe it’s been six months already babe!” She said as she sat next to me on the couch. “I love being married to you!”

“I love being married to you too,” I said pulling her close.  “You look great today, by the way, I’ve always loved that outfit.”  She was wearing the same black skirt and white blouse, and it still had the same effect on me!  “I know what my man likes!” She said placing her hand on my crotch! Memories of that night by the river filled my mind as she kissed me. I asked her if she remembered, “Oh my goodness yes! I was wearing this outfit!” She said thinking back to that night. We talked about how frustrating it was being engaged. “All I could do was go home and jerk off to you.” I said. “Did you masturbate that night too?”  “Guilty!” She said with a giggle. She reached for my crotch again and rubbed my cock through my pants.  “You don’t have to jerk this off anymore though do you hubby,” she said teasingly and giving it a good squeeze.  “Mhmm,” I moaned and squeezed her boob. “Would you be down to go to the river spot and finish what we started that night?” I asked. She smiled and nodded. She stood in front of me and bent all the way over while removing her leggings from underneath her skirt. “But I’ll leave these here,” she said. “They’d only get in the way!”

We flirted the whole way there. We pulled up to our spot about forty minutes later and walked to the hood of the car. “You ready for this hubby?” She said bending over the hood. “Yes ma’am,” I said giving her ass a slap. She began to dance and grind on me the way only she can do. “You want my pussy big boy?!” She teased. I reached and grabbed both of her tits from behind her. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” I said.

Still standing behind her I moved my hand down to the bottom of her skirt and hiked it up to rub her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties and she was already nice and wet. “Mhmm give it to me love!” She exclaimed. I lovingly pushed down on her back and she hiked up her skirt while bending over the car. I pressed the head of my cock into her pussy from behind. I savored the sight of her pussy taking every inch of me. I slowly increased the pace until I was fucking her hard and fast. She arched her back as I slapped against her ass. “Ohhhhh don’t stop!” She moaned. Before long she began to quake in an orgasm around my throbbing cock. Watching her orgasm sent me over the edge as well. I grunted and filled her with a massive load. We cleaned off and sat on the hood of the car together. Fully satisfied we watched the sunset. “I love this spot,” I said. “Me too,” she replied, “Especially now that we’re married!”

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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    What a beautiful story to wake up to! Bent over the hood of the car, being pounded by my husband – a sexy image to take with me through my day! Thanks, J_!

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